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  • Sep17

    Week 1 in Austin

    September 17 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 79 °F

    Been staying with Wendy for a week now. Seems like a lot longer. I keep looking at my todolist and thinking I have so much to do but if I look at what I've done in just one week, I need to pat myself on the back:
    1. Got 4 new tires for Vanette.
    2. Oil changed, 60,000 mile service & fuel injection flush and service.
    3. Jay has seen the Vet twice. She has a torn ACL and they did 2 laser treatments and started her on anti-inflammatories. She is healing well but she is suppose to rest, no running, jumping etc. for at least a few more weeks.
    4. Got a Manicure & Pedicure today.
    5. Made flight reservations for NY.
    6. Plus did some food shopping, some cooking, laundry, oh yeah and got my blood drawn.....
    7. got together with David.
    8. Plus a bunch of other stuff.

    I need to start adding this stuff to my todolist so I can check it off. Seems I only add the stuff that I inevitably avoid!
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    Cindy Roye

    Heck ya, you got a lot done!!!

  • Day96

    Guadalupe Mountains NP

    September 8 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 75 °F

    It was a bit chilly in the morning in Cloudcroft and I decided I might be ready for warmer weather.. I haven't been to the Guadalupe Mtns in about 30 years so I decided I should see them again. The scenery on the drive was very flat and empty, no trees, no hills, just nothing. Then suddenly there are these beautiful mountains.

    I'm not sure what the elevation is here; or if it is just the change in temperature but the little hike I took felt 3 times longer than it was. No way I could hike up to the peak even if I started first thing in the morning. But it isbeautiful and I would like to try it when it's cooler, maybe in the fall.

    Maybe the SKUNKS and BITTING FLIES will be dormant in the cooler weather.
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  • Day95

    Deerhead Campground, Cloudcroft

    September 7 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 68 °F

    Things feel different today. Not sure why. Is it because I don't have a deadline or specific agenda? There's not much to do here except hike or relax. Hiking with just me and Jay is nice but I guess I am missing human companionship. If I had my paints I would have time to just hang out and paint.

    Jay and I did take a hike but at over 8000 ft elevation, I had to take frequent breaks especially on the uphill sections. The photo with the 'wreckage' is of an old wooden train trellis. The views were pretty impressive. One could see White Sands in the distance though the photo doesn't show it too well.

    The quiet at the campground is almost too much. It would be nice to hook up with a caravan once in a while. And nice to have someone else plan a bit. I think I will go to the Guadalupe Mountains tomorrow. Might be the last stop before Austin.
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  • Day94

    Cloudcroft, NM

    September 6 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 61 °F

    Best laid plans don't always pan out, but flexibility is my moto. On my relatively short drive to Cloudcroft, the su` was shinning and the views were lovely. I made on shot stop at Pistachio Land where I tasted an assortment of flavored pistachios and bought a few small bags.

    I found a campground in the Sacramento Ranger District in Cloudcroft for $12.50 a night. I decided to just pay for one night in case I found another better site tomorrow. There were lots of sites available so I knew I could pick a different one tomorrow if I felt like it. I'm glad I did.....

    As I was setting up....putting my window screens up since it looked a little buggy, I felt a few drops of rain. By the time I finished a little lunch it had truly started raining. Jay and I settled into Vanette and then it really started coming down and then it started hailing. And thundering. It didn't last very long but it is still drizzling. According to the weather report, tomorrow should be clear but I'm not sure I'll stay. Maybe tonight I will get a few things done that I've been putting off.
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    Arlie Pfeifer

    Largest pistachio. Too funny 😁

  • Day92

    Taos, NM & the Last Kiss?

    September 4 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 64 °F

    Guess it is time to head back to Tx. But I am not in a big rush to get there. I'd like to stay away from the heat for a bit longer. So I decided to go through New Mexico. Made it almost to Taos but needed a pit stop and there were no gas stations around. So I stopped at the Millicent Rogers Museum to use the restroom and decided to pay the $5 entrance fee. It was actually pretty interesting. I had no idea who she was but soon learned that she was "A philanthropist and collector of arts & antiques". The museum is full of Southwest art and was well worth a visit. I do get tired of reading stuff in museums and know I will forget names, dates & details but I absorb what I can.

