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    • Day 36

      Ribadesella to Colunga

      August 23, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      We wake this morning feeling surprisingly good, we thought our feet and legs would be killing us, but thankfully they don’t feel too bad. Our day starts in the picturesque town of Ribadesella, we were so tired and sore when we arrived yesterday that we were unable to check out the offerings of this town, (this seems to be the theme song to our Camino life!!) our path runs through the belly of the town, which takes up residence on both sides of the Rio Sella, a long bridge connects them and the shop front windows look out to the peaceful views of the river system, this is a really pretty little town. It’s a beautiful day, there is a slight crispness in the air that will disappear in the next hour or so. As we make our way through town we talk to our families, taking plenty of photos in the process, Lisa’s knee has been sore the last few days so before leaving we find a pharmacia and she gets a knee guard to help support the joint. We get to the outskirts of town and our climb starts, this tests out our legs and feet, we have a 20 km day and towns are plentiful, we hit the first one in no time, then another, and by the time we get to our third town for the day we are ready for a drink and a sit-down, there is a descent into the town, and on the outskirts we find a lovely bar which is playing music and is situated near the beach, we take our time soaking up the vibe and enjoying the rest. I am starting to feel off - a bit headachy and body achy. We continue on, making the climb up and out of Vega de Ribadesella, the views are spectacular! We spend the rest of our walk today along the coastline, meandering up, down and over headlands, lots of families are out and about enjoying the last few weeks of this European summer. We get to the 15 km mark and I am done, I am feeling sick, my headache hasn’t lifted, my body is aching all over and I need to get to our destination and try to sleep this off. We come to a bar on the outskirts of La Espasa, Lisa calls me a cab and we are at our accommodation before we know it, we check in, shower and I try to sleep, unfortunately our beautiful walking day cut short….Read more

    • Day 18


      September 14 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 75 °F

      It felt so easy!! 20km day - cool breezes, dappled shade; dirt roads, dirt paths, rocky paths. More sea views and beaches and more beaches! Up meadows full of cows. Watch your step!!
      It’s cooler 72 degrees and high clouds over head so not many folks on the beach. We are remembering our water!
      We did come across a Korean group fully covered in sun protective clothing, hats and masks. To me they looked SO hot. But, gosh, were they fast! They passed us with such fresh enthusiasm while we were dragging in our 4 and 5th hours of hiking . We would lose them. Run across them again. Fast! Fast! Fast!
      Then we saw the BUS. Some of the group would pop out of the bus at designated stops on side roads.
      As they were all dressed, masked up, hats and neutral or dark clothing we didn’t realize one group was switching out for another! We were always running into a group with fresh legs that was only going a mile or so.
      Switching topics: In La Vega we came across wood structures set high above the ground. These are used for grains, corn, etc. The slabs they rested on were to keep the rodents from getting up and into the food stores. I imagine a big storm of the very nearby coast and high waters could be an issue, also. La Vega had more Horreo’s then we had seen. The history!
      A yard we walked by had hand painted signs representing pilgrims from so many places and country’s.
      Just something to make one smile while walking behind our only Camino commute issue. The bus group, which we again came upon took photos of everything and were difficult to get around. Yes, a group off loaded in the next town we were walking through.
      Very sweet. They seem to really enjoy being able to greet us with “Buen Camino” which is the norm. And then giggle a bit. Adorable!
      Then seemingly wanting all of us to ‘cue up’. and go single file was less adorable. We just had to blow through while smiling and wishing them ‘Buen Camino’
      We have arrived at Colunga. Tammy scored again! High five. We have a private ( for the 2 of us) room , enormous bathroom 56.93€ or $66.70 for the night! They offer a complete breakfast and they have GF and DF for me. The proprietress is GF also so was very careful when making notes.
      We have another 20km day which feels again so easy after the 30+km days we’ve had. There are also no ‘mountains’ to cross. Tomorrow however, there will be no stops/coffee shops until we get to our next stop Villaviciosa,Spain. Full bellies for us and a banana and lots of water in our packs!
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    • Day 19


