South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

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    • Day 191

      Nordenskjöld Glacier

      November 12, 2023 in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands ⋅ ☁️ 4 °C

      Nordenskjöld Glacier in South Georgia is a majestic icy expanse, named after the Swedish geologist Otto Nordenskjöld. This glacier, located on the eastern side of the island, showcases stunning blue hues and intricate crevasses, creating a captivating sight for visitors.Read more

    • Day 190

      Hercules Bay, South Georgia 🇬🇸

      November 11, 2023 in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

      🐧 Meet the Macaroni Penguins! 🌊 Sporting flamboyant yellow crests that resemble old-school macaroni, these spirited birds are a true spectacle in the Southern Ocean. With a dash of humor in their appearance, Macaroni Penguins charm onlookers with their energetic waddles and lively colonies. Did you know? They are expert divers, navigating the frigid waters in pursuit of their underwater prey. 🌊👀 Embrace the quirky elegance of Macaroni Penguins – nature's own comedians of the Antarctic seas! #MacaroniMagic #PenguinAdventures #AntarcticCharm 🐧❄️Read more

    • Day 191

      Grytviken, South Georgia 🇬🇸

      November 12, 2023 in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

      🏔️ Grytviken, South Georgia: Where History Meets Wilderness! 🇬🇸 This historic whaling station, nestled in the heart of the Southern Ocean, is a captivating blend of polar allure and human history. Once a hub for the whaling industry, Grytviken now stands frozen in time, offering visitors a glimpse into the past with its well-preserved structures and maritime relics.🐋 Did you know? Grytviken is not just a testament to industrial history but also serves as the final resting place of Sir Ernest Shackleton, the famed Antarctic explorer. The serene landscape surrounding Grytviken paints a poignant picture of nature reclaiming a once-bustling human outpost.Explore the echoes of a bygone era, surrounded by icy peaks and wandering wildlife. Grytviken is more than a destination; it's a journey through time in the heart of South Georgia's wild embrace. #GrytvikenExploration #SouthGeorgiaHistory #AntarcticAdventure 🏔️🗺️Read more

    • Day 211

      Fortuna Bay

      December 2, 2023 in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands ⋅ ☁️ 2 °C

      Embarking on a journey to Fortuna Bay in South Georgia, we were captivated by the allure of witnessing the world's third-largest king penguin colony.
      As we approached, the air buzzed with the cacophony of diverse marine life. Close encounters with fur seals and their adorable pups painted an immersive portrait of the vibrant ecosystem.
      Amidst the rocky coastal terrain, we encountered female elephant seals.
      The highlight, however, was the interaction with king penguins, particularly the "teenager chicks" at 11 months old. Their curiosity and awkward yet endearing movements added a delightful charm to the experience.
      Undeterred by the initially wet and rainy weather, we embarked on a hike to a strategic viewpoint. The trails led us through the rugged landscape, offering glimpses of the island's raw beauty. The persistence paid off as the weather gradually cleared, unveiling panoramic vistas that left us in awe.The grandeur of the day reached its crescendo with a breathtaking sunset.
      Fortuna Bay, with its diverse inhabitants and ever-changing weather, showcased the delicate balance of the natural world. Our journey not only granted us a front-row seat to the majesty of the third-largest king penguin colony but also instilled a profound appreciation for the untamed beauty of South Georgia's wilderness.
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    • Day 226

      South Georgia

      December 18, 2017 in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands ⋅ ☀️ -2 °C

      This island has played large in our imagination after first reading Sir Ernest Shackleton’s account of his epic journey from being stuck in pack ice off Antarctica, sailing to Elephant Island in 3 life boats, then sailing a single life boat >900 miles to South Georgia before traversing the island in mid-winter over glaciers and crevasses to a whaling station where he could get a rescue party together for his crew back on Elephant Island. Four months after setting out on their small life boat he was able to return to rescue his crew – all survived.
      We had 2½ days around the island and were able to make many landings while here. Our first landing was at a massive king penguin colony on Salisbury Plain. It was an emotional experience seeing such abundance of wildlife (king penguins, fur seals, elephant seals and countless birds) and realizing we were someplace very special. Next, we stopped in Fortuna Bay, another large king penguin colony and also the place where Shackleton and 2 of his crew had arrived after traversing the island. It was very exciting to be walking in the footsteps of these great explorers.
      On our second day, we were meant to land in Stromness - the whaling station where Shackleton had come to mount the rescue - but bad weather prevented us from landing. We did enter the bay and get a good look at the former station before continuing on to Gothul for a zodiac cruise through a sheltered cove where we saw some amazing wildlife. Our afternoon landing was at Grytiviken, another former whaling station and where Shackleton and his friend and fellow explorer, Frank Wild, are buried. We toasted Shackleton at his gravesite with some Irish whiskey before taking a short walk up a hill for a beautiful view. Next, we visited the excellent museum and took a brief tour of the former whaling station. There are about 15 people that live here, mostly researchers and administrators. Incredible experience!
      On our last day in South Georgia, we landed at Gold Harbor to see both king and Gentoo penguins, as well as many other creatures. After some rough weather, it was a brilliantly sunny day. Lastly, we cruised up Drygalski Fiord for indescribably beautiful views of the mountains and glaciers.
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    • Day 12

