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    • Day 39


      July 24, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 35 °C

      Today we were in the car for 2.5 hours and we stopped in Pismo. Pismo is on the coast between San Fransisco and Los Angeles. Yesterday we stopped at Monterey and tomorrow we are staying in the Disney Land hotel and going to Universal Studios. I am super exited and I can't wait till tomorrow. The ride I want to go on most is The Simpsons Ride! Today, I mostly slept in the car. After I woke up I kept asking if there was Walmart, because Walmart sells JoJo Siwa bows. (
      Jojo Siwa is a Dancer/actress/YouTuber and LOVES bows. ) I woke up when we were stopping for lunch. I slept for 1hour and 50minutes. (That's quite a lot of sleep) then we got off and were looking for toilets and a restaurant. We saw a restaurant called which wich, a sandwich restaurant. It was a really funny way you made it. There were bags and you would write on the bag what type of sandwich you wanted. I got a roast beef sandwich with bacon, lettuce and avocado. Then we got on the car and checked the beach. The beaches waves were beautiful but it was Super busy!! (And we didn't have any swimmers ) so we bought water and we got in the hotel. Tomorrow's Universal Studious will take 2 hours by car. I think I will be bored...
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    • Day 1

      united states

      March 28, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 6 °C


      Sustainable and Healthy ecosystem of water bodies depend upon adequate amount of oxygen dissolved in its water. The health and metabolic rates of aquatic animals and aquatic life are affected by concentration of oxygen in rearing environment. Depleting dissolved oxygen levels in water can cause various problems in ecosystem of water bodies such as causing septic muck and creating dead zone on the lake-bottom followed by vicious cycle which can also kill the water body slowly. Low levels of dissolved oxygen in water can also decrease respiration and feeding activities of aquatic animals such as fishes, shrimps and many more which can slow their growth process. Many fungal infections and diseases are also result of low level of oxygen. All these problems can affect the growth and health of aquatic animals and can severely affect the business of fish, seafood farmers. https://moleaer.com/project/aerobic-sludge-dige… which means adding up or raising the levels of oxygen in water bodies artificially is an important solution for all these problems. An important role of Supplement Aeration in aquaculture has been discussed below.

      Supplemental Aeration of oxygen in water body is very useful in many ways. All the problems caused by lack of adequate amount of dissolved oxygen in water such as slow growth, poor health, fungal infections and many other diseases can be solved by increasing levels of oxygen concentration in water by adoption any of the methods of Supplemental Aeration. With rise in oxygen levels dissolved in water growth of fishes start flourishing in a healthy environment and fish farmers can achieve high possible survival rates under ideal breeding conditions earn better yields and profits.

      Metabolic rates and health of shrimps is seriously affected by oxygen concentration dissolved in water which is their rearing environment. Low levels of oxygen dissolved in water can affect the respiration and feeding activities of shrimps. It can severely affect the growth and percentages of stock as low level oxygen causes many diseases, fungal infections and slow rate of growth. Supplemental Aeration is ensures the increase in both quality as well as quantity of shrimp growth. Highest possible levels of survival and optimum breeding conditions can be achieved with rising levels of oxygen concentration in water.

      Supplemental Aeration is also very beneficial for maintaining sustainable ecosystem of lakes and ponds by increasing concentration of oxygen in these water bodies and protecting them from nutrient-laden anaerobic muck which can slowly kill the water body completely.
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    • Day 15

      Kalaloch, WA to Columbia River Oregon

      June 27, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

      We woke up at Kalaloch Lodge to explore the beach and had breakfast overlooking the ocean. Next we drove from Washington into Oregon. We went to the Columbia River Valley just east of Portland, Oregon where we visited the Crown Point Visitor’s Center. From there we went to see Latourell Falls and then Bridal Veil Falls.Read more

    • Day 137

      My husband bought a sex doll behind my b

      February 14, 2022 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 0 °C

      Hateful sex doll
      Thinking of chatting with friends a few days ago, she talked about something, her husband bought a sex doll.

      She said that last summer, there was a time when she suddenly discovered that before going to bed at night, his husband always went to the living room for a long time, and always she fell asleep and his husband hadn't returned to the room.


