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    • Day 10

      Good Friday in Zurich

      April 7, 2023 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 7 °C

      Woke up early and enjoyed a slow 5km run around Zurich. Pretty much had the city to myself, everything was shut and no one else was up. Running with the Swiss alps in the background at 450 metre elevation will be one of the more notable slow 5kms I’ll do this trip.

      Today was bitterly cold - and we were all cooked from 9 days straight of 20k plus steps a day - so we got a 24 hour transport pass and caught public transport rather than walk the city as we did the previous days. Except no one checked our pass once - so possibly could have done it without forking out $50!

      Really enjoyed seeing the suburbs and surrounds from a mix of tram, train, bus and again by foot. Zurich is a stunning city with only 430k residents. Every building feels like it’s either from a grand designs episode OR out of a history book OR from a fairytale. Do recommend - and the architecture was a little wasted on us. I’m keen to learn about this more moving forward.

      Today was SO cold though and I’m run down - and our next stop will be colder again - so also enjoyed the respite of sitting on public transport.

      We did the Lindt Factory today which Clare freaking loved. There are sections where you can basically eat as many Lindt balls as you like from all the flavours they have. I ate three, Krissi filled up her handbag….😂

      We made our way out of the city for dinner. Clare had chicken nuggets in a Mexican restaurant in Switzerland. 🙄

      Finishing the day with an Aperol Spritz in the hotel before we make our way to Stalden tomorrow.
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    • Day 36


      September 8, 2022 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      Die Fahrt von Wien nach Zürich dauerte insgesamt 8 Stunden. Dabei haben wir die wunderschöne Aussicht genießen können. In Zürich angekommen sind wir ein bisschen durch die Stadt geschlendert. Jedoch war uns Zürich definitiv zu teuer und wir waren froh, aus der Schweiz zu reisen 😂🙈Read more

    • Day 48


      November 30, 2022 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌧 5 °C

      Woke up to bed bug saga #2. Thankfully it’s me more affected than Will. I’ve got bites all over my knuckles which is annoying because it’s a difficult place to keep from accidentally touching and therefor scratching.
      Thankful we leave today otherwise getting to sleep tonight would be a challenge for the mind haha.

      Got a reply from our driver he would arrive in one minute so we raced out the door as he was 10 mins early.

      Waited for him on the street and a car stopped in front of us. It was our guide from yesterday.
      Put all our stuff in the boot and got in the car.
      Then said to Will “wait, I don’t think it’s the same man”
      And he agreed so we asked “are you our driver?”
      He didn’t speak English so that’s a no.
      Out we got and got our bags 😆😆😆😆😆
      Could be brothers. It’s hard to see in the dark hahahah
      Pleased he let us get back out and we weren’t kidnapped hahaha.
      Oh dear.

      Our driver, Ramin arrived 2 mins later. 😅
      Drive was quicker cause limited cars at 5:40am.
      He drove us past the F1 pit stop garages.
      We saw them yesterday but was pleased for another look.

      Gave him a tip because he has been so helpful and because to convert to money back at the airport I’ll only get $3 anyway so he can have it.

      Our check in line was straight through the front door so loved that. Line wasn’t too big either.
      Check in lady asked us if we needed a visa for Switzerland and we said no. But she did her job well and checked which was a bit nerve wracking cause it took her a while and a few people to determine we didn’t, all the while I’m thinking omg what if I made an incorrect assumption. 😅

      Got our tickets and went through customs. Got another stamp - had to take my shoes off and everyone was looking at my stripy pink socks 😂
      No food in the departures section. Booooooo.
      Will be fed on plane, hopefully it’s nice and not gross microwaved egg. (It was gross egg)
      Found a very large, expensive carpet magnet. 👀

      Ok so one of the worst flights I’ve ever had. Medically the worst.
      Graphic stories coming up:
      I needed to both poop, vomit and faint. It was the fainting part that I wasn’t coping with very well.
      But I did explode in the toilet. Do airplane toilets have water? No. Just suction. Didn’t work. Had to wipe it clean which was just the worst.

      THANK GOD there was an empty seat next to Will so I moved him over and curled in a ball for the next 1.5 hours.
      Gagging into the bag felt good.
      I skulled water. I thought maybe my blood sugar was down because I was okay lying down but when I sat up I needed to faint.
      Had little cries. Not enough space just needed to lie down but couldn’t.

      Did manage to walk off the plane but naturally it was like a kilometer walk and then because we came from a “dodgy” country we had to go through customs again. Didn’t have to do this on the way through when arriving from France.
      It was very obviously target groups of people lol.
      The alarm kept going off every 5 seconds. Potentially first time through and airport cause MAN.
      Singapore couple had a museli bar on their tray and the TSA guy took it and was like thank you.
      They were like uh??
      And he goes “problem or no problem? “
      And then he ate it………..
      Wanted to find motion sickness tablets but they didn’t t have a pharmacy.
      I found some fruit covered in chocolate. I only wanted fruit but the chocolate gave me a sugar hit in case that’s what I needed.

      Will bought ONE subway sandwich.