      St. Andrews Bay

      November 25, 2019 in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands ⋅ ⛅ 3 °C

      Am Morgen haben wir in der St. Andrews Bay Anker geworfen.
      Hier hat es eine der größten Kolonien von Königspinguinen, 200.000 Paare sollen hier ihre Jungen aufziehen. Diese werden wegen dem braunen Daunenkleid „Kaffeewärmer“ genannt.
      Anlandung war wieder mit den Schlauchbooten, dabei gab es doch etwas Wasser ins Gesicht. So schön das türkise Wasser anzusehen ist, so kalt sind die 1-2 Grad dann doch.
      Aber der erste Anblick von dem Strand entlohnt für alles. Königspinguine, Seeelefanten und Seebären haben uns gleich begrüßt mit keinerlei Scheu vor uns.
      Die Erlebnisse der nächsten Stunden war phänomenal: die Tiere aus nächster Nähe, dürfen komplett natürlich bleiben. Balzende Pinguine, halbstarke Seebären, rülpsende Seeelefanten.
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    • Day 19

      Day 20

      December 8, 2015 in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands ⋅ ⛅ 0 °C

      Annemarie's birthday!

      This was our last day at South Georgia :(. We had an excursion on the zodiac to Cooper Bay. We didn't land but went up to the coast and saw Macaroni penguins and Chinstrap penguins as well as many birds and seals. Also saw some great rock formations.

      Back on the boat and started our 2.5 day journey to Antarctica. Within half an hour of leaving South Georgia, fog and cloud rolled in and there was nothing to see!

      At night we celebrated Annemarie's birthday over dinner with an extended group including friends made on board.
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    • Day 18

      Day 19

      December 7, 2015 in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands ⋅ ⛅ 0 °C

      A big day at South Georgia!

      In the morning, we went ashore at Grytvika. There is an abandoned whaling station, a post office, a museum, a gift store, a church and a cemetery where Shackleton is buried. Lots of baby elephant seals, some young fur seals and some king penguins. Very picturesque!

      In the afternoon we went ashore at xxx. Here there is a rookery of king penguins. Numbers vary but the consensus amongst our guides seems to be about 500,000! Also plenty of young elephant seals and fur seals and a few (very large) older elephant seals. This was truly an amazing place.
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    • Day 11

      Auf den Spuren von Sir Ernest Shackleton

      November 24, 2019 in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands ⋅ ⛅ 0 °C

      Heute morgen ging es um 6 schon los und wir sind mit den Kodiaks an Land gefahren. Plan war es, ca. 4 Stunden den Spuren von Ernest Shackleton zu folgen und von der Fortuna Bay hinüber nach Stromness zu wandern.

      Zur Geschichte:
      "Ernest Shackleton hatte als Erster den antarktischen Kontinent durchqueren wollen. Doch sein Schiff, die „Endurance“, wurde im Weddell-Meer vom Packeis zerdrückt und sank. Die Mannschaft rettete sich auf das Eis. 15 unendlich lange Monate harrten sie dort aus. Dann startete Shackleton mit einem Teil seiner Männer eine noch heute legendäre Rettungsmission: Mit dem kleinen Beiboot „James Caird“ machten sie sich auf den Weg nach Südgeorgien. Aller Wahrscheinlichkeit zum Trotz gelang das Husarenstück. Nach 17 Tagen erreichten sie die Insel. Halb erfroren und halb verhungert taumelten sie in der King Haakon Bay an Land. Für drei der Männer, die sich noch kräftig genug fühlten, begann dann ein weiterer Kraftakt – die 36-stündige Wanderung quer über eine völlig unzugängliche, nie zuvor kartierte oder gar je überquerte Gebirgskette, um die Walfangstation Stromness zu erreichen. Dort wollten sie Hilfe finden."
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    • Day 17

      Day 18

      December 6, 2015 in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands ⋅ ☀️ 1 °C

      First day at South Georgia.

      One landing only today. We were blessed with great weather. A bonus was that the fur seal pups had hatched only a week ago. Also saw a colony of king penguins (about 7,000).