      At first, she didn't care, because every time she coaxed her daughter to sleep, she always asked her husband to go outside to play with her mobile phone first. Her husband always made trouble for her daughter in the room, and she thought her husband was afraid that the sound of playing on the mobile phone would disturb her. With my daughter, I took the initiative to hide in the living room, and I was still a little relieved.

      cheap full body sex doll

      But over time, she realized something was wrong! Before asking her husband to stay outside for a while, he was always in a hurry. After a while, he asked her if her daughter was asleep, can he come in? But in the past few nights, not only did her husband not ask her again, but it was obvious that she went back to her room to sleep much later. She was always asleep, and she never saw her husband.

      One night, after the daughter fell asleep, she only turned on the night light by the bedside, and came out wearing pajamas to see what her husband was playing. Who knew that there was no one in the living room, did she go to the toilet? No one is looking for the toilet! She felt that her husband was a little inexplicable. She wanted to go to another room to look for it, but also thought that it was late at night. She was only wearing pajamas and lived with her parents-in-law.


      She didn't fall asleep that night. She didn't go back to the room until after twelve o'clock. It was nothing different. She also pretended to be asleep. Her husband lay beside her and slept. She didn't ask anything, but there was a lump in her heart. .

      During that time, it was like this every day and night. Sometimes even during the lunch break, her husband would disappear for a while, and then he returned to the room as if nothing had happened. She couldn't see any difference. She felt more and more uneasy in her heart. Could it be that her husband was doing something bad behind her back? ?

      Finally one evening, before her husband got off work, she was looking for clues in several rooms at home. When she found it, she was startled, and she found out that she had seen a silicone sex dolls the size of a human being in another room. , lay it openly on the bed, with condoms, cleaning fluids, lubricants and other large and small boxes in the box next to her. She didn't want to take a closer look at what those were. the fire!

      What does he mean? No wonder I spend so long in this room every night, playing with sex dolls! What does he take me for? Can't I satisfy him? How can such a disgusting thing be done!


      When her husband came back from get off work, she checked his mobile phone. The record of a certain treasure clearly said "Lin Chiling's version of the inflatable simulation doll package". Felt disgusting.

      I'm mad at my husband for using sex dolls
      Holding back her anger, she threw the phone in front of her husband and asked him what he meant?

      Her husband admitted it simply, and said shamelessly: "Her breasts are made of silicone, and they are filled with water when they are sucked in, and they don't feel like they are touched..."

      "Get out and play with your doll! Stop disgusting me here!" She interrupted her husband angrily.

      "I don't play that anymore. How can she have my wife? It's really fun!"


      "Get the fuck out of here and play with your mother! Your mother's fun!" She thought about how her husband recounted the feeling of playing with that in such a detailed manner, and she really sucked, and she was disgusted.

      "You're such a fucking disgusting person, die!" She scolded her husband angrily, "Don't touch me in the future, I think you are dirty!"

      Young doll

      "What's the point? It's just to add some fun. If you like it, I'll buy you a female one." His husband continued disapprovingly.

      "You're dead, buy me that! How come you are such a person, get out, I don't want to see you!" She was furious when she was discovered that her husband still had this attitude, it was too hateful.

      For a long time in the future, she would not let her husband touch her. The thought of him playing with teen sex dolls like that made her disgusted.


      O man! Having a wife and doing this really makes the wife feel uncomfortable. It's not easy for outsiders to intervene in this kind of thing! Let them figure it out for themselves!
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    • Day 81

      sex toys can bring comfort to single men

      December 20, 2021 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 -2 °C

      Of course, sex toys can bring comfort to single men and women, and create more happiness for their partners, but for the sex toys industry, how much do you know, in fact, I don’t understand it, so let’s take a look at a great god What the characters say!

         I have always believed that the taste of life cannot be used with "sex", but the expression of the taste of life in "realistic sex doll". If you want to enter the sex industry, first learn to distinguish between sex and pornography. Although many people in the industry think they are doing sex, in fact they are doing pornography. As a wild sex toy tester who has been involved in the sex industry for five years, and the current marketing director of a sex social internet company, as far as the sex industry is concerned, I want to answer this question very, very unobjectively.

      You make it, foreigners are good at playing it, airplane cups are filled with wine, electric hip climbing ladders, sex toys can also cross-border art exhibitions (the scale of the pictures is too large, the mosaics are too difficult to start, so I will not put them), and will design some spoofs. Sex toys are for you to use in spoofs, such as the well-known Jiebao lipsticks, JJ straws, ice trays (see the picture below), and design hobby toys for the disabled (also the conscience of the industry).


