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  • Day8

    New London

    May 7, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 54 °F

    Sorry for the delay folks , no coverage where we were. Arrived in New London, pouring with rain and very cold. Met by Andrew and taken on a tour of Colby Sawyer Campus, a real lovely college. Our accommodation was an old villa well maintained in the old style. Dinner with Andrew and his girlfriend Jackie was lovely.Read more

  • Day1

    Hiking on the AT

    August 19, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    I got up and went directly on the highway towards northwest. After 2,5 hours I came into the area of the White Mountains National Forest and there I met Jonas and Julia. Joni is a friend from home and Julia his mexican girlfriend. The baggage which I brought was for them and the sister of Julia lives in Wrentham. They are hiking on the Appalachian Trail (AT) since May this year and I was very happy to join them for one day. The AT is the longest hiker only trail in the world ranging from Georgia to Maine on the East coast and crossing 14 states. was the first time I met Julia, so we got to know each other and then we already started on the trail. As we were in a mountain area we had to get on a peak of course: the Mount Moosilauke (nobody knows how to pronounce it). The path was quite steep and slippery as it has rained the day before but we were fast and arrived at the peak (ca. 1400m high) after around 2 hours. The weather was ok, a little bit cloudy but warm. At the top there was fog first but then it got better. We ate something and went down on the other side of the mountain. At the bottom was a hiker hostel behind which we grilled some sausages for Hot Dogs and drank some beers for dinner. Afterwards it was already dark and we hiked to the next shelter which was a mile away. We crawled into the sleeping bags and slept.Read more

  • Day2

    The Kancamagus Highway

    August 20, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    When we got up Joni prepared breakfast for us three: Delicious scrambled eggs with bacon and for dessert we had avocados and a chocolate cake. Then we headed back to the hiker hostel where the car waited for us. We packed the stuff and I brought them to the start for their next stage on the way to Mount Kathadin (the endpoint of the AT). Unfortunately Joni forgot the water filter at the hostel so we had to return to get it and come back again. That costed us roughly an hour. After the farewell I had the plan to drive a detour back to my accomodation. I was driving on the Kancamagus highway which is a very famous recreational area within the White Mountain National Forest. As the weather was perfect lots of people had the same idea. I stopped at several viewing points and also did a small hike. At the end I came to the Swift river on which I wanted to relax a bit in the sun but there were so many people that I decided to hit the road. I still had many miles to drive anyway. On the way I got hungry and I stopped at a Five Guys restaurant - they have the best burgers - to enjoy my first burger here. Hopefully there are many more to follow :-) Then I finally arrived in Newburyport and strolled around this nice little town and had an ice cream. The sun went down and I prepared myself for the day after.Read more

  • Day3

    Solar Eclipse

    August 21, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Finally I had to do for what I was coming here: Working. As always I was welcomed very friendly. Since the last time there were also some new colleagues which I could get to know. I heard that there will be a Solar Eclipse on Monday so I had the chance to witness this event. When it was about time all people went out and were prepared to see a spectacular event... but it even didn't get really dark here in New Hampshire. Too far away from the core shadow which was in South Carolina on the East coast. The colleagues from the West coast (Seattle, WA) were more lucky as they were closer (core shadow in Oregon) and they had less clouds. As nobody had glasses one of the colleagues had a tin foil with a round little hole in it and when the sun shined through it you could see the crescent behind on a white paper. I got a pic from a West coast colleague and another pic from Illinois which is really cool. After work I went shopping in one of the big outlets in New Hampshire - I had to use the time (there is always so less time here)Read more

