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  • Day114

    Camping Carter Dome 1877.5

    August 25, 2017 in the United States

    As we didn't make it to the Visitor center for the night, we went there for breakfast. A lucky find in the hiker box added some wafers and raisins to the menu :) When we were finished, the Deli had opened so we went there for a bagel with cream cheese and a Grilled cheese. At least in terms of food we were fully energized. But on the trail we felt that the last day cost us much more energy, so our feet were still sore and the knees hurting. Like this we moved slowly up Wildcat mountain to a gondola. Unfortunately we didn't have the time to take the ride down to a restaurant ;)
    After another two hours of hiking we came to the last and oldest AMC hut in the Whites. We tried to get a work-for-stay but the spots were already taken. So we just ate our dinner there and then moved on to a camp spot.

    As promised the explanation about SOBO: It means south bound, so they are hiking from Maine to Georgia. Therefore we are NOBOs and there are way more going to Maine. There is some kind of rivalry between those groups even though we are united in the thru-hiker spirit. The third way to thru hike is flip-flopping which means that you jump over a section.
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  • Day112

    Lakes of the Clouds Hut 1855.4

    August 23, 2017 in the United States

    Unfortunately someone who did work-for-stay with us was snoring incredibly loud so Julia almost couldn't sleep. Our today's goal was to make it as close as possible to Mt Washington because the weather is supposed to be pretty good which is almost necessary to summit the mountain. We headed out at 6 and made pretty good miles before breakfast because the terrain was quite flat. The trail led us down to a parking lot, so we had a much higher and tougher climb afterwards leading us in direction of Mount Washington. On the way to the Lakes of the Clouds Hut we stopped by the Mizpah Spring Hut for lunch. Unfortunately they only had one bowl of a super tasty meat soup left :( The bottomless soup would have been a feast!!!
    We only took a short break and checked for the weather report posted in the hut. It looked good for today and tomorrow, so we can shoot for Mount Washington :) The last hike of the day went pretty well on the presidential ridge leading over to the Lakes of the Clouds Hut right at the bottom of Mount Washington. From there we had beautiful views over the ridges, valleys and peaks in the distance. It was especially impressive because we had it all to ourselves, no other hikers were around.
    The more challenging the hike, the more rewarding is the view. That was true in this case. When we arrived at the hut at around 7 all work-for-stay spots were already gone and also "the dungeon" - a kind of bunk below the hut which is tiny and cold - was full. So the AMC person in charge offered us, like others before, to stay on the floor of the dining room for 15$. We had no other choice but to accept it even though it was a rip-off.

    The temperature fell down to around 0 degrees at night due to high winds. So we were glad that we didn't have to tent out in that cold.
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  • Day115

    US 2 / Gorham 1891.5

    August 26, 2017 in the United States

    TOWNDAY!! We're getting more and more excited about this than we used to. Today we luckily got a ride into town just as we started to hike there. So first we went to Walmart to get resupplies for the next days, especially because this is the last Walmart along the trail. Afterwards we went to the Post office to get a delivery from Clara with other parts of our winter gear and we also sent some items back.
    The next item on our daily todo list was the laundry after treating our clothes with Permetherin, a strong insect repellent that is especially effective against ticks. The only downside is that it smells awful, so we first soaked the clothes and then washed them. The tick protection lasts for six times of laundry or 42 days, so we should be fine until Kathadin. After all of our clothes were clean, we needed to clean ourselves but unfortunately the two hostels in town only offered showers for guests. So we just went to the river right along the main street and washed us there with a special bio degradable soap :) The line between hiker and homeless is very thin...
    We've completed all of the duties, so now we could go to the fun part: Eating. All you can eat. Chinese.
    And it was exceptionally tasty for only $7.25, the different meals actually tasted different. Usually it all tastes mainly greasy with just a bit of artificial taste added. We really enjoyed having actual food with vegetables and a great dessert.