      September 15 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 64 °F

      An ‘easy’ 17km day before tomorrow . 30km into Gijon, We were commenting on having lame posts/blogs. Perhaps we needed a challenge to write about. No sooner did we say that and the skies opened up. Rain!! Rain ponchos came out. Cover the backpacks!!
      And it rained so hard we took refuge under a tree. Be careful what you ask for!
      We walked in the rain ( not too long) and on fairly gentle terrain for the most part….( especially as compared to the first 11 days)
      I had time to think, not just focus on breaths, next steps and getting to food or eating from our packs…. and the end goal for the day a place to stay.
      What has the Camino taught me so far: how high I can climb, how hot, sweaty wet, tired, and hungry, I can get. I hate hills you’ve all heard me say that. And yet we are happy getting up each morning to climb up always up ( well some down of course) to see what one can’t see in a car. To interact with folks from Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Korea, France, Spain, 🇧🇪 Belgium, of course ( Natalie) and more. To see the small villages and architecture there that you won’t see on the main roads. The feel of old Spain. I wouldn’t miss it!
      I also thought about blisters- we have come upon many pilgrims with blisters, bandaged feet, some who have gone barefoot or switched to sandals to walk great distances. Some folks who have to go home, take a day or days off just to heal. Due to my fearless leader’s experience ( Tammy). we have zero blisters. Each day, that is worth celebrating!
      Tonight we are again in a private (shared room) with a great bathroom. The laundry is across the street. A engaging Sideria ( cider house, which they are known for) and restaurant is down a block. AND there is a fan in the room!!! It’s amazing the little things that make your day on the Camino.
      Back to the Sideria! The proprietress pours without looking until it first hits the glass. She makes it. Runs the restaurant. Pours every individual glass of cider. And you drink it immediately out the bubbles leave. Look 👀. You can see how there are here bubbles do disappear. Jk. One does need to drink each small pour. Apparently, they don’t use the carbonation (fake?) system we do. She pours. They are bubbles. Drink fast or the bubbles are gone.
      ***This is another great find of a place to stay. High five Tammy!!
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    • Day 18

      Celebrando y Agradeciendo la vida!!

      May 24, 2022 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 15 °C

      Conociendo Colunga.. 45 cosas buenas!!

    • Camino Flowers

      June 10, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

      Weather on the northern coast has been unseasonably cool this year, so some of the flowers are just now blooming out — especially the hydrangeas. I’ve never seen so many hydrangeas! And it seems every house has at least a few geraniums.

      Here are some pics —
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    • We're Still Truckin'!

      June 16, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

      Seems I caught a cold after walking in the rain last week, so I’ve been too tired to check back in the last few days. But we’re still trucking right along through some remote and beautiful countryside, mountains on our left and beaches on our right. The weather has been mostly kind to us, and we haven’t had to eat anything really weird!

      Here are some pics from the last few days.
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    • Casas Indianos

      June 19, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

      Walking into Llanes the other day, we passed by this faded beauty. I somehow found some references on Google that led me to information on this Villa Concepcion and the “casas Indianos,” Indiano houses.

      In the 19th century, many Spanish from this coast — Asturians, Calabrians and Gallegos — emigrated to the Americas. Some made fabulous fortunes, and upon returning to Spain, they built fabulous homes. Their gardens included palm trees, symbolizing their adventures in the Americas.

      Villa Concepción was built by Doña Maximina Sobriño Diaz, in the late 1800s. Her 3 brothers made their fortune in textiles in Mexico, and as they died childless, Doña Maximina inherited. Her son, Sinforiano, renovated the house around 1909 infer the direction of a famous architect, Juan Miguel de la Guardia. Sinfóriano was a local legend, fond of music and a great philanthropist. He died in his “palace” in 1921, childless. Apparently the property passed to other relatives, but eventually was abandoned. It’s still beautiful, even in decline.
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