      Brad did a 4 hour walk into the island.
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    South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Südgeorgien und die Südlichen Sandwichinseln, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, SGSSI, Suid-Georgië en die Suid-Sandwich-eilande, ደቡብ ጆርጂያ እና የደቡብ ሳንድዊች ደሴቶች, جورجيا الجنوبية وجزر ساندويتش الجنوبية, দক্ষিণ জৰ্জিয়া আৰু দক্ষিণ চেণ্ডৱিচ্‌ দ্বীপ, Cənub Gürcüstan və Cənub Sandvilç Adaları, Паўднёвая Джорджыя і Паўднёвыя Сандвічавы астравы, Южна Джорджия и Южни Сандвичеви Острови, দক্ষিণ জর্জিয়া ও দক্ষিণ স্যান্ডউইচ দ্বীপপুঞ, Inizi Georgia ar Su hag Inizi Sandwich ar Su, Južna Džordžija i Južna Sendvič Ostrva, Illes Geòrgia del Sud i Sandwich del Sud, Jižní Georgie a Jižní Sandwichovy ostrovy, Ynysoedd De Georgia a De Sandwich, South Georgia og De Sydlige Sandwichøer, Anyiehe Georgia kple Anyiehe Sandwich ƒudomekpowo nutome, Νότια Γεωργία και Νότιες Νήσοι Σάντουιτς, Sud-Georgio kaj Sud-Sandviĉinsuloj, Islas Georgia del Sur y Sandwich del Sur, Lõuna-Georgia ja Lõuna-Sandwichi saared, Hegoaldeko Georgia eta Hegoaldeko Sandwich uharteak, جورجیای جنوبی و جزایر ساندویچ جنوبی, Etelä-Georgia ja Eteläiset Sandwichsaaret, Suðurgeorgia, Géorgie du Sud-et-les îles Sandwich du Sud, An tSeoirsia Theas agus Oileáin Sandwich Theas, Xeorxia do Sur e Illas Sandwich, દક્ષિણ જ્યોર્જીયા અને દક્ષિણ સેન્ડવિચ આઇલેન્ડ, ג׳ורג׳יה הדרומית ואיי סנדוויץ׳ הדרומיים, दक्षिण जोर्जिया और दक्षिण सैंडविच द्वीपसमूह, Južna Gruzija i Južni Sendvič Otoci, Dél Grúzia és a Déli Szendvics-szigetek, Kepulauan South Sandwich dan South Georgia, Suður-Georgía og Suður-Sandvíkureyjar, Georgia del Sud e isole Sandwich meridionali, 南ジョージア島・南サンドイッチ諸島, სამხრეთი ჯორჯია და სამხრეთ სენდვიჩის კუნძულები, ದಕ್ಷಿಣ ಜಾರ್ಜಿಯಾ ಮತ್ತು ದಕ್ಷಿಣ ಸ್ಯಾಂಡ್‌ವಿಚ್ ದ್ವೀಪಗಳು, 사우스조지아 사우스샌드위치 제도, Pietų Džordžija ir Pietų Sandvičo salos, Dienviddžordžija un Dienvidsendviču salas, Јужна Грузија и Јужни Сендвич Острови, ദക്ഷിണ ജോര്‍ജ്ജിയയും ദക്ഷിണ സാന്‍ഡ്‌വിച്ച് ദ്വീപുകളും, दक्षिण जॉर्जिया आणि दक्षिण सँडविच बेटे, တောင် ဂျော်ဂျီယာ နှင့် တောင် ဆင်းဒဝစ်ဂျ် ကျွန်းစုများ, Sør-Georgia og de sørlige Sandwich-øyene, Zuid-Georgië en Zuidelijke Sandwicheilanden, Sør-Georgia og Sør-Sandwich-øyane, ଦକ୍ଷିଣ ଜର୍ଜିଆ ଏବଂ ଦକ୍ଷିଣ ସାଣ୍ଡୱିଚ୍ ଦ୍ବୀପପୁଞ୍ଜ, Georgia Południowa i Sandwich Południowy, Geórgia do Sul e Ilhas Sandwich do Sul, Georgia dal Sid e las Inslas Sandwich dal Sid, Georgia de Sud și Insulele Sandwich de Sud, Южная Джорджия и Южные Сандвичевы Острова, Lulli Georgia ja Lulli Sandwich-sullot, Južná Georgia a Južné Sandwichove ostrovy, Južna Georgia in Južni Sandwichevi otoki, Јужна Џорџија и Јужна Сендвич Острва, Sydgeorgien och Sydsandwichöarna, Jojia Kusini na Visiwa vya Sandwich Kusini, தென் ஜியார்ஜியா மற்றும் தென் சான்ட்விச் தீவுகள், దక్షిణ జార్జియా మరియు దక్షిణ సాండ్విచ్ దీవులు, เกาะเซาท์จอร์เจียและหมู่เกาะเซาท์แซนด์วิช, ደቡብ ጆርጂያ እና የደቡድ ሳንድዊች ደሴቶች, ʻOtumotu Siosia-tonga mo Saniuisi-tonga, Güney Georgia ve Güney Sandwich Adaları, Південна Джорджія та Південні Сандвічеві Острови, جنوبی جارجیا اور جنوبی سینڈوچ جزائر, Quần đảo Nam Georgia và Nam Sandwich, 南乔治亚岛和南桑威齐群岛, i-South Georgia ne-South Sandwich Islands

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