         So what do you think of these "city-playing" friends abroad?

         1. From an industry perspective

         The foreign TPE Sex doll industry is relatively mature, such as the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Japan, and South Korea.

      Their sex industry has been truly industrialized. From product design, production, packaging, promotion to brand building, and then to brand culture, there is enough open space and market support, and there are various derivations of sex culture and subculture to match. .

        Many companies are focusing on product development and intensive cultivation in a certain field. DocJohnson is good at inverting molds, CEN is specializing in vibrating rod materials, FunFactory is committed to ergonomic product design, and genmu only studies airplane cups.

      I am a college student in 1999, and my girlfriend is my college classmate. We have been in love since a long time ago, but one day, a super big cock came to the class, and my girlfriend became obsessed with his big cock. Since then, I have been estranged from me. I don’t go home almost every night. I have sex with that big cock every day. I feel frustrated with my girlfriend, so I completely broke up with him. One day I surfed the Internet aimlessly and learned about something called a sex doll, so I browsed a lot of stories about sex dolls. I was deeply in love with this product. I wrote the story between me and sex dolls. The novel is published on many websites. If you are a person who is emotionally frustrated, you can go and read my story. Maybe you will fall in love with sex dolls just like me.


         These companies have a high status in a certain field, and even many companies have established cultural companies to cultivate their own brand companies or cultivate exclusive actresses for product promotion.

      Even derived from the brand concept, scientific research (experimental base, material research and development, mechanical power, simulation or human test), film and television (adult film, or model), media (advertising, brand design, exhibition, tour, peripherals), etc. Wait.

      Looking back at the domestic Japanese sex doll industry, the earliest domestic sex toy manufacturer lovers have been for more than 20 years (I think the earliest outside China should be more than 40 years), but I heard from the predecessors that the development of these two decades is simply It is a history of blood and tears (it involves sensitive issues, not much to say).

      Small Anime Sex Doll Rieko
      Domestic sex toys have basically no brand concept. Agency processing and agency sales are still the mainstream. With the value of surplus labor, they begin to imitate (plagiarize) and sell them through agents. Since Taobao, sex toy manufacturers seem to have found a new world, and the sex industry has begun to enter the e-commerce model. This is a new turning point for the sex industry, and it is also a bitter fate.

         It is conservatively estimated that the current consumer market for sex toys has a space of nearly 100 billion. Although condoms account for a large proportion, the market for sex toys is not blank. Judging from the sales of Taobao Chinese sex doll for many years, buyers are between the ages of 15-26, and most of them are men. They are shocking, but there are traces to follow. People who are exposed to the Internet are getting younger and younger, and the patriarchal society is naturally Male dominates.

      But why do I say that the e-commerce era is the bitter fate of the domestic sex industry. In the early years of Taobao’s popular sex toys, the unit price did not exceed 50! Changjia desperately struggled with prices, there is no room for premiums, and they have not tapped into the market. The real core consumption power, the manufacturers are hovering on the survival line, how many will consider using the brand to make premium? Dare to use good materials, dare not invite designers, dare not update the style, dare to cover a wide range of fields but all Not deep, this is the drawback of this industry.


         More and more foreign goods are coming in. In the past few years, the famous lelo in the adult exhibition is Swedish, the wildone of the spear and shield classic PK is Japanese, KOKOS is South Korea, and the funfactory is German.

      But they are too optimistic. Because of the high price of foreign products, they are not welcomed by ordinary consumers. When people are still buying 50-100 Silicone Love Doll on Taobao, it is incomprehensibly expensive for a vibrating egg to be several thousand yuan. This is also the domestic market. One of the problems that sex toys cannot be high-end (quality and brand).
      Industry and brand are in a symbiotic relationship, and since the beginning of the brand, there are many sacrifices. And the environment of the domestic sex industry is not civilized. This is because people always confuse "sex" with "pornography". Since they are unclear, they are simply regulated. This is also one of the reasons why the domestic sex industry cannot develop.

      SanHui sexy sex doll

      In the early days, domestic production and sales of sex toys were imprisoned for "spreading obscene materials." Until now, domestic sex toys are still in a state of no policy support, no regulatory agencies, no industry standards, and no industry associations. Many products imported directly from abroad are declared for customs. It can only be said that the full name of "Medical Equipment" and "Adult Exhibition" is "China International Adult Health and Reproductive Health Exhibition". Every time I say that I am in the sex doll torso industry, I always feel like an old military doctor!

