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    • Day 104

      April Wetter im Juli

      July 12, 2022 in Sweden ⋅ 🌬 17 °C

      Gefühlt 20°C Unterschied haben wir jetzt erfahren dürfen.
      Letzte Woche noch 3°C und Dauerregen, dass unser einziger Schutz eine wunderbare Berghütte war. Dort konnten wir ein Feuer machen unsere Klamotten und das Zelt trocknen. Was aber natürlich nur einen halben Tag gehalten hat😅. Und heute laufen wir wieder bei gefühlt 25° mit Nahrungsmittel für 11 Tage durch die Gegend.
      So ist das halt mit dem Wetter, wenn wir keins hätten wärs auch nicht recht.

      Außerdem haben wir Markus kennengelernt, der auch auf dem Weg ans Nordkap ist.
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    • Day 11

      Witer gads in Schwede'🇸🇪

      June 27 in Sweden ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

      Hüt hemmer miteme Actionhaltige Morge gstartet, mer sind in Seilpark in Norwege. Nachher simmer witer über Gränze nach Schwede und hend eus wedermal es schöns plätzli gsuecht. Und hend grad bide akunft zwei ältere Schwede chönne hälfe ehres Boot a Land zieh, mit vollem Erfolg. Es Bädi im See hed au ned deffe fähle und es Fürli natürli au ned.Read more

    • Day 10

      Rendieren all over the place

      August 2, 2023 in Sweden

      Deze ochtend worden we op een unieke manier wakker met rendieren rond onze tent. Enthousiast zet ik ze op de foto. In de dagen die volgen zullen we ze nog vaak tegenkomen.
      We lopen vandaag ruim 12 km en besluiten ons oorspronkelijke plan bij te stellen. De route is best pittig en maakt dat we slechts 2 à 3 km per uur lopen. Deze verandering voelt goed en geeft rust. Het gaat uiteindelijk niet om de afstand die we overbruggen maar het genietend aanwezig zijn in de vrije natuur.
      In de loop van de middag gaan we tussen Stensdal Stugorna en Gäsen Stugorna bij een meertje op de hoogvlakte staan met uitzicht op besneeuwde bergen.
      In de avond toont het prachtige berglandschap zich in volle glorie.
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    • Day 11

      Bannock als fundament!

      August 3, 2023 in Sweden

      We worden wakker in een geweldig mooie verlaten wereld. Hier zijn wij als mens te gast. De grenzeloze ruimte maakt nederig en bescheiden.
      Na een frisse duik in een glashelder bergmeertje bakken we Bannock. Een eeuwenoud brood recept. Deze stevige kost is een goed fundament om vandaag op te staan en te gaan. We lopen richting Gäsen stugan.
      Na een flinke klim over rotspartijen, desolate hoogvlaktes en stukjes sneeuw zoeken we uiteindelijk de beschutting van een shelter. Eigenlijk bedoeld voor noodsituaties maar wij vonden dit in deze situatie ook wel nodig 😀.
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    • Day 2

      Creatures of the Forest

      September 14, 2021 in Sweden ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

      Tried to get up early. Didn’t work. But compared to all the next days it still was the earliest start. I had a good nights sleep on the new mattress (all hail to Sea To Summit!) but a hell lot of condensation. As expected since I was still in a valley, basically right next to a big lake. And it’s autumn. So despite no rain my tent was wet outside and inside. And so was my sleeping bag. That’s why I waited a bit for the morning sun to dry up things a bit. I thought the inside was dry enough to pack the tent together with the inner. Bad idea. But for now it was about climbing over Ottfjället. The views were fantastic and the area around the mountain tops just absolutely beautiful. The trail winding up slowly between small lakes and minor peaks. The way down to Vålådalen was rather boring. Can’t have it all I guess.

      Had “fika” in mild afternoon sun at Vålådalen’s well known mountain station.

