November 2015 - September 2016
  • Day327


    September 30, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C


    Once opon a time..
    On the 11th of November 2015 Lea and me started our journey to Australia. We met somebody in the plane, from Melbourne, who was sitting right next to us. This man was Bill.
    Bill is one of the people who were there for me the whole time, looking after me & carrying for me.
    Everything which follows based on our friendship.
    Lea and me started our work and holiday in Melbourne, a huge city down in the south of Australia. The plan was to find a job first - but that's not that easy as we thought. So after a few weeks looking for work in December Bill just sent us an email in the evening if we would like to go to Sydney - he will drive over with his wife Faye to visit the family.
    We were so lucky that we have seen this mail because Lea just checked them very late in the evening.
    I remember.. everything was in a rush to get all our stuff packed & everything was very exciting because we will see our 'flight-seat-neighbour' again - how funny is that ?

    The next time I have seen Bill, was actually just 2 months later after Lea and me have seen the most famous and beautiful spots of the east coast up to cairns in hot summer.
    Lea left & I was on my own now.
    I went to Emerald which is in central Queensland on a cattle farm.. because of some circumstances I decided to leave after a week & went back to Melbourne.
    Why Melbourne ? Because I knew - I could meet somebody to talk to when there are any problems or situations I can't handle with.
    So after a week back in Melbourne I catched up with Bill and Faye for a cuppa & they invited me for dinner at their house.
    It was wonderful to see them & to have the feeling that there are people who already know me a bit & I feel comfortable with.


    Isabelle (3) and Eliana (1), Grandpa Pilley who is Faye's dad, Ross Bills sister and Christin Bills cousin.
    Those beautiful people gave me a lot because of spending time together with lots of fun !
    I was chatting with grandpa Pilley every time about his story of life & about my decision why I came to Australia to make this big journey.
    Every time there was something else in my mind..
    my first thought I had about going to Australia ? It was about the wildlife !
    And I have lived my dream - to see it ! I spent lots of hours in front of my camera to get some good memories !
    I was fixed, relaxed & in big love with this huge, wide, giant ocean !!!
    When you got the chance to watch the clear blue water it will have lots of surprises for you to show.
    Another reason is that I tried to find out more about myself & the right way to go.
    I wanted to be independent - so I did !
    And it was the right decision ! All the people I have met - I have learned a lot about life !
    I got more trust in myself than before & I know that everything I do - I do it without fear ! & it will be the right thing - doesn't matter which result it will have ! It will show me an effect.
    I am pretty sure Grandpa Pilley could tell me about these things..
    He was listening carefully & had good advises for my journey one of them was: ENJOY !

    I will remember all the 'birthday-cake-moments' with Isabelle, who was more excited than everybody else.
    All moments with holding Eliana's hands to mastering a few of her very first steps in life !
    All the energy & happiness of Asher, Caleb & Noah. If I would be your sister - I would be the most proudest sister ever !!! You are all gorgeous - whatever you are doing !
    & once again - see you in Germany one day pleeease !!!
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  • Day327


    September 30, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C


    Maybe the best feeling I ever had ? Lots of people telling you that you might cry - maybe don't want to leave..
    I had this plan - to fly home without anybody knows & it worked !
    When I took the plane in Sydney back home - I was super excited & needed tablets for my tommy -because of being so confused..
    It was hard to say goodbye to everyone but I was also happy to leave because I know there are people and other things waiting for me !
    So let's start with my surprise !
    My first surprise person is my lovely sister Julia with her husband & my nephew Mael - Can't wait !!! - it's so exciting & really unreal feeling ! In about two hours. Right now I am sitting in the train towards Hannover & noooooobody knows (o well - yeees all my Aussie friends & my cousin Meike) but really nobody else.. it's so much fun & I can't wait to see all their faces !!!! secret, secret since MAY - sorry about lying all the time guys - looove looove
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  • Day326

    Sydney Aiport

    September 29, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    "10.12.2016" - nobody knew !

    I enjoyed every second in the camper !
    I enjoyed every maccas stop !
    Every song, every dominos pizza.. on our trips !
    & it's going tooooooo fast until you are in Sydney.
    A very big highlight today - Meeting Isabella and Marcel.

    When we arrived at their shared house, we thought we are in the USA somewhere in a new area 😅
    Very nice place - so we stayed there.. on the street.. in our camper 😅🙈
    Isabella and Marcel seems to be very happy :)) I like that and I can't wait to see them next time !
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  • Day323

    Coffs Harbour

    September 26, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Having a chat about shark attacs while hanging out at the beach.
    We finally arrived in Coffs Harbour - nearly the last place where we'll be, before Meike "will leave me"
    It's getting fresh down at the east coast & the mozzies are getting more !!!!
    There where thousands of them when we had dinner - - but it's still comfi as long as we have our mozzie candles & our pillows !!

    Our camp spot today - very lonely somewhere in the bush.
    It's actually just a very big camp site with a little forest where we decided to stay.
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