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  • Day32

    Worst Headache Of My Life

    September 1 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Doc says it was either a migraine or a tension headache.

    Back to yesterday. Not many miles today, but I made my intended destination of Niagara Falls where I'll stay two nights. I had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and met a lovely couple from Rochester, where I'm heading, who also ride. I called it an early evening, hit the hotel spa and pool, and had an early evening.

    I woke up around 08:00, watched a bit of Netflix, then went down to the spa. But no! It was closed for cleaning. So, back to the room for a shower.

    That's when the worst headache of my life hit me. There I was, just standing in the hot water, when WHAM! Ice pick through the top of my head. It almost put me on my knees. I managed to get out of the shower just to vomit in the commode. I made it to the bed with every intention of waiting it out, but after 10 minutes with no reprieve, I called the front desk for an ambulance. I'm no stranger to pain, and this was in the top five ever. By the time the EMTs showed up, it had not let up at all, and I was getting scared. I threw up again and could barely walk to the stretcher.

    They took me to the nearest emergency room where I am now. Once I got into a bay, they hit me with a good dose of dilaudid, which took the pain from 10 to 5 and they put me on an IV for the nausea. Luckily, my CT scan came back all clear, so the doctor believes it was either a migraine or a tension headache. I'm fine, but no way I ever want to go through that again. Ugh.

    Day 31 mileage: 176.9 (total 7358.0)
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