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  • Day55

    Sea lion on the quay

    November 23, 2017 in Chile ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

    While all this activities were going on at one end of the harbor, at the other end a huge sea lion jumped out amd sat waiting at a lowered portion of the quay, waiting for some food. One of the fisherman cleaning the Pyura Chilensis started tossing a few of these in between the cleaning. The local dogs were not happy about the sea lion stealing what they thought they deserved and started barking at the sea lion but it didn't care at all. It didn't even give them a second look, while the dogs seeing the size 3 times their own, thought it better not to raise the issue further 😉
    By now, it was almost 1 pm so I decided to walk over to the dental clinic to be there in time for when Hristo would be done with his appointment.
    I reached there at about 1:20 pm, just as he was coming out of the room. From there, we decided to take a taxi to the place for the Econorental outside of Arica. We tried to stop a few taxis but they all seemed to be full and none stopped for us. After a while, we noticed that they all had numbers on top and had some places name written along with it. We asked one of the locals and found that these were shared taxis running on a fixed route with a fixed price per head, irrespective of where you get on or off on the way. The normal taxis had yellow roofs. We started walking towards the center trying to find one. Eventually, we stopped one and told him where we wanted to go. The taxi cost us 3000 CLP to reach the place.
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