    Almost falling in a food coma we went to McDonald's for WiFi and coffee. We spent quite a lot of time there before we stealth camped across the street at a construction site. The day was good to get a bit of rest after the exhausting up and downs in the Whites. Our knees, ankles and feet are thankful for that and we hope to make it to Kathadin without another rest. We're still shooting for the End of trails Festival and the lower mileage of the last week raised the miles we need to average from now on. Only about a mile a day more but depending on the terrain, this might get tricky.
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  • Day116

    Gentian Pond Shelter 1903.3

    August 27, 2017 in the United States

    I've been up this morning since 4:45 AM because I had an interview with the local newspaper of my hometown ("Schwäbische Zeitung"). They want to do a short report on me and the trail :) So I went to McDonald's when they opened at 5 on a Sunday to have a Skype call with the reporter. Afterwards Julia showed up and we had two large coffees and talked about the interview.
    If there wasn't "Snake Farm" coming up to us at Dunkin Donuts and asked if we need a ride back to the trail it would have been even later :D So we were incredibly lucky to meet him there, he has thru hiked the AT in 2011 and the PCT in 2015. A very nice and interesting guy.
    So we were back on the trail and expecting that it would go on as before with rocky up and downs that ruin our knees but we were wrong... It was a nice little uphill with just a bit of elevation and you only needed to use your hands to climb up a few times. What a very nice change :)
    Up at the first mountain we ran into "Snake Farm" again. He is planning to do all trails that exist in the Whites, which is about 1200 miles and there are only about 27 people who have done this so far. Crazy guy!! We chatted for almost an hour with him before we continued just for a few steps to take our lunch. A bit afterwards we hit the 1900 miles mark but it's been getting already late and we needed to readjust our plans because we wouldn't make it to the border today. So we picked the next Shelter and decided to go earlier to sleep and make up some miles tomorrow.
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  • Day113

    Camping Lows Bald Spot 1867.7

    August 24, 2017 in the United States

    The first thing we did in the morning was hiking up to Mount Washington! It was 6 in the morning and the "normal" hikers in the hut just started their day with pancakes, eggs and oatmeal. We just got to enjoy some hot fresh brewed coffee before we packed us in three layers of clothes and headed out. The wind felt pretty intense but later we've been told that it was a nice day :D I was definitely glad that I raided the hiker box a day before and got a jacket, vest, gloves and a hat. Despite all those things it was still a little bit cold. But we already arrived after just about an hour of climbing at the Visitor's center next to the summit.
    As it was still early in the morning there we almost only thru hikers in the building. When the snack shop opened we got ourselves a portion of nachos with cheese. The slogan of Mount Washington is that it is "home of the worst weather in the world". That sounds a bit exaggerated but it depends on the definition. In the Visitor's center is a list of people who died at or around Mt Washington to make people realize what they are doing when hiking around here. And the mountain is covered in fog for 300 days a year. Not my favorite place to go on holidays.
    After a two hour break there we went back on the trail and met a really nice man, Phil from England who is hiking Mt Washington for a day. We talked for about an hour while hiking before he pushed on to the next AMC hut. The hike to there was very rocky and uneven so it took us longer than expected to get there. They were running out of food for lunch but thanks to Phils conversation skills we got a soup and a piece of Shepards pie. Unfortunately Phil needed to go back to Gorham because his bus was leaving to Boston on the next day...
    We tried to push to the Pinkham Visitor Center which also belongs to the AMC. But a long, rocky and strenuous downhill hike left our knees, ankles and feet ruined. We set up our tent at a random place and then went to sleep hoping that the regeneration will do its job.
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  • Day15

    Cog railway base station

    June 3, 2017 in the United States

    At base waiting for train. Cold and gray.

  • Day63

    Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

    July 28, 2016 in the United States

    Shoutout to Mr. and Mrs. Carlson for posting about their trip to Mt. Washington, because that's what put the place on our radar. It's a privately owned road that to goes to the top, so it cost us $38. We originally thought that was kind of a racket, but man, it was actually really worth it. It's a narrow, only partly paved road that winds a 4725 foot ascent to get to the top of a 6288 foot mountain. They claim that this road accommodates two cars at all places, and I think I believe them... but passing a car while driving a foot away from a two thousand foot cliff makes one question some things!

    The top of Mt. Washington started completely foggy, but cleared up a bit as we were there, probably due to the insane amount of wind. There was an outpost at the top that scientists live in to monitor the weather at the summit, which incidentally is notoriously insane. There are signs with giant letters that say things like "at any sign of bad weather, TURN BACK IMMEDIATELY!" So that was pretty fun. All in all, the views from the top were stunning, and it was such a cool experience!
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Coos County, Coös County, مقاطعة كوس, Кус, কোস কাউন্টি, Condado de Coös, Coosi maakond, Coos konderria, شهرستان کوآس، نیوهمپشایر, Comté de Coos, Coös megye, Քոոս շրջան, Contea di Coos, コーアス郡, Coös Kūn, Hrabstwo Coös, کوس کاؤنٹی, Comitatul Coös, Коос, Округ Коуос, کووس کاؤنٹی، نیو ہیمپشائر, Quận Coos, Condado han Coös, 库斯县

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