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  • Day364


    June 3, 2017 in Poland ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    After another 100km I'm still trying to formulate a balanced opinion on Poland....this is my standing so far:

    Things I like about Poland:
    -Very cheap places to stay
    -Goralki Wafer biscuits

    Things that I don't like in Poland:
    -Every other town and village so far.
    -The lack of cycle lanes
    -Cycle routes that are on busy roads, populated by people who think it's ok to overtake on a blind hill.
    -People driving whilst on the phone.
    -Total disregard for speed limits.
    -Cows are tied up in fields.
    -Very few campsites.
    -Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. Yapping and running loose harassing everyone passing by.
    -Travelling 200km+ through Poland and seeing ONE person take their dog for a walk. Dogs are seemingly just kept agitated as a house intruder deterrent and aren't treated as companions.
    -The strange absence of any village community. No pubs. No restaurants. Thankfully we're in an area of Poland that has benches today! Yesterday's snacks were all roadside.
    -The look people give you when you cycle past...disdainful, unwelcoming, ... x 100. I seriously DON'T understand that distanced coldness. Not one nod, hand gesture, fleeting greeting. Standing on the side of the road no one asks if you're OK, need directions...

    I'm hoping the list will change a little and that I may be proven wrong, but today was a day where I dared to ask the question if we get a train out of here to the Baltics just to go back to a little "civilisation". 😅 It would almost feel like a failure to complete the route as the circular route as we planned, BUT pride vs our safety and enjoyment is another factor. Its not worth enduring extra days on the roads feeling on edge, AND spending our money here when we are better off going somewhere we are welcomed and treated like people.....

    It almost feels lonely and intimidating cycling here due to lack of friendly interactions, but we want to give it a fair chance.

    Despite the lack of love for Poland, being on the bikes and on the go is still fantastic. There was always going to be some places we liked more than others and the disliked places just serve to add gratitude and contrast to the places and people who enrich our journey.

    Only 470km of Poland to go!!
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