      Okay, I've seen a bunch of Lorry stuff and come back to the problem. The domestic market hasn't had the energy and fun to study the things that "play in the city", and produce a toy that will "promote it to any market, Everyone needs to know how awesome I am, and a product that has become popular on the Internet. The sales volume is the world's first.” This is the idea to promote, play? Consumers solve it by themselves, production is only for you!

         So, Crooked Nuts, they "can play" because they have something to play with.

      This era is the era of the Internet. Yes, I have deep feelings. One day, I wanted to find a prostitute to have sex in bed, so I searched for various information on the Internet, but I found nothing. The next day, I had more in my phone. There are many novels about sex dolls, so I say that this era is really great, your wife, children, parents may not have your mobile phone to understand your thoughts


      Regarding sex and love, I often cannot distinguish them well. Yes, I believe that everyone in this world is the same. Who can do not have sex with his boyfriend or girlfriend? I believe that this is something that no one can do. At the same time, it is difficult for us to have sex without love. According to official survey statistics, most of the derailment between men and women is caused by sex, isn’t it? I think this is a nonsense, no, no, it’s not. When most people have sex with their lovers on their backs and other people for the first time, their ideals are not love, but sex, just for pure physical pleasure. At this time, they are only derailed physically, not mentally, which means that when they make love to others, their ideals are their partner, not the object of the derailment. After experiencing multiple physical derailments, they will eventually be mentally derailed due to the pleasure of sex. I think in many cases cheating is caused by momentary thoughts. In fact, why don’t we buy a sex doll to give to our lovers, through sex dolls to keep the lover fresh, this is not killing two birds with one stone, one is to keep each other The freshness between the two is that it will not tarnish each other’s bodies. You can read more novels to verify the authenticity of what I said.

      2. From a product perspective

      I am not ashamed to say that domestic sex toy production technology is absolutely no less than that of any foreign country. Shenzhen just picks a well-known sex toy manufacturer, they have done processing for foreign products, and use the original materials. In terms of manufacturing technology, the international level is not a problem at all, but this is really the same.

         Domestic products, I was surprised to choose the ugliest among a bunch of shapes, and the ugliest among a bunch of colors. The ugly ones are very imaginative, and I just developed my mind-it turns out that mini sex doll can be so ugly.

      No matter how ugly foreign products are, they can’t go there, because they lack a string in their minds to make ugly, and they can’t make any weird designs. There are really handsome messes, and I really haven’t seen the ugly ones. pass.


         Every year the adult exhibition is a grand event in the industry, but this year's adult exhibition is particularly strict, basically not allowing models to be invited, and many brands are not participating in the event.

         It’s hard for the exhibitors to get the pass before they can go in and take a look, and just throw some photos taken at the adult exhibition. We will talk about product issues later.

      anime sex doll

      shemale sex doll
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    • Day 1

      Batterie d'origine Asus n750jk

      October 19, 2017 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 11 °C

      Asus sort dans l’hexagone son Zenbook Flip UX560UQ-FZ092R, un nouvel Ultrabook hybride à écran tactile multi-touch IPS Full HD de 15 pouces convertible en Tablette qui s’affiche à moins de 1200 euros sous Windows 10 Pro. Il embarque une solution de stockage SSD dédiée de capacité appréciable, un processeur Core i5 Kaby Lake basse consommation, une carte graphique dédiée NVIDIA Maxwell couplée à la technologie Optimus, un clavier chiclet rétro éclairé ou encore une connectique USB 3.1 Type-C.

      L'Asus Zenbook Flip UX560UQ-FZ092R cible ceux qui sont en quête d’un PC portable polyvalent de 15 pouces convertible en Tablette Batterie d'origine Asus G751 http://www.batterieprofessionnel.com/asus-G751.… .

      Il se démarque en effet par son écran qui peut être complètement retourné ce qui permet de se retrouver avec une Tablette entre les mains puisqu’il profite de la technologie tactile multi-touch. Ainsi, on peut interagir avec le système et les logiciels par simple apposition d’au moins un doigt (ou stylet fourni) sur la dalle, et ce via pressions/gestes.

