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  • Day2

    The fast train to Switzerland

    June 5 in Switzerland

    After a fairly comfortable night’s sleep in my cell, and a good shower, I took advantage of the Clink continental breakfast - a snip at £2 (only £1 if I had booked the night before - drat!). Somewhat surprisingly, porridge was not on the menu.

    A grey morning and a short walk led me to St Pancras International. What a magnificent Victorian Station - to think it was once earmarked for demolition. A smooth check-in and I was soon on board the 0922 Eurostar to Paris. With Standard Premier Class you get (another) continental breakfast, served by pleasant uniformed attendants reminiscent of air hostesses. After a stop at Ashford, Kent, the conductor announced we would shortly be entering the Channel Tunnel. How exciting! Although I have been fortunate enough to travel by Eurostar on a few occasions, it never ceases to amaze me when, after only 20 minutes in the tunnel, you suddenly emerge into the French countryside.

    On arrival at the gargantuan Paris Gare du Nord station, I took the Metro two stops to the Gare du Lyon. Regrettably I didn’t have time for lunch at the magnificent Le Train Bleu restaurant, created for the Exposition Universelle in 1900. Ah well, maybe next time. I had to make do with a Croque Monsieur from the Buffet Car as I boarded the 1423 TGV-Lyria express to Switzerland. Leaving the grey, graffiti daubed suburbs of Paris behind, the train soon entered rural France, and the mist lifted and the sun shone throughout the afternoon. The flat, patchwork fields gave way to the lovely tree-lined gorges of Burgundy as we passed through Dijon (no stopping for mustard!), and on to Basle, Switzerland where I had to change trains for the last hour of the journey to Zürich. A very pleasant, smooth trip.

    Three very pucker elderly English ladies across the compartment from me commented on how they enjoyed train travel. ‘But I wouldn’t do what Margot did’ said the eldest. ‘She went right across Russia herself on the Trans Siberian. But then she’s not afraid of anything. Did you notice she’s got her head completely shaved?’ (And after a pause). ‘Strange she never married’.

    Casa Heinrich in Zürich was a pleasant guest house, 10 minutes walk from the station. There is no reception and you use a code to gain entry. Had a walk round the lovely old Altstadt this evening and had a tasty meal of whole roast pork knuckle (sorry, Betty) washed down with local beer. The place was like an old fashioned Germanic beer keller - the young blond waiter looked like he had just stepped out of a poster for Hitler youth, and all that was missing was Ann Blyth belting out operetta hits while balancing frothy beer steins on her bosom. Legend has it that Wilhelm Tell’s crossbow was kept here.

    A lovely stroll to the lakeside finished off a very pleasant evening. Zürich really is a most attractive place to visit.
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  • Day13

    Hit the brakes

    September 2, 2016 in Switzerland

    Much to my delight we rolled upon a random bike repair shop (that was open) right on the track... My back brakes were in much need of replacement... The lovely guy put my bike on straight away and changed the brakes, and did a quick tune. I was so so happy!! (Hence why it gets its own post...Sucks to not have brakes on some of the hills we have done)

  • Day4

    Zurich Aldstat

    September 7 in Switzerland

    Today’s been a good day, if a little slower paced than yesterday. I was awake at 5:30am and by the time I’d had breakfast and gotten ready I had some time to kill before heading out. I may have had a nap.
    I started at the Landsmuseum. I got a great overview of the history of Switzerland and can now understand why there are 4 official languages of Switzerland (basically numerous cantons came together to form a federal state.
    I also learnt that Switzerland may have been politically neutral in the past but that didn’t mean Swiss men didn’t fight. They just did it as mercenaries.
    I downloaded an app which gave me an audio tour of the museum and was well worth it. I also got to see a Swiss bank vault. It wasn’t all that exciting, just a bank of fancy lockers but interesting for what it represented. I also found out they have 200, 500 and 1000 Swiss franc notes. That’s nearly $1500 in one note!

    They had a special exhibition “what Swiss eat” and had a lot of memorabilia from the past. They had a small goods store set up and it was all knitted. From a distance it looks like the real thing.
    On exiting that exhibit they had someone handing out samples of insects. He had crickets, locusts and mealworms. There were a couple of guys there already and I watched them eat it before I tried. The cricket was okay, the locust not so good (even after removing the wing and legs) and the mealworm tolerable. If they were in a dish with other ingredients I think they’d be fine. They’d give the dish some crunch similar to nuts. They’ve only been legal in Switzerland for a year or so and still have a way to go before becoming a cheap protein source. The server indicated a bag of 50-100g would be 20-40 CHF.

    It was time for lunch, there was a cafe in the museum but as these can often be a plain and expensive I thought I’d eat at the cafe just outside the museum. There were too many smokers sitting outside so I went inside. It was only when I sat down I realised it was the museum cafe. I picked out what I thought was a roll with cheese and some type of cured meat (no English translation here) but it turn out to be cheese with purple cabbage.

    Behind the museum is a lovely little park. I went and sat there for a while. It was nice and peaceful. I sat there a little too long as I got to the dock for the river boat just as it was leaving. So I sat for a bit longer.

