Spoleto, chiesa di San Marco in pomeriis

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    • Day7

      Stadt im Himmel

      September 22, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

      So wird die Civita di Bagnoregio genannt. Und das trifft insbesondere zu, wenn rund herum der Nebel die Stadt umschließt, da gibt es tolle Bilder. Das war uns nicht vergönnt, aber bei strahlendem Sonnenschein möchten wir uns auch gar nicht so sehr beklagen. Ist das eigentlich ein Geheimtipp? Unser Womo Reiseführer und das Umbrien Reisebuch erwähnt dieses touristische Highlight jedenfalls nicht. Wir bekamen den Tipp aber von Siegfried, sonst hätten wir davon nichts gewusst. Danke also für den Tipp, das war echt toll. Weiter ging es dann nach Spoleto. Die jährlichen Festspiele haben den Ort berühmt gemacht, aber die sind jetzt längst vorbei, sodass die Stadt wieder im Dornröschenschlaf liegt. Der Stellplatz, den wir heute nutzen, liegt zentrumsnah und erfüllt seinen Zweck. Einen Romantikpreis wird auch der Platz nicht bekommen, aber ich finde es immer gut, wenn eine Stadt überhaupt einen Platz anbietet. 8 Euro kostet das für 24h Stunden. Überhaupt sieht es so aus, als sei Umbrien ganz gut auf Wohnmobilisten eingestellt, auch in kleineren Orten. Einen Platz zu finden ist also nicht wirklich schwer. Heute Abend wird dann aus besonderem Anlass ein Restaurant aufgesucht. Es gilt einen runden Geburtstag zu feiern...Read more


      Schade das ihr keinen Nebel hattet nochmal beste Wünsche feiert ordentlich


      😂 bestimmt haben Eure Hunde einen runden Geburtstag 👍

      GI WomoNews


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    • Day22


      March 24, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

      Spoleto is an ancient town dating to at least the 5th century BCE. It is not a hill town but is located on high ground at the head of a broad valley and surrounded by mountains. I was surprised to learn that Hannibal attacked Spoletium. (as it was known then), and he and his army were sent packing.
      Spoleto is known as a center for culture and the arts, not least for its annual 3 week festival of music, theater and dance. The Festival of 2 Worlds, as it's called, was initiated by Gian Carlo Menotti in the 1950s.
      The 1st picture is taken from the castle (see another post) over looking the old town with the newer part of town in the distance. The 2nd picture is also taken from the castle and looks at a bridge and aqueduct called the Ponte Del Torre that dates to at least the 13th century. The aqueduct no longer works, but the bridge still does. The building at the far end is the garrison that guarded the bridge, and it directed water to 2 old mills.
      The 3rd picture is the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary and dates from the 12th century. Most striking in the facade of the Romanesque basilica is the mosaic of Christ giving a benediction. The 4th picture is in the nave. The altar cross also dates to the 12th century and is a Byzantine icon.
      The fountain in the 5th picture is not surprisingly called the fountain of the mask. This fountain probably dates to the middle of the 16th century. These fountains were the water source for people in the neighborhood when they do don't have plumbing into the house. The water here is still fine and tastes good.
      One of the reasons Spoleto was chosen by Menotti for the festival was its many venues, not least the well preserved Roman theater in the 6th picture. This is one of the 1st theaters I've seen that is well enough preserved that the hollows under the seats with their accessways are open (the 7th picture).
      The 8th picture is a fresco in the museum at the Roman theater. It is the only painting of the Last Supper from that period that I've seen that includes women and children.
      The 9th picture is a of a nearly completely preserved Roman house from the early imperial period.
      The last picture is a typical street . The herringbone pavement is original.
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    • Day22

      Rocca Albornoziana

      March 24, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

      The Rocca or castle or fortress of Spoleto dates to the middle of the 14th century. It was built by Cardinal Albornoz; hence the name. This is the same guy who built the Rocca at Assisi. The castles were built at the order of the Pope to project papal authority in the region. This was the period when the Popes resided in Avignon.
      This Rocca sits atop the hill at Spoleto and towers over the town and its valley. While originally the Rocca was richly decorated as would be expected of the seat of local authority in the late middle ages and renaissance, most of that has been lost as the Rocca was converted to a jail in 1817 and used until 1982.
      The 1st picture is the outer Courtyard of Arms and headquarters of the army. The 2nd picture is the inner Courtyard of Honor that was reserved for officials and official business. At the far end is an unique hexagonal well. The 3rd picture is an arched and decorated tunnel between the 2 courtyards.
      Inside, the Rocca has been restored and remodeled to be a museum of the Duchy of Spoleto from it's founding in the late 6th century up to the 17th century. The next 4 pictures are all in that area. The 4th picture is a former dining room that now houses several sarcophagi. The 5th picture is of a part of the largest section of surviving frescoes. The last 2 pictures are in what is a series of rooms called the winter residence as they face south. These are just a couple examples of what is here.
      An interesting tidbit:. If you saw the miniseries about the Borgias, you will remember the Pope's daughter, Lucretia. She was appointed rector of the Duchy of Spoleto for a time. It seems she was remembered for her cruelty while she was here.
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    • Day21