      L’écran profite aussi de la technologie IPS. Il offre donc une colorimétrie plus fidèle que la moyenne ainsi que des angles de vision importants, tant à l’horizontale qu’à la verticale. Full HD, l’écran se prête aussi très bien à l’affichage de contenus Haute Définition et particulièrement de vidéos de par son format 16/9ème.

      Il est bien sûr possible de regarder des photos et vidéos sur cet Ultrabook, que ce soit avec la solution graphique Intel HD 620 intégrée au sein du processeur ou la carte dédiée GeForce 940MX.

      C’est la technologie NVIDIA Optimus embarquée qui se charge de basculer automatiquement et en temps réel entre les deux, et ce en fonction des besoins. Batterie d'origine Asus EEE PC 1201nl http://www.batterieprofessionnel.com/asus-eee-p… Optimus privilégie au maximum l’Intel HD 620 malgré ses performances modestes car sa consommation énergétique réduite favorise l’autonomie par rapport à la GeForce 940MX.
      On peut ainsi espérer tenir environ 8 heures sur batterie en utilisation légère.

      Carte graphique dédiée plus gourmande et puissante que l’Intel HD 620, la GeForce 940MX permet à l’utilisateur de s’adonner à des jeux pas trop gourmands en ressources graphiques moyennant des concessions sous les opus gourmands afin d’obtenir une bonne jouabilité.

      Cet ordinateur fin et léger dont le transport est facilité délivre par ailleurs de bonnes performances générales grâce à ses 8 Go de mémoire vive et son processeur basse consommation Core i5-7200U Kaby Lake.

      Il se révèle en outre très réactif à l’usage puisqu’il bénéficie d’une solution de stockage SSD dédiée beaucoup plus rapide qu’un disque dur mais aussi moins énergivore, plus robuste et silencieuse. En plus ici le SSD offre une capacité de 512 Go rivalisant avec les disques durs, de quoi installer et stocker pas mal de logiciels et fichiers.

      La connectique intégrée à cet ordinateur 2-en-1 est bonne par ailleurs, comprenant1 USB 3.1 Type-C, des modules Bluetooth 4.1 et Wi-Fi ac pour communiquer et se connecter à distance sans-fil, Batterie d'origine ASUS N550JK http://www.batterieprofessionnel.com/asus-n550j… un port audio, une sortie vidéo HDMI pratique pour relier facilement cet Ultrabook à une TV ou un moniteur par exemple ou encore 3 USB 3.0 (compatibles USB 2.0) garantissant des transferts réalisés jusqu’à 10 fois plus rapidement qu’en USB 2.0 si des périphériques USB 3.0 y sont connectés. Bon point, un adaptateur USB vers Ethernet et fourni (tout comme un stylet).

      Enfin, le clavier chiclet peut être rétro éclairé ce qui est bien pratique pour distinguer ses touches en ambiance peu lumineuse. En outre est installé Windows 10 Pro, système plus complet que Windows 10 classique avec ses outils poussés de gestion du réseau et de sécurité comme BitLocker.

      Asus lance en France sa nouvelle série de PC portables polyvalents performants GL702ZC ciblant les joueurs avec un premier modèle à moins de 1700 euros, l’Asus GL702ZC-GC201T. Il intègre une carte graphique dédiée AMD Polaris dernière génération haut de gamme, un processeur AMD Ryzen 7 récent, un écran 17 pouces IPS Full HD antireflet, une solution de stockage hybride mariant SSD dédié et disque dur véloce de capacité importante, un clavier chiclet rétro éclairé ou encore une connectique USB 3.1 Type-C, le tout sous Windows 10.

      L’Asus GL702ZC-GC201T s’adresse à ceux qui sont en quête d’un ordinateur portable polyvalent de grand format performant, y compris dans les jeux.

      C’est le cas de ce modèle équipé de la toute récente carte graphique dédiée AMD Polaris RX 580 haut de gamme dont les prestations sont équivalentes à une NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060. Batterie d'origine Asus vivobook x200ca http://www.batterieprofessionnel.com/asus-vivob… Autrement dit, on peut s’adonner aux titres les plus récents et gourmands en ressources graphiques.