      EXCUSE ME WHAT?????????
      So that was terrific 🙃

      Went to our gate. I’ve drunk so much water trying to combat my dizziness I had to pee.
      Boarded and as soon as the seatbelt sign came off I had to pee again. I was so close to peeing myself. 4L wee honestly.
      This flight was better. I had moments of nausea and pretty soon after was dying for a wee again but had a window seat and didn’t want to bother the guy in the isle.
      Made it to the end - had a sleep - was trying to pass time cause I was BUSTING again.
      Near state of emergency had to find bathroom.
      Best 2 wee’s of my life today omg.

      Customs dude was great, liked his job. No fuss getting in.
      Caught the train to their main station. Bit of a hassle buying tickets - card declined a few times the worked fine on another machine.
      Options were confusing asking do we want 3 zones, direct route blah blah. Took a stab at it. No one checked our tickets so no arrests today.

      Walked to hotel. It’s much colder here.
      Zurich is a bit grey thus far.

      Paid twice actually.
      Have to ask for help tomorrow. I asked today as soon as I noticed so went downstairs and got told it’s a deposit but it’s on my two separate cards and both are the exact amount for the room.
      So $450 missing from account for the moment 🙃
      Will wait to talk to the worker who actually checked us in cause his English was excellent.
      Otherwise too hard. They don’t know what I’m showing them.

      Went for salad for dinner because it was the cheapest we could find. Still nearly $60 for 2 plates of salad. 🫠
      Switzerland is going to hurt. Bought cereal and milk (that we hope stays cold) for tomorrow morning.

      It’s 7:15 bed time thank goodness.

      Last 3 pics are walking Zurich’s old town tomorrow.
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    • Day 788

      Home sweet home 🇨🇭

      May 23 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

      Nun sind wir schon ein paar Wochen wieder zurück in der Heimat und versuchen uns im Alltag 😉. Eben noch bestand unser Leben aus Abenteuer und Freiheit, täglich neuen Aussichten und Bekanntschaften mit spannenden Lebensgeschichten und plötzlich wachen wir jeden Morgen auf derselben Matratze auf und wissen genau, wo die Lebensmittel im Supermarkt zu finden sind. Wir haben eine Weltreise gemacht. Wir haben Freiheit gespürt. Erlebt, gesehen und gehört. Aber am Ende haben wir auch gespürt, dass es Zeit war die Reise zu beenden. Unsere Köpfe waren voll mit Erlebnissen, die Sehnsucht nach Abenteuern liess immer mehr nach, dafür sehnten wir uns nach Beständigkeit, nach Familie und Freunden ♥️. Etwas mehr als 25 Monate waren wir unterwegs in 44 Ländern, in Bussen 🚌, Zügen 🚂🚃, Segelschiffen ⛵️, Kreuzfahrtschiffen 🚢, zu Fuss 👣, per Anhalter 👍 oder mit dem Roller 🛵. 1044 Stunden haben wir alleine in Fernbussen gesessen, was mehr als 43 Tagen entsprechen ⏱️. Nun schliesst sich der Kreis, einmal um die Welt 🌍. Aber das Ende der Reise heisst nicht das Ende der Träume, denn nach der Reise ist vor der Reise 😜.Read more

    • Day 43


      July 22, 2016 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      Today is going to be a long day so rather than walk to town we took the local tram which the stop is right outside the Hotel.

      We are going to the Landesmusem which is The Swiss National Museum it is one of the most important art museums of cultural history in Europe. The museum building of 1898 in the historicist style was built by Gustav Gull in the form of the French Renaissance city chateaus.Read more

    • Day 5

      Zürich Hauptbahnhof

      September 25, 2021 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      Ob 12:50 prispema v Zürich, na glavno železniško postajo. Še vedno ne vem kam me pelje. Časa imama 17 minut. Izkoristima ga za cigaret in nakup sendviča. Nato se odpravima do perona, kjer naju čaka IR vlak za Basel.
      Juhu, lepo presenečenj 😁.
      Vkrcama se in po cca 20 minutah vožnje oba zaspima. Vožnja traja dobro uro.

      Nato pa potep po Baselu.
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    • Day 1

      Tag 1 /2 Madrid

      April 1, 2023 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      An diesem Tag fuhren wir mit der ÖV von Küssnacht nach Zürich Flughafen. Um 10:30 flogen wir nach Madrid. Um 12:00 Uhr kamen wir in Madrid an. Um die Stadt noch besser kennen zu lernen, spazierten wir durch die Stadt. Am Abend gingen wir einfach essen. Am Abend übernachteten wir in einem schönem Hotel.

      Am zweiten Tag in Madrid gingen wir zu Fuss in Stadium von Real Madrid das Santiago Bernabeu. Dort schauten wir Real Madrid vs Las Palmas. Nach dem Spiel gingen wir in einem Park spazieren und assen dabei in einem einfachen Restaurant. Am Abend gingen wir wieder ins Hotel

      Hotel: https://tinyurl.com/ycyu98dy

      ÖV Schweiz 28 Fr.
      Flug 92 Fr.
      ÖV Madrid 6 Fr.
      Santiago Bernabeu 100 Fr
      Hotel 95.50 Fr
      Essen 96 Fr

      Total: 417.50 Fr
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