      Continued towards Stensdalstugorna. The trail I planned to take didn’t exist on any of the local maps and naturally there were also no signs accordingly. So I went for what seemed to be the standard route, even though I did parts of it the year before. And it was beautiful, especially with the sun shining. At some point you leave Vålån and turn towards Stensdalen. A not too long stretch through dense birch and pine forest between bogs and marshland. It started to get dark, and cold. And I wondered if I would make it out of the forest, a bit above tree line before it got dark. Didn’t want to camp in a valley again after the wet night before.

      And while considering my options, walking heads down focused on the trail it happened. I looked up and opposite a short ditch, right on top of a hill on trail there it stood. This creature. Facing me, watching me. First thought: “A wolf!” Next thought: “No, no, please not, no wolf!” And while I started to find good reasons why this impossibly could be a real wolf (it totally looked like a wolf, but who wants to be eaten by a wolf? Also they sure bread all kind of dogs these days, why not some that totally look like wolves. Right?) it set out approaching me and before I could think what I should or could do it was already there. Right in front of me, and taking a sniff. All that came to my mind at that moment was “it’s a dog and I must comfort it”. I’ve had encounters with lone dogs before and they usually “just” join you and you won’t get rid of them anymore. So I said to the “dog”: “So what am I supposed to do with you now?!”.
      No reaction whatsoever, it didn’t even look at me. That’s when I knew this can’t be a dog. And then I saw its collar. That’s not a thing you put around the neck of your pet. It clearly was a tracking device attached with what looked like a black zip tie.
      “Oh shit!” - and a second later it was on its way further down the trail, not giving a god damn shit about me.

      A short relief. My head started spinning. What if it changed its mind? What if it’s like “well, didn’t find anything to eat, why not go back and eat that human?”. Next thought “aren’t they in packs normally. So where’s the rest?” - just a minute later I saw a bunch of animals behind some bushes on a open meadow. My heart sank. But looking closer I was quite sure it’s reindeer. So I thought “hey wolf, eat them, not me!”

      Well. What an encounter. It also settled the question whether or not to camp in the forest. Once and for all. Two seconds later I climbed out of the forest and pitched my tent above tree line, overlooking the valley and the mountains. Just so I see them coming for me. At least.
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    • Day 3

      Stensdalen - Gåsen

      September 15, 2021 in Sweden ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

      Night was very cold. Woke up, went for a pee and was overwhelmed by the stars. Not a single cloud made way for a spectacular view on millions of stars. The milky-way a bright belt across the sky. But no northern lights. Bummer!
      Morning sun was overwhelming but I woke up to a completely wet sleeping bag and a tent half wet, half frozen. Decided to take it slow to give things a chance to thaw or dry up.

      The trail over to Stensdalen is amazingly beautiful. Stunning views in the valleys below. Stensdalen itself being a romantic tiny village of cabins in the middle of a birch forest. As so often here in the Swedish “fjäll”. The way over to Gåsen was not quite that romantic. A tedious, never ending climb. But found time to dry out my gear. Which was amazing because my sleeping bag came back to maximum fluff.

      After Gåsenstugorna I made my way back down into the valley and found a wonderful tent spot a bit away from the trail, well sheltered from wind and still a bit higher up to (one more time) try avoid too much condensation. Look at that sundowner!
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    • Day 4

      Jävla Triangeln

      September 16, 2021 in Sweden ⋅ ☁️ 6 °C

      Sorry, Tanya, for stealing your headline.

      Woke up to a perfectly dry tent. Can you believe it? But I wouldn’t make it back on trail before 10.00. What’s going on?

      The way over from Gåsån to Sylarna is unremarkable. As soon as you reach the actual “Triangeln” it’s just a wide hiker “autobahn”. Nothing attractive here. It was cold and windy. Probably just like it always is. Sylarna fjällstation looks like a cozy place. The mother of all fjällstations as a friend (hey Katri!) recently called it.
      Had a coffee or two and decided to keep going. Despite my Achilles’ tendon being very convincing to tell me otherwise. Again found a super sweet spot, hidden from the trail, about half way over to Helags. Nice!
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