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  • Day47

    Albariño at the fair

    June 7, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    I am within 38km of Santiago, in deep Galicia, land of mystic woods, deep green valleys, legends, stories and Celtic music. And pulpo, and fiestas and fairs. Of which there is one tonight where I am staying, in Silleda. We shall eat pulpo and drink Albariño - glorious local white wine.

    So close to the end of my long walk. Below are assorted photos which show today - including some from a little jewel of a 10th century church. Always I pass beautiful vegetable gardens and especially in Galicia. Lots of “grelos”, a green vegetable from the brassica family used to make Caldo Gallega- vegetable soup. Breakfast in the truckies stop to start my day. And an advertising sign, just for Ian (who does not like to walk). I think he’ll be able to work out the meaning.
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    Robyn Smith

    So just two days left to walk, Jill. Do you want to turn around and walk back to Seville?

    Ian Hill

    Why walk when you could drink beer perhaps?

    Jill Hill

    “The only way to follow the stars” then the picture of the bottle of beer and the yellow arrow and the words “A different Camino”

    Judy Mylonas

    so close! congratulations soon in order i think. looks a beautiful area.