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  • Day22

    #21 Yosemite Nationalpark/valley view

    October 5 in the United States

    After the giant trees we drove to YosemiteValley, on the way we stopped at different scenery spots with stunning views!
    In the Valley we had a little walk between all this impressive mountain formations, El Capitan, Half Dome...with a perfect sundowner this first day ends!

  • Day95

    Yosemite Valley

    September 13 in the United States

    * Fahrzeit zum Valley betrug 1h

    * Mirror Lake Trail am 13.09.
    + Nach fast schlafloser (kalter) Nacht um 10am los
    + Visitor Center (Informationen)
    + Kaffeepause
    + Mirror Lake Trail (Spiegelsee, es war nur kein Wasser im See)

    * Mist Trail am 14.09.
    + Vor Sonnenaufgang los
    + Vernal Fall
    + Nevada Fall

  • Day8

    Yosemite Valley

    October 2 in the United States

    Es ging aus SF ab in die Natur ins Landesinnere. Der Yosemite Nationalpark sollte uns heute empfangen. Eine tolle Tour durch Serpentinen und Wälder. Leider brauchten wir wieder etwas länger, da wir mit dem Wohnmobil natürlich nicht so schnell fahren konnten. Nach 10h waren wir dann endlich dort. Ein Campingplatz im tiefsten Wald in einem Tal zwischen hohen Felswänden. Einfach traumhaft.
    Nach einem Bierchen ging es dann die Umgebung erkunden. Kurz an einen kleinen Bach, der direkt an dem Campingplatz vorbeilief.
    Wegen der Bären mussten wir in unserem Wohnmobil alle Vorgänge zuziehen und das Essen im Kühlschrank und in den Schränken verstauen. Die ganz normalen Autos mussten die Lebensmittel in einem Foodlocker verstauen, da die Autos sonst von den hungrigen Bären aufgebrochen werden würden.
    Für uns Atadtmenschen ein echtes Erlebnis so in der wilden Natur.
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  • Day27

    Yosemite NP

    July 11, 1992 in the United States

    Went back to Carl's Jr for breakfast as well! Discovered that now Nicole was breaking out all over with with chicken pox. We had suspected it the night before and the morning confirmed it. We covered her in calomine where it wouldn't show and paxyl the rest. Also gave her some panadol. Was nearly 11 before heading off for Yosemite. Just as well it wasn't too far. Had to go northwest along 395 as far as Lee Vining, with a couple of lakes and old craters to see along the way.

    From Lee Vining turned southwest toward the park and had to go up through Tioga Pass, elevation 9941 ft, the highest in the US. It was quite chilly and I had packed our sweaters separately in anticipation. The countryside was very pretty. Large pine trees alongside peaceful lakes. Lots of boulders around - mostly granite - the whole of Yosemite is basically igneous plutonic rock. A couple of inviting walks to on but we had to keep pushing on. We were hardly in the park.

    We stopped at several picturesque viewpoints, some with large forests of pine, some with waterfalls, some with deep valleys. Went past a small glacier but only patches of snow visible from the car. Also stopped at one point and saw a very tame couple of marmots, and everywhere lots of jumpy squirrels. We also took time to pull off and look at a grove of giant sequoia trees, including one that you can drive through. However the road was only one way and we had to go about 20 miles out of our way. It was a very pretty detour though and I was glad we took it.

    By the time we actually got to Yosemite Valley it was quite late in the day and raining we took some hasty photos of El Capitan and Bridal Veil falls. By the time we got to the village a thunderstorm was upon us, and we took refuge in a cafe before getting to the visitor centre for a quick look. We decided there was no point in hanging around so we headed off for our lodge in El Portal. Quite nice it was too, with a little kitchenette, coffee maker and fridge. Quaint wooden carvings of bears around the place.

    The boys headed off for the pool while Nicole had a sleep, then we tidied up for dinner in the 50s style diner. A young fellow took our order then came back after 10-15 minutes with the news that everything in the kitchen was stuffed up and we would be waiting a while. He told us someone else would be waiting on the table. After a while we surmised that he in fact was the problem and had been demoted. We asked a waitress to take our order and were soon served. Needless to say we didn't leave a tip. I patted Nicole down with calomine before going to bed.
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  • Day93

    Yosemite National Park

    July 3, 2017 in the United States

    Le mot qui décrit le mieux ce parc c'est "Wow". Wow, comme les falaises sont à pic, elles sont comme coupé au couteau. Wow, comme les chutes sont belles, elles crachent tellement d'eau et de si haut et il en a tellement! Wow, comme il y a du monde! Wow, comme il a du trafic. Wow, comme les campings sont plein. Wow, comme c'est compliqué de tout organiser. Wow, comme il manque de stationnement!