  • Day10

    Augusta ME to Conway NH

    June 18, 2017 in the United States ⋅ 🌫 81 °F

    Breakfast was good quality even if the buffet area was a bit cramped. We were treated to the stereotypical loud Americans, in particular one lady. The booth next to us had three people whom you could not hear at all, so not all Yanks are loud.
    I was sorry I had opted to stay in Augusta and not a second night in nearby Brunswick. The Senator Inn in Augusta is a bit shook, though the bathroom was clean, apart from the bit of peeling and black mould over the shower.
    We headed west towards NH.
    I had found a website with all the covered bridges mapped out and there was one near Fryeburg where we were crossing the state line. We detoured off the main road along a side road that very soon became a dirt track. This was exactly how the Buck & Doe Road adventure had started. Ignoring the principle of VLL, we ploughed on. Eventually we came upon the bridge. Out of the car, we soon came upon the mosquitoes. After crossing the bridge on foot we dashed back to the car. I opened the boot to get my glasses and in my haste to get back inside the car, I left the boot open. We drove across the bridge with the intention of turning and retracing our steps back to the main road.
    My travelling companion (MTC) noticed the open boot and jumped out to close to it and get the insect repellent. Leaving the car door open. Inviting mosquitos in. We spent an engaging hour attacking the guests, eliminating them all. MTC got a few bites, at the bridge, one particularly bad one.
    Arriving in Conway, we did a quick rece of the mall to stretch our legs. No purchasing, just research.
    We drove to Bartlett to search for another covered bridge. At the Joshua Bartlett school, a lady told us there wasn't one, so we went to Jackson where there was.
    Then back to North Conway to see the town, station etc. This is a skiing resort in winter and camping/hiking in summer.
    Then dinner at the Muddy Moose. Really enjoyable. Clam Chowder, Buffalo ( the animal, not the sauce) burger, seafood fettuccini and Moose Tracks ice cream. All delicious.
    We and many other diners thought our meals were going to be ruined when a family sat at a table in the middle of the restaurant. Lengthy negotiations ensued led my Mommy at the top of her voice trying to arrange seating. Darling Josh wasn't having any it. Tears and Lamentations. And on it went. They even called in the waitress to arbitrate. No good. Musical chairs and crying ensued.
    I took immediate action, should have done so sooner.
    Off to the men's room. I could hear Josh clearly in the distance. Then he seemed to be getting closer.......then silence.
    When I got back to the table, they were all gone. Though apparently Josh didn't want to leave and let his views be known to all. Peace reigned to relieved glances from our fellow diners. I reminded MTC of a very dissimilar experience in Fontainebleau, twenty seven years ago.
    Tummies full, we repaired to the hotel, from the balcony of which, as I look out on the mountains of New Hampshire, I regale you, dear reader, with my day's adventures.
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  • Day11

    Conway Mall

    June 19, 2017 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 75 °F

    Up fairly early to hit the mall. The hotel does not serve breakfast but recommended Bea's around the corner. Checked it on TA. 4.5 average rating. It hadn't registered with me as it is down the rankings due to only 150 reviews. Decided to try it as the planned one was quite a bit away. Glad we did. Blueberry pancakes for MTC, which, despite my help, could not be finished. Eggs, muffin, home fries and good old Texas toast for me. We will go back tomorrow morning.
    After a stop at CVS pharmacy for anti-histamines for MTC, due to covered-bridge mosquito bites, we hit the mall. Most of the shopping seems to be mine, and that's not saying much. MTC was disappointed with the range available. The Columbia store, off-mall, is not Columbia. It's one big closing-down sale of stock from other brands which has moved down another notch below sell-at-outlet level. Ralph Lauren also disappointing. I have appointed Banana Republic as my gentlemens' outfitter, in place of Tommy H.
    The good news, I have just been informed, is that there is another mall in Manchester and one a few miles later in Merrimack.
    We had started malling at 10:00 and finished at 14:45, which included a drive off-mall for Columbia and Ralph L.
    Ironically, after heading off road to mosquito country for covered bridge No.1, driven miles to Bartlett for non-existent bridge No.2 - we discovered that there are two bridges, both visible from the main road, about a quarter of a mile from the hotel! We visited both, bringing our total to 4. Clint Eastwood didn't see as many!
    The weather forecast was 100% rain /T-storms for today. We were back at the hotel and sitting out on the stoop before it started. Perfect timing. The rain will cool things a bit.
    We returned to the Muddy Moose for dinner....it was packed at 17:30. The only table available was a high-top just next to reception. We took it as we were hungry. MTC had a burger and I had a King Neptune (shrimp, scollops and tortellini in a delicious creamy sauce. We both had ice cream. I had a Moose Tracks all to myself. I cut quite a dash in my new navy and bright yellow trainers.
    Major panic back at the hotel. I couldn't find the insect repellent. After an exhaustive search, I recalled having it on the stoop last night. Must have left it there and one of these Puritans stole it. Outraged......until MTC found it in my handbag........did she plant it? ( and what else would you call my bag?)
    Tomorrow's trip planned. Concord for the state Capitol and then Manchester.
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  • Day12

