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  • Day38

    The Nymphs

    November 6, 2017 in Peru ⋅ 🌧 19 °C

    It was almost 6:30 pm, it was dark by now. The rain had also stopped. The air above was cooler than the water of the lake, so there were wisps of steam rising over the lake. It was magical. We could see the fog thus produced in the torchlight Jorge was using.
    Then he showed us the phenomenon with the Nymphs. These are small flying insects the size of a wasp. The eggs are laid under the water where a caterpillar forms from them. It then converts into a pupae. Then, if it had been a humid afternoon like it had been today, then these flies rise to the surface and fly up. Their sole goal in life is to mate before they die in about 12 hours. They don't eat anything and try and reach as high as they can as the ones highest get to mate. The word nymphomaniac comes from here.
    They are very attracted to light, so whem Jorge was pointing the torch in the air, they would start flying towards the torch like a kamikaze pilots. Soon, there was a sea of nymphs all around Jorge.
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