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  • Day13

    Eiffel Tower

    November 14, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

    When we first left Disney and arrived at our rented apartment, we couldn't log into our Eiffel Tower tickets for some reason. No brother was staying at our house and had access to our computer, so I just had him forward them to me. I made sure we received them, but didn't look any further into it. That was 5 days ago. Our tickets are for today!! YAY!! Eiffel Tower, here we come!!.....or not. Yikes!! How did this happen? Our tickets were for last Friday??? We missed our reservation!! UGH!! We were so sure they were booked for Tuesday...well...that's $100 wasted!

    We decided to get up early and try to beat the line ups....since the online reservations were now completely sold out! Ready to wait in line for hours, we headed out! Our little people were just as excited about the trains as they were about the Eiffel Tower! Two trains, a 15 minute walk, and some chocolate waffles later, we were finally within sight of the famous, majestic, Eiffel Tower!! And there was next to no line!

    What an amazing structure. A giant elevator goes from the ground level, up to the second floor, where your toddler then has a 25 minute tantrum in the middle of the floor, kicking and screaming, meeting many other tourists (most trying to help) while legs and arms are flailing, tears are rolling, screams are piercing, all literally in the middle of the walkway. Oh...that's just us??!! haha....the second floor is actually where most people then transfer to a normal glass elevator that goes straight up the middle to the top! It was awesome! Both Morgan and Aston had a spot right up at the window and neither one of them had any fear....I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not...haha.
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