    The next stop was the Grossmünster (Great Minster). It’s a grand church and again the audio tour was very informative. I wanted to go there as it played a major part of the reformation movement in Zurich and it was alluded to at the museum. I did feel slightly disloyal though as they talked about the great rivalry it’s the Fraumünster (Women’s Minster) and I didn’t have time for both.

    I was going to catch the boat back to the museum as it’s not far from the hotel but my ticket was on my phone and by phone was down to 1% battery power. I was hopeful it would hold as the decrease in battery power isn’t a steady decline. It was a moot point as I also just missed that boat. So walking it was. My phone was still on when I got back to the hotel.

    After a brief rest (and recharging of phone) I again set off for the museum to catch the boat. This time I got it right and arrived a couple of minutes before the boat. We then went down the river towards the lake. They say the boats are built especially to fit under the bridges and it looked like less than 30cm clearance. I had expected we’d stop just inside the lake but we kept going to Zurichhörn. I could definitely feel the difference from being on the river compared to the lake. It was choppier.
    The driver/pilot/captain/not sure what he is called and his conductor/offsider were having a great time, waving to all the other staff on boats we passed. They certainly seemed to be enjoying their jobs.

    I got off the boat and went in search of dinner. I found a place on the list of Swiss restaurants I got from the hotel staff last night. It wasn’t one of the ones personally recommended though (last night’s was). I had a half serving of raclette. I don’t think I would have coped with a full serve after last night’s cheese but I’m glad I got to try it. It was very nice. The same can’t be said for the main meal. I’m not sure whether it wasn’t well made or just not to my taste. It was mushroom sauce with some veal in it and rosti. Supposedly a Zurich speciality. I was kind of regretting not just getting some of the Indian two doors up from the hotel. The smells tempt me every time I leave the hotel.

    Tomorrow I head to St Moritz.
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  • Day1

    Flughafen Zürich

    July 5, 2017 in Switzerland

    Nach einer Stunde Flug war ich dann auch schon in der Schweiz. Am Flughafen musste ich mit einem Zug zu meinem Gate fahren. Der Flug dauert 10 Stunden. Während dem Flug war ein sehr schöner Sonnenuntergang zusehen. Schlafen konnte ich im Flugzeug gar nicht, mit vielen Filmen ging die Zeit aber trotzdem relativ schnell um.

  • Day3

    Schweiz - Zürich #2

    January 1 in Switzerland

    Am Sonntag waren wir dann bei bestem
    Wetter auf dem Uetliberg mit einer tollen Sicht über die Stadt! Und nachts haben wir uns das Feuerwerk am See angeschaut - das war der Hammer, das riesigste Feuerwerk was wir jemals gesehen haben 😍

  • Day1

    Day 1 Zürich

    October 2 in Switzerland

    Hola and welcome to the next well deserved vacation ;-) This time 3 weeks in Vietnam. The team consists of Christi, Nonni and me. We met in Friedrichshafen to take a Flixbus to Zürich. The plan was to stay at a friends house for the night. When we arrived we played a little bit Mariokart on the Nintendo Switch and then we left to have dinner and some beers. We walked through the city center and climbed up a hill where the universities are located. We enjoyed the view and then went back to the flat. Tiredly we fell into the beds to be prepared for the next day with the big flight :-)Read more

  • Day1

    Schweiz - Zürich #1

    December 30, 2017 in Switzerland

    Wir hatten ein tolles Silvesterwochenende im schönen Zürich! Die Stadt ist einfach wunderschön, nur bei den Preisen schaut man am besten weg😄 Am Samstag hatten wir noch einen verregneten grauen Tag aber dafür war am Sonntag strahlend blauer Himmel, das tat gut, endlich mal wieder etwas Sonne zu sehen 😊☀️

  • Day5

    Bike time

    August 25, 2016 in Switzerland

    I have found the Parrotts, reunited with Illy and met Bernadette.
    We have set up bikes tonight...

  • Day1


    July 27 in Switzerland

    אגם ציריך - AKA הבילוי הכי שוויצרי שאפשר לחשוב עליו!

    נכון יחידי הסגולה שמשתזפים בפארק הירקון? אז באגם זוריק לקחו את זה to the next level.
    ללכת להשתזף על שפת האגם זה ה-דבר מבחינת כל מי שגר בציריך.יש מן פארק שצמוד לאגם, שוכבים על דשא / אספלט, נהנים מהנוף ואולי גם נכנסים לאיזו טבילה. אידאלי ליום עם 30 מעלות. לו רק היו לי בגד ים / מכנסיים קצרים / כפכפים / all of the above...

    עצרנו בסופר בדרך לקנות פירות יער לנשנש, כי למרות שציריך יקרה, פה דווקא לא צריך למשכן כליה בשביל קצת פירות יער, בניגוד לבארץ...

    אפשר לראות באגם מלא סירות פדלים, סירות מתנפחות, סאפ ועוד כל מיני כיף. ממש נחמד.
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