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  • Day14

    Japanese Drinking like a Fish

    April 21, 2018 in Japan ⋅ 🌙 18 °C

    Grog is sold in convenience stores and vending machines, so accidentally getting an alcoholic drink from a vending machine when you can't read the language is bit of a gaijin hazard.

    1. Kirin Lemon: Doesn't taste as sickly sweet as lemonade, probably the favourite thus far.

    2. Suntory Pop White Soda: Suntory is a large Japanese brewery, Pop is just to distinguish it from their harder grog. I still have no idea what this drink was - I think it may have been a sweetly tasting slightly alcoholic energy drink...? :/

    3. Match: Kind reminds me of Lucozade - fizzy vaguely citrus but with the definiative aftertaste of pointlessly added vitamins and minerals that is just going to go straight through you.

    4. Vitamin CC Lemon: Lemon cordial and soda water.

    5. Mitsuya Cider: It's like soda water but with a creaming soda after taste. Nothing in Japan with "cider" on it is actually cider.

    6. Aquarius: I think they took water and mixed in some lemon cordial.

    Kaiju Collected:

    A lot of Kirin Lemon.
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    You tried all these drinks. Are you a food critic where you only have a mouthful


    Nah I drank them all. No waste.