    Notre première journée dans le parc était décourageante, mais elle nous a permis de nous organiser un backpack de trois jours qui a été magnifique.

    Nous avons parcourue presque toute la vallée lors de notre backpack et vue de nombreuses chutes sur toutes leurs angles et des points de vues vertigineux. Nous avons aussi rencontré des sympathiques français, Amaya et Thibaut, avec qui nous avons marché deux jours. Nous avons même peut faire le Half Dome, le sommet du parc si populaire et pour le quel c'est si difficile d'avoir un permis. Ils octrois que 300 à 350 permis par jours pour limiter le nombre de personnes qui le grimpe. C'est une bonne chose car la monté est dangereuse. Wow, c'était tout un défi, de surmonté sa peur, mais aussi physiquement. J'étais épuisée rendu en haut, mais wow, la vue à 360° sur toutes ces montagnes et toute la vallée. C'était à couper le souffle.

    Le retour à la civilisation a été moins plaisante, le plus on descendait le plus de monde il y avait, mais aussi le plus de déchets, le plus de monde hors sentier qui ne respecte pas la flore, etc. La sorti du parc a été longue et compliqué. Je recommenderais ce parc car il est vraiment beau, MAIS pas la fin de semaine et surtout pas la fin de semaine avant le 4 juillet, et avec réservation.
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  • Day9

    Day 9 - The Land of the Giants

    September 16, 2016 in the United States

    How to describe Yosemite? I'll leave it to the Rough Guide:

    'Put simply, Yosemite Valley, nestled in Yosemite National Park, and created by glaciers gouging through the canyon of the Merced River, is one of the world's most dramatic geological spectacles.'

    That's about right. Alice and I went on the day tour to Glacier Point which was a good hour away in the coach. It was worth it for the view of the main spectacle that is the Half Dome. We had plenty of time here to take in the scenery and then it was back in the coach. The coach journey was narrated the whole time by the driver which was quite a feat considering the size and bends in the road they also had to content with. The history and geology of the area was described in great detail with lots of humour thrown in. Once we got back we relaxed for a couple of hours, had dinner and then it was off for the night tour.

    It was neither as long or as detailed as the first tour and that was the whole point. The first tour in the day was a feast for the eyes whilst the night tour, which happily coincided with the Harvest Full Moon, was a chance to exercise the other senses. The noises and temperature drops felt in different parts of the valley were another way to understand how the animals and environment of the park interacted, this time at night. There were memorable moments involving sight too, particularly when the tour guide flashed her light up at different monuments at climbers hundreds of feet up who would flash their flashlights back at us. We also howled at them like wolves and all this did was rile up a bunch of campers nearby who started jumping up and down and manically howling. It was pretty funny. The moonlight due to it being a full moon also shone off the monuments in a powerful way. The tour guide said at one point 'the biggest mountain you will ever climb is the mountain inside yourself.' It was getting deep! After a hot chocolate for everyone we headed back and it was late enough to go straight to bed.

    Song of the Day:
    Creedance Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising
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  • Day8

    Day 8 - Two Nights in the Valley

    September 15, 2016 in the United States

    It feels like we have been in San Francisco for ages, and I mean that in a good way. I find with most cities that the more you are prepared to explore the more they reveal themselves. All the districts we visited had their own particular feel and each had something different to offer. The city also has some obvious issues, with homelessness being a major one. Homelessness is an aspect of most major cities but here they are everywhere and on quite a few streets there are rows of tents in makeshift camps hugging the sidewalks. Why there are so many may be due to the pull of the city and what it stands for. It is a liberal and free thinking city where the American dream is attainable. The city has vibrant immigrant communities, is welcoming to the LGBT community and has an ability to reinvent itself, whether it's after a devastating earthquake or as the vanguard of the internet revolution. Unfortunately, the dream is just that for many others too. As this is the first major city we have visited in the US I can't compare it with others but I get the feeling that there won't be many places like this.