      Cet ordinateur se démarque également par son processeur dernière génération AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Octo Core, c’est-à-dire composé de 8 cœurs, assurant des prestations au moins équivalentes à un Kaby Lake Core i7-7920HQ et donc supérieures à un Core i7-7700HQ. Comme il est associé à 8 Go de mémoire vive, on obtient ainsi une puissance à même de combler un maximum d’utilisateurs en pratique qui profiteront ainsi d’un fonctionnement beaucoup plus rapide qu’avec un processeur Dual Core couplé à 4 Go DDR3/4. La différence est particulièrement perceptible dans les domaines gourmands en ressources CPU et RAM exploitant l'architecture multicœur tels que le montage vidéo, le rendu 3D ou la retouche photo.

      Le stockage participe à rendre ce PC bien réactif au quotidien. Hybride, il se compose en effet d’un SSD dédié très rapide de 256 Go prévu pour accueillir les principaux jeux/logiciels en plus du système, ainsi que d’un disque dur véloce (7200 tr/min contre 5400 tr/min habituellement) d’une capacité importante de 1000 Go pour loger le reste.

      La connectique intégrée est bonne par ailleurs, comprenant 1 USB 3.1 Type-C, Batterie d'origine Asus n750jk http://www.batterieprofessionnel.com/asus-n750j… des modules sans-fil Bluetooth 4.2 et Wi-Fi ac pour communiquer et se connecter à distance, des ports Ethernet et audio, des sorties vidéo HDMI et mini-DisplayPort pratiques pour relier facilement ce PC à une TV ou un moniteur par exemple ainsi que 3 USB 3.0 (compatibles USB 2.0) garantissant des transferts réalisés jusqu’à 10 fois plus vite qu’en USB 2.0 si des périphériques USB 3.0 y sont connectés.

      En matière d’affichage, ce portable profite d’un écran IPS offrant une colorimétrie plus fidèle que la moyenne ainsi que des angles de vision importants, tant à l’horizontale qu’à la verticale. Traité antireflet, l’écran est également plus lisible qu’une dalle brillante en environnement lumineux et plus reposant pour les yeux sur longue période. Full HD, l’écran se prête aussi très bien au contenu Haute Définition et notamment aux vidéos de par son format 16/9ème.

      Enfin, le clavier chiclet profite d’un système de rétro éclairage des touches pratique pour les discerner correctement dans la pénombre.
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    • Day 10,988

      Für Sexpuppen Dinge, die Sie nicht wisse

      August 27, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Lebenspuppen und konventionellen sexpuppen?
      Natürlich sind politische Liebespuppen auch gut, aber man kann sie einfach nicht mit echten Puppen vergleichen.

      Eine der betroffenen Personen ist normalerweise eine normale Puppe, die nicht zum gesamten Körper gehört. Für eine echte Puppe bedeutet die Betonung des Realismus die Betonung des Realismus! Die realistischsten Sexpuppen mit Permanent Make-up sind echt. Das Haar sieht normalerweise auch aus natürlichem weiblichem Haar aus. Nähen Sie sie auf die Kopfhaut. Sie können keine billigen Perücken auf realistischen Sexpuppen finden.


      Was zeichnet eine echte Love Doll aus?
      Wir kennen bereits die Antwort zwischen realistischen Puppen und Sexpuppen. Aber warum sieht eine echte Puppe so realistisch aus? Die Antwort auf diese Frage ist sehr einfach: ein neues Technologie-Kit. Moderne Maschinen können nicht nur Augen, Nase und Ohren sein, sondern auch die besten Gesichtszüge und Details. Dank dieses Skeletts haben die Menschen die Gelegenheit gehört, den Posen der Puppe zuzuhören. Man kann sagen, dass mit realistischen Sexpuppen alle möglichen Positionen möglich sind. Pass, es gibt absolut kein Problem. Gängige Materialien aus Sexpuppen können sie auch alle unterscheiden.


      Diese gehören zu Pesich, einem Großteil der beigen Puppen, die heute TPE-Material verwenden. Aber auch Silikone stehen im Vordergrund. Diese Materialien werden kontaktiert, weil sie keine Weichmacher wie Körperwärme enthalten, was dieses Material zum ersten macht. Eine echte Silikonpuppen kann dich warm halten und dich schützen wie eine echte Frau.