    Conway NH to Manchester NH

    June 20, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 79 °F

    Breakfasted again at Bea's and hit the road. First stop, state Capitol, Concord. We both agreed it was the best of the three we've seen so far this trip, RI, ME & NH. It's in town and while the others are elevated, this one is the best. Replica of the Liberty Bell in the park in front as well as statues of some local notables. We walked the historic downtown street, a pleasant street of coffee shops and a few other interesting stores. Stopped at the Merrimack County Bank to use the ATM. Used revolut to avail of fee-free monthly withdrawal but charged $3 by the bank! Outraged, but the 50 cent charge for an hour's parking compensated a little, though not fully, as you can imagine.
    Headed south for Manchester. First stop an art gallery with some world class paintings, including a Monet. Plenty of room in the car park - because it's shut on Tuesdays.
    Undaunted we headed for the Mall of New Hampshire to Best Buy. In sight of the mall, Marcy wanted us to u-turn, so we obeyed. She should have told us to turn left. Maybe due to new road layout, but I blame Marcy. Six miles detour later we got to Best Buy. On the detour we passed a road sign, with Derry to the left and Londonderry to the right.
    We engaged a Best Buy sales assistant at great length before opting to pay $49, a king's ransom in revolutionary times, for an Amazon Fire.
    Then on to outlet mall. A proper one this time, Premium Outlets. Better than Kittery's and North Conway's. It's new. So new that Marcy didn't have the address. So I used a proxy. A Dunkin Donuts nearby whose address she did have. Must have make the same zip code error as before, because our destination definitely was not a Dunkin Donuts or any other type of donut. MTC made enquiries at a petrol station and the day was saved.
    It's a very good mall, designed like streets, with plenty of seating along the way for me and decent enough wifi. I hit Columbia. I will have some explaining to do at Customs about bringing such non-seasonal clothes all the way to America and back.
    We dined at the Puritan Backroom, based on TA rating 5/399. MTC enjoyed her French onion soup while I devoured a large serving of Buffalo Wings. We both had burgers, which were tasty if a little dry. First time we experienced a gushing waitress on this trip, though not too bad. Portions are good, most people were leaving with a box.
    Got to the hotel at 22:00 to check in, just as two busses of school children arrived. No noise overnight and so far at 08:30 no sign of them at breakfast, though the two busses are still here.
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  • Day13

    Currier Art Gallery Manchester NH

    June 21, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 75 °F

    The Monet exhibition starts July 1st, so they have removed them from general viewing.
    That's me in the "painting", taking the photo.
    The boat is a Hopper. The squiggles is a Spoofer.
    The red square painting is upside down. IMO.

  • Day11

    Stories from the Conway Daily Sun

    June 19, 2017 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 77 °F

    A Supreme Court ruling is likely to protect the Washington Redskins trademark. An Asian-American band, the Slants, took the case and won. The 1st amendment protects free speech, even if it is hurtful to others.

    Two locals, aged 71 and 69, have been charged with illegally feeding bears at their house. Acting on anonymous tipoffs, conservation officers witnessed them feeding bears by hand. There were 8 to 10 bears in their yard.

    Conway locals won 4 of the 51 moose hunting permits issued after the state's 30th annual permit-lottery draw. The hunting season runs Oct 21-29.
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  • Day32

    Day 32 - Maine-ly Rain

    October 9, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 52 °F

    One more big push and we would have made it coast to coast. Just a six hour drive and three new states to go.

    We started the day with another big breakfast, this time from Denny's. It was very similar to IHOP and Alice and I both had the vegetarian omelette with hash browns. Similar with taste and satisfaction too and we were now ready for the drive to come.

    Before too long we crossed into Vermont and we both noticed the density of trees increasing and with that the variety in colours of foliage. From bright reds to pale greens to strong yellows and everything in between. It was overcast and felt like an average autumnal day, and yet, whether looking out to a valley of multicoloured trees or appreciating a singular tree in a front garden with orange leaves, the beauty of this effortless display made it feel special. Unfortunately it began to rain about an hour into Vermont and did not let up from there. We were still able to appreciate the views through the rain until New Hampshire and then even the rain got in the way. It just got harder and more intense the further we drove and made driving quite difficult at times.

    We reached Portland by the evening and we quickly dashed from the car to get all the luggage in our accommodation before getting drenched. We popped out and found a local bar. They had a pub quiz on and Alice and I decided on just eating and drinking. We assumed there might be US specific questions and before long there were questions about quarterbacks from 1983. We were happy with our decision. We returned for the night and watched the Second Presidential Debate. Alas, more questions asked without answers attempted...

    Song of the Day:
    The Beatles - Rain
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