    With San Francisco in our rear view mirror we were leaving the big city for the great outdoors. Yosemite National Park was next and it was a four hour drive away. We swapped driving duties halfway and the terrain gradually changed from endless turnoffs for suburbs to twisting mountains and endless trees. On reaching our lodge in the pleasant Yosemite Valley it was starting to get dark and so we decided to have dinner and turn in for an early night. We had two tours booked for tomorrow and so we took it easy with an evening of reality TV.

    Song of the Day:
    The Mamas and The Papas - California Dreamin'
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  • Day7

    Yosemite Valley

    November 28, 2017 in the United States

    Mardi, 28 novembre 2017
    Nous changeons nos plans et réservons notre chambre au Miner's Inn pour une nuit supplémentaire. Une fois le réservoir d'essence rempli (pas de pompe dans le parc), nous partons pour le Yosemite National Park. Le Hwy140 et ses nombreux virages, nous conduit en une heure à Arch Rock Entrance. Le très beau trajet suit le Merced River que nous retrouvons aussi dans le parc. Déjà un bout avant l'entrée, un signal sonore !ICY! nous rend attentif au sol verglacé. La brochure et le plan du parc nous montrent ce qu'on peut faire en cette période. Bien emballés, nous suivons le Lower Yosemite Fall Trail, petite promenade, mais super coup d'oeil sur les chutes d'eau. Nous rencontrons des chevreuils, des écureuils, des blue-birds californiens et des Acorn Woodpeckers. De retour au Yosemite Village, nous nous restaurons (et nous nous rechauffons) au "self" à côté du Visitor Center. Le shuttle du parc nous amène au bout de la route carrossable et nous poursuivons à pied jusqu'au Mirror Lake. Trop beau! Les montagnes et les végétaux se reflètent à merveille dans la rivière qui forme ici plusieurs petits lacs. Nous sommes droit sous le Half Dome, 2693m. Le soleil disparaît déjà vers 14.30h, nous devons faire demi-tour. Un Cerf-Mulet pose exprès pour nous. Un arrêt-photo s'impose pour immortaliser El Capitan, 2307m, encore plus impressinnant maintenant dans le soleil couchant. Nous retrouvons notre voiture et nous retournons à Mariposa. Arrêté en tête de file devant un chantier, la dame qui fait la circulation, nous montre un groupe d'ours sur le versant juste en face de nous. Quelle magnifique journée!Read more

  • Day5

    Yosemite: Tuolumne Grove & Mirror Lake

    September 13, 2017 in the United States

    Morgens ging es zu den Giant Sequoias in der Tuolumne Grove mit dem Loop Trail. Da auf der Touristenkarte empfohlen wurde, noch weiter in die untere Grove zu laufen und wir auf weniger Touristen hofften, haben wir uns das natürlich nicht entgehen lassen wollen. Über diese zwei Stunden hinweg haben wir keinen einzigen Menschen gesehen. Stattdessen erwartete uns ein Weg voller Hindernisse (umgefallene Bäume, kein Weg, sondern Wasser, ...). Oben an der Straße angelangt, hat uns ein schwules französisches Pärchen zum Parkplatz mitgenommen, sodass wir nicht zurücklaufen mussten. So machten wir uns auf den Weg zum Mirror Lake. Als wir nach dem ganzen Tag unsere Unterkunft erreichten, welche ein Zelt im Yosemite Valley war, fing es an zu donnern und zu blitzen.Read more

  • Day18

    Yosemite National Park

    May 26 in the United States

    Heute erwartete uns eines der Highlights einer Kalifornien-Reise, der Yosemite National Park.
    Leider hatten den Plan auch unzählige andere Touristen. Dass hier in den USA wegen des Memorialdays auch noch langes Wochenende ist, machte die Sache nicht besser.
    So standen wir schon am Eingang des Parks ein wenig an, wurden dann allerdings wegen unseres Jahrespasses für Nationalparks an den anderen vorbei gewunken.
    Unser erstes Ziel im Park war der Tunnel View, wo wir einen wunderbaren Blick in das Tal genießen konnten.
    Der zweite Stopp beim Bridalveilfall führte uns an den Fuß eines Wasserfalls. Dort war die Gischt so heftig, dass wir es nur kurz aushielten und gingen, bevor wir komplett durchnässt waren.
    Am Visitorcenter gab's die üblichen Souvenirs und nach einen Picknick am durch das Tal fließenden Merced-River ging's zurück zum Hotel.
    Der Yosemite ist ein wirklich schöner Park, war jedoch komplett überlaufen.
    Im Hotel nutzten wir nochmal den Pool aus.
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