    Spent the night at a rest stop near a bridge over the Rio Grand. There were vendors there tat set up everyday selling their various hand made goods. Some very unique items. Since I have no room for 'stuff I didn't purchase anything.

    Jay & I took a walk along the canyon and in the morning over the bridge. The name 'Last Kiss` is written on the bridge and it does seem like it might be a sad omen.
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  • Day91

    Manitou Cliff Dwellings

    September 3 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 66 °F

    It rained a bunch last night but cleared up nicely this morning. I spent all morning rearranging and reorganizing and cleaning. I had bought some drawers at Walmart because they had a secure closing mechanism built in. I was thinking that would be easier than my pipe cleaner and bungee cord method. But they were not the right size to replace the drawers on my counter. So, I had to come up with an alternate plan which required rearranging a great many things.

    About 2pm, I managed to pack everything back in Vanette and took a drive to Manitou Cliff Dwellings Museum, It turned ot to be well worth the $10 entrance fee. It is the most accessible cliff dwelling i have seen, allowing visitors to go into the rooms etc. The gift store was huge. And....dogs are allowed throughout the entire area. They even had water bowls out for the dogs. And some treats!

    On the was back to the campground, I checked out Red Rock Canyon. It was already 4:30 and looking like rain or I would have taken a hike. I did take a stroll and found what I thought was either a playground or a dog play/training area. It was neither. It was a bike area, no pedestrians allowed. There were also some dedicated bike trails. I am considering taking a hike there tomorrow before heading south toward Texas.
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  • Day90

    Golden Eagle Campground

    September 2 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 72 °F

    I hadn't thought about it being a holiday weekend. Lots of campgrounds were full. I headed towards a supposed BLM area but found this RV & Campground. It was $38 a night which is way more than I usually spend but when I found out they had running water, showers and a Laundromat, I was thrilled. And the tent sites (sites with out hookups) were separated from the RV sites.

    I've had a lovely day just showering, doing laundry and trying to reorganize AGAIN so I can find and get to stuff easier.

    Oh and the weather is perfect. Not too hot. Not too cold.
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  • Day89

    Monument Rocks & a Massacre Site

    September 1 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 88 °F

    After a restless night, Arlie and I headed to Monument Rocks in Kansas. It was a scenic ride while we were still in/near the Rockies, but then it was miles after mile of flat land, grasslands & farms. Cattle grazing, Corn fields, etc.

    After driving for hours with not so much as a hill to break-up the skyline, suddenly one comes to these massive rock formations. It is a national monument but it is on private ranch land, no visitor center, just a few signs telling a little about the formations.

    Jay immediately defaced the monument. I did clean up after her but later realized there were much larger piles of poop all over the grounds.

    Arlie and I took some photos, walked around one of the sites and then took off. It was too hot to really hike or spend much time out in the sun.

    We stopped at a Wendy's in some teeny tiny town and then Arlie headed south to Tx and I headed west. I had seen something on the Colorado map that sparked some interest: the Sand Creek Massacre Memorial National Historic Site. I mostly wanted to see how & what they did to address the event. It turns out it was in the middle of nowhere. Truly Nowhere. There were a few scrawny buildings up an eight mile rocky dirt road. It was actually closed, only open Thursday - Sunday. I drove the 8 miles anyway.
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  • Day87

    Durango - Silverton Steam 🚂

    August 30 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 63 °F

    After looking at the possibility of boarding Jay for the day and calling the train depot to find out that they do allow service dogs, I decided it would be easier and less stressful to take her with me. After all I payed $150 to get her qualified. And it turned out great. Arlie just happened to get us seats on the ADA car and although they claimed it was 'full/sold out' there were actually several empty seats. After the train started rolling. I moved up to the front where there was a little extra leg room which allowed Jay to stretch out and take nice long naps (after she got use to the movement and the train whistle)

    The views were beautiful and the weather was perfect. It was a bit long as the train doesn't seem to go very fast. But it was relaxing and a nice break.
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    Arlie Pfeifer

    You captured the transient rainbow! 👍


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