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    • Day10

      Crazy For Gubbio, Part I

      June 29 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 82 °F

      We have arrived in Gubbio, in the Umbria Region. Today we will upload 2 separate posts because we could not decide which pictures best capture this amazing city!

      Gubbio was founded in the 3rd Century BC, and, according to legend, was the place that the Romans would send their “lunatics.” So, doesn’t it make sense that we instantly felt at home here?

      Gubbio is also known for being the place where ceramics were first made to be shiny, where there still exists one of the original aqueducts, and this town is home to the world’s largest light installation in the shape of a Christmas tree that extends all the way up the mountainside.

      The highlight for today was walking allllll the way up to the highest duomo (cathedral) and finding that there was a little “bar” (in Italy, that sadly just means restaurant) to sit at and actually watch the bell be rung on the hour and every quarter hour. Who knew that staying long enough for two meals (and many, many bell chimes) is not “buone maniere”?! We enjoyed relaxing with carbs and chimes regardless.

      As you know, we decided to change our journey from getting from place to place by only hiking, to one that more closely resembles 2 young and optimistic college kids backpacking around Europe (minus the young and optimistic parts, of course). So, to get to Gubbio we hiked, then took a taxi, then a train (twice), then a bus, and finally another short hike to the hotel.

      To quote John Lennon, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.” We spent so much time planning and training for this trip this past year, that having our itinerary shift so drastically has been an unexpected gift. It has allowed us to bend our expectations and expose ourselves to vulnerability far from the comfort of home. We have stopped the planning and thrown caution to the scirocco (the wind, not the car, because that could get messy).

      Next stop… Assisi!

      Ciao for now. 💚🤍❤️
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      Wow that looks amazing! Wendy will have to take me back there … on a luxury cruise 😃


      I am impressed that the two of you had the foresight and courage to pivot with your plans that you spent many hours planning. I am guessing that doing so was a growing experience that might be discussed with students in an opportune time. The life skill of flexibility 😊 You two rock!


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    • Day29

      A pit stop in Gubbio

      June 6 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      On monday we visited Gubbio for a few hours to walk around after our hike to the temple. The city's origins are very ancient. The hills above the town were already occupied in the Bronze Age. It was an important town of the Umbri in pre-Roman times, made famous for the discovery there in 1444 of the Iguvine Tablets,[4] a set of bronze tablets that together constitute the largest surviving text in the Umbrian language. After the Roman conquest in the 2nd century BC – it kept its name as Iguvium – the city remained important, as attested by its Roman theatre, the second-largest surviving in the world. Walking through the medieval streets was rustic and charming and the view at the top was beautiful.Read more

    • Day29

      Gubbian Adventure

      April 29, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

      In her research of the area around Perugia, Brenda came across the town of Gubbio, located about 40kms from Perugia.

      We bussed there on a cool Monday morning, knowing ahead of time that rain was forecast for the afternoon. This was a very important fact, since the main reason for our trip there would be a very unpleasant experience in the rain and we therefore had to plan our time accordingly.

      Although Gubbio is another medieval hillside village surrounded by an ancient stone wall, one kilometer up the hill is a basilica that houses the remains of Saint Ubaldo (the rather ghoulish mummified body is on full display in a glass case above the main altar). But what makes visiting the basilica extraordinary is the very unique means of getting there. Yeah sure, you can walk up the switchback filled path to the top, but to get the real Gubbio experience, the Funivia Colle Eletto is a must.

      The cable car takes six minutes to reach the top, and it reminded me of getting on and off a ski hill's chairlift. The carriage consists of a birdcage-like wire cylinder in which two people stand for the entire ride. When one enters the station there are two red circles placed about 5 meters apart on the floor. Each passenger stands on one of the circles. As the car approaches, an attendant opens the door and instructs passenger # 1 to hop on, does the same for passenger # 2, and then closes the door. The cage moves at a steady speed and slows only for emergencies. The views from the cage were spectacular even though the skies were overcast and grey. Of course, riding up in the rain would have been no fun at all and, fortunately, we timed our trip perfectly.

      Because the lift shuts down between 1:15 and 2:30, and we didn't want to be stuck at the top for that period, we made a quick visit to the basilica and made our way back down to the city in the birdcage. As we disembarked, and began searching for a place to eat, the first raindrops began to fall. Our timing couldn't have been better!

      We had a great lunch at the only vegetarian restaurant in Gubbio and I became an official town fool by running three times around the fountain and sprinkling myself with water.

      What a fool believes he sees,
      No wise man has the power to reason away.
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      what a cool adventure! betty

    • Day237

      Gubbio to Biscina

      February 11, 2020 in Italy ⋅ 🌬 9 °C

      The Saint Francis Way
      We have completed six stages of this magnificent walking trail through Umbria. Covering a total of 130km


      I don't remember that creek. 😂👍


      I do remember this spot though,. 👍


      Doing your block?


      Wow! Fantastic. 💕😘

    • Day24

      Day 23/24. Gubbio

      September 17, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      The overnight rain continued in the morning until we left Citta at 12:30 to catch the bus to Gubbio. Whilst waiting for the bus we met Karl and Leslie an American couple who are also going to Rome.
      Getting off the bus at Gubbio we met Ralf and Elizabeth.
      We went for a coffee and ice cream and met Gerry and Alice who came in like drowned rats after their long walk. Not too happy. Shortly after we were joined by Kathryn.
      The arrangements for dinner did not eventuate as the Italians and decided not to join Ralf, Elizabeth and us. We were joined by Maria(German). A pleasant evening.
      Day 24 we made our way up to the Piazza Grande, via the market, to take the tourist train around the city. We return to the hotel for extra clothes, It was fresh.
      Our visit to see the church where St Francis's wolf is supposed to be buried was in vain as it was closed.
      We wander through the narrow streets up to the Funivia(birdcage) to go up to the Basilica of St Ubalfo. They store the ceris here.
      On May 15th each year they race the three ceris up to the Basilica through the city. The Ceri are 3 tall, heavy wooden structures on top of which are placed 3 statues. St Ubaldo, protector of the masons, St Giorgio, protector of the merchants and St Antonio Abate protector of the muleteers and peasants. They are dismantled to pass them through the narrow portes. ( see photo of Shirl with arms outstretched.
      I suggest you google this Festa to get some the excitement, even fervour it generates. I had the good fortune to see when I was studying Italian at Perugia. An unforgettable experience.
      We had a break after a ice cream as we wanted to visit two other Churches.
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    • Day17

      Cagli and Gubbio

      September 16, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 24 °C

      Day 14
      Today we headed for the beautiful medieval hill town of Gubbio - archaeological research shows there were settlements in the area dating back to the middle Palaeolithic Age (around 100,000 years BC) 😳. We took the cable car to Mount Ingino - 908m above sea level to take in the view of the town below and the Apennines of Umbria and the Marche, and look at the Basilica of St Ubaldo- whose body is kept inside the church. Visited the Roman Theatre (1BC), Palazzo dei Consoli -to look at the 7 bronze Iguvium (Gubbio) tablets (3rd-1st century BC) and the churches of San Domenica and St Agostino. Just a little bit of history!

      Johnny, feeling a little trail envy looking at all the SCC 100 pics, set out in the afternoon to Monte Morcia (1,223m) but the weather got the better of him, as we witness our first rain then storm, and he only ran to Monte Campifobio (920m).

      For dinner we took the recommendation of a local restaurant renowned for its carbonara and managed to get the last table as it was fully booked out with local families and the soccer team- had fun picking out the Kalebh, Gallo, Izzy, Ellul....
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