      Chateau de Pep

      June 24, 2021 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Wir starteten heute ganz gemütlich mit einem ausgedehnten Frühstückskaffee, denn wir wollten zunächst nur die kurze Strecke bis kurz vor Spoleto fahren. Nach einer etwas abenteuerlichen Fahrt auf engen und holprigen Straßen erreichten wir um 11 Uhr wie geplant das Restaurant "Chateau de Pep" 10 Km vor Spoleto. Dieses Lokal hatten wir vor 8 Jahren auf unserer Radtour nach Rom gefunden. Leider gibt es erst ab 12 Uhr etwas zu essen, aber zwei Espressi und 2 Stück Dolci gab es dann doch.Read more

    • Day13

      Bartoli family -- Truffle hunt

      September 15, 2017 ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      Still further into the mountains we arrived at what was once a village. The map no longer lists this as a village because beggining in the 1930's families gave up their homes and moved away -- likely for economic reasons. The great grandfather of the current owner purchased the homes as they became available. Then again in the 1960's a second wave of migration occurred -- this time the youth was probably not willing to remain. This time the father of the current owner purchased each home that was available. Today they own the entire village. Each home came with some land so they own all the land around them and actively farm cattle, sheep, hay. In addition they offer the individual homes as rentals to tourists. They also happen to be on top of a location where truffles abound. This year being so dry was not a good year but we learned that in a good year they could expect to harvest 4-5 pounds of these pricey gems everyday during the two month season. Although the black truffles are not the most prized they still command $1500 per pound -- that's $7600 on a good day -- do the math...

      They no longer use pigs to search for them. Pigs like to eat them which causes two problems 1) you can't get them back if the pig eats it and 2) they destroy the truffle's substrate. Several years ago a wild boat got not the fenced area and destroyed much of the collection area. So they use dogs instead. It was really something to walk around the property with the owner while he gently worked with his dogs. They were exceptionally well trained! As expected it was difficult to find anything but at one point one of the dogs came down out of the hills with her mouth closed -- no tongue hanging out -- and promptly dropped a black truffle into his out stretched hand. It was really something to experience these two old friends working together
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      Great story of the truffle hunting dogs! Never heard of that before!


      Love those Agriturismo places...we visited several in Sicily. Great food and interesting tours of their farmland.

    • Day14

      Family Time Ascoli Style

      May 19, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

      We are really lucky to be spending this part of the holiday with Stefano, Debbie and pocket rocket Ernie, and for Stefano to show us around his home town. We have learnt a lot about Stefano that we didn't know, seeing him on his home turf. For example.,he likes gelato. So much so that he (and Ernie) had four gelato each yesterday. Ernie has two speeds; stop and running. We have seen a lot of Stefano's back as he is always running after Ernie - maybe that's why he needs all that gelato.
      We were lucky enough to walk out of our hotel straight into the weekend market. I was very happy. Graham not so much. He just handed over his wallet and walked away.
      Stefano's parents had us over for an Italian feast. No one cooks like the Italians, do they. And to top off the fantastic food Ada (Stefano's mum) makes four different flavours of limoncello. It was really lovey meeting and spending some time with them. Even though we didn't speak the same language we worked it out.
      Headed back to the piazza for some people watching (and probably more gelato for Stefano and Ernie). Everyone was so dressed up I was sure they were going to a wedding but apparently that's what they do - dress up and walk laps. We saw a lady all dressed up in a suit and incredibly high stilettos riding a pushbike. Something you don't see every day.
      Met a few of Stefano's childhood friends and they are all characters. Ascoli is lovely and even though it has a population of around 50k it still feels like a small town. A small town with a lot of gelato stores and we have visited every one.
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      Sounds absolutely fantastic xxx loving your commentary xxx




      Brings back happy memories


      Sounds lovely. Everyone needs gelato 😃

    • Day13

      Bartoli family - lunch

      September 15, 2017 ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      After the truffle hunt we gathered in the family's home for lunch. That's truffle spaghetti. They were serious about the wine informing us that the bottles had to be empty before we would be allowed to leave 🤗.

      The older gentleman spoke at length of the family's traditions. As he finished he brought out home made cheese and walked around to each of individually and carved a thin slice for us to enjoy.

      The whole family's pleasure at our visit was infectious-- we all had a great time! What a great way to finish our visit to Umbria.
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      What a great way to end your Umbrian trip.

    • Day13


      September 15, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

      This is another of the mountain retreats established by St. Francis. Marney would like this one. To say it is peaceful is not enough. Even serene lacks something. It wasn't something you were looking at but rather something that enveloped you -- an experience of inner silence. Our group, normally boisterous, dispersed into small groups and spontaneously spoke in muted tones.

      A special place.
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