      Heutzutage wird RealDolls natürlich aus einem bestimmten Grund immer beliebter. Man kann sagen, dass die sogenannte Sexpuppe für all ihre Ehren berühmt ist. Sie müssen sorgfältig prüfen, ob es sich um eine echte Person oder TPE Sexpuppen handelt. Dies ist nicht überraschend, da diese Puppe mehr als 120 Stunden dauert. Eine Sexpuppe Bekleidung wird speziell von spezialisierten Experten hergestellt. Der Körper der Puppe ist sehr präzise. Das Innere der Puppe hat auch viel Wert. Die meisten Puppen haben ein Metallskelett. Das Gesicht besteht aus einem speziellen Maskenbild. Schließlich machen die Puppen sogar Permanent Make-up. Man kann sagen, dass eine solche Puppe ein echtes Kunstwerk ist. Sexpuppen haben viele Vorteile. Sie fühlt sich wie eine echte Frau. Aufgrund der Verwendung hochwertiger Materialien sind solche Puppen auch sehr flexibel. Im Allgemeinen kann man sagen, dass Sie alle Posen mit Sexpuppen ausprobieren können. In vielen Fällen ist es für eine echte Frau unmöglich, dies zu tun.
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    • Day 24

      mini jammer

      July 10, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      With the development of GPS satellite positioning technology, in order to protect pedestrians, jammers also came into being. People bought jammers to avoid being tracked. The most popular jammer is the mini jammer. If you need to take the interference equipment out, that is your best choice. There are various portable signal blockers, such as portable cell phone jammers, handheld GPS jammers, and portable WiFi jammers.

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    • Day 11,188

      Erwägen Sie den Kauf einer echten Puppe

      March 15, 2021 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

      Einige der Silikonpuppen nennen echte Puppen einen Luxusartikel. Sind diese Puppenkäufer einkommensstarke Verdiener? nicht vollständig. Wir können den elektronischen Markt von Iwawa analysieren.


      Der Preis für Sexpuppen ist immer hoch, was der Hauptgrund ist, warum immer darauf geachtet werden muss, dass die Puppen mindestens länger halten. Viel Geld wird für Sie kein Problem sein, aber es gibt mehrere Gründe, warum Sie dies immer garantieren müssen. Überlegen Sie sich Alternativen, vielleicht hatten Sie noch nie den genauen Typ und das Modell wie zuvor. Dies kann auch Zeitverschwendung sein. Der gesamte Einkaufsprozess ist ziemlich lang und manchmal aus anderen Gründen zeitaufwändig.


      Wie stellen Sie sicher, dass pralle Real Doll länger halten? In dieser Hinsicht haben die Hersteller verschiedene Optionen aufgezeigt. Alle tpe-Puppen bestehen aus synthetischen Materialien, und ein besseres Verständnis der Pflege kann Ihnen mehr Sicherheit geben. Ein weiteres Problem ist die interne Struktur, dh die Skelettmodifikation ist ein weiterer bester und sicherer Weg, um dieses Problem zu lösen.

      Nach einem zufriedenstellenden Test können Sie beim nächsten Versuch in Betracht ziehen, einen neuen zu kaufen. Glauben Sie mir, eine persönliche Sexpuppe zu besitzen ist wertvoller als es zu versuchen. Welche Formen, Proportionen und optischen Effekte sind bei diesen Sexpuppen wirklich verlockend? Leider ist dies teuer und für mich gibt es keine wirkliche Geheimhaltung in der Partnerschaft. Spätestens mit diesen Puppen zu arbeiten ist ähnlich wie sich zur Prostitution zu bekennen. Die überwiegende Mehrheit der Frauen (vielleicht macht es ihnen immer noch nichts aus, Witze zu machen) wird dies nicht akzeptieren. Aber nur lebensgroße Puppen von Größe und Aussehen sind wirklich in speziellen Modellen zu finden – wenn ich Single wäre, hätte ich so etwas.
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    You might also know this place by the following names:

    Montgomery County, مقاطعة مونغومري, Монтгомъри, মন্টগোমেরী কাউন্টি, Condado de Montgomery, Montgomery konderria, شهرستان مونتگومری، کانزاس, Comté de Montgomery, Montgomery megye, Մոնտգոմերի շրջան, Contea di Montgomery, モンゴメリー郡, Montgomery Comitatus, Montgomery Kūn, Hrabstwo Montgomery, Comitatul Montgomery, Монтгомери, Округ Монтгомери, Монтгомері, مونٹگمری کاؤنٹی، کنساس, Quận Montgomery, Condado han Montgomery, 蒙哥馬利縣

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