• Day15

    It was to be expected. The journey back home is painful and with a grain of melancholia.

    The Colombo airport is bad. Doesn't feel organized at all and feels completely overcrowded despite the low amounts of traffic! No announcements on delays, no bathroom or access to water in the boarding room.

    And then Dubai. This is a monster. 20 minutes to walk from on gate to the other. And only shops and people in between. And everything is perfectly orchestrated. Almost no waiting time anywhere.

    Now it's time to go back to Zurich.
    It was an amazing trip.
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  • Day13

    Yesterday we tried another downwind session and it went like this.
    A. Arrive at the spot and get told by fisherman to gtfo.
    B. Begin the downwind ride with close to no wind.
    C. Continuously move the kite to create enough lift and reach the first checkpoint.
    D. Drink a beer.
    E. Evaluate the situation and decide to keep going, this time in the ocean.
    F. F**k. Bad idea wind also low there.
    G. Give it all to reach the camp before the wind dissapears completely.
    H. Happy ending.

    Then sausages, beers and gratin dauphinois. In Sri Lanka. Ah ah.

    Today low wind, frustration, a nap and some cursing.
    Kite and board cleaned. Tomorrow last day but I am not in the mood to wait for wind and be frustrated by its absence later.

    Overall terrific vacations though!
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  • Day12

    Time goes by in paradise. Wind, tasty food and sunny weather are the key components of happiness here.
    Last two days saw a stronger and gustier wind which finally made me break the 5-6 meters barrier. I am starting to consistently be able to jump quite high, it feels amazing!

    Last few days will also be quite windy so I really should start working on new things. Today we will try another downwind session, very much looking forward to it!

    A few guys from Geneva and France arrived and they are quite fun. Also they are not very good at Jenga so they are paying for the shots!

    Wojtek managed to ride back from the teaching area to the school yesterday, a major milestone in feeling totally autonomous! Good job bro :).
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  • Day9

    The wind took time off the two first days of the year. He is scheduled to come back to work today though.
    A little break is always welcome as it becomes increasingly difficult to align long sessions over consecutive days.
    The kite has been repaired and is now ready for action. Luckily it was a small hole in the smallest bladder which was causing the problems.
    Got some tips from the local pro and will try some small kiteloops today... I am a bit scared and probably rightfully so.
    We are now in the second half of our stay here and it feels like by the end we won't mind going back to our daily lives.
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  • Day7

    What a day!
    Started with a small session before lunch, some good air despite light winds. Shortly after we departed with a group of 10 with boats, heading straight north. 45 minutes of a bumpy ride brought us to a wonderful glassy water spot were we enjoyed ourselves for about an hour. Then the fun part started, riding downwind back to the camp.
    The fun part lasted only so long as my kite did not seem very enthusiastic about holding its air and I had to be rescued halfway.
    My 12m Rebel will probably need to undergo some surgery later.

    Since it was the 31st, the team here had a exquisite dinner prepared for us, pig, shrimps, crab, fish, you name it!
    Some drinking Jenga followed and it was the most impressive and tense game played.

    Thank you SriLankaKite! :)
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  • Day5

    Local idiot thought it would be a good idea to start burning some wood just next to our camp, just as wind was picking up.
    The team here did crazy "bring water from the lagoon and throw it in the fire" marathon to be sure it doesn't spread.
    The police is underway to arrest the culprit hopefully. Thats how those big fires start, one idiot is enough to lay destruction to entire forests, lands.

  • Day5

    Board rescue reporting for duty! Wojtek is close to being able to ride upwind but for now loses the board every now and then so his supportive brother brings it back to him.
    We've got internet now - installed a local sim card on my brother's phone so I can finally upload pictures with my blogs! 15gb of data for 6 USD. Same amount in roaming fees would have cost us 225'000 USD - it's absolutely not a joke (actually it is, a bad one).
    We played some drinking Jenga game yesterday with Stephane and Bao (2 of the owners) - really makes you careful.
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  • Day3

    Tough feeling, with all the time invested I don't see major improvements since last year.
    Jumps are still at the same height and the tricks learned this summer don't seem to have been memorized by the muscles.
    Hopefully that's just because I need to warm up.
    Let's see tomorrow.
    Our bungalow is great, at night quite noisy because of the wind blowing through it and not sure what animals playing around - being surrounded by nature feels good.Read more

  • Day2

    6 hours from ZRH to DXB.
    6 hours in DXB
    5 hours from DXB to CMB (Colombo)
    3 more hours by car to Kalpitiya.

    But finally we arrived. It feels like I never left.
    Lot of wind today and apparently tomorrow as well. Can't wait to be back on my board.

    Many of the staff is still here, nice to see them again!
    Our accomodation is very nice and the bar overlooking the lagoon is amazing.

  • Day1

    Flight to Dubai has been delayed. Now those 7 hours of connecting time don't seem as such a bad idea huh!?
    I can also pack without the usual last minute stress (or at least with less stress). Aside of the usual GoPro (who hopes to survive another kiteboarding trip), a new member of the family will travel with us - Mr. Mavic - can't wait to test him out in the wild nature of Kalpitiya!

  • Day5

    We headed early to the flushing meadows to watch the women's doubles final.

    (With a breakfast pit stop at 5 guys... damn those burgers man!!).

    For the first match of the day we could sit anywhere we wanted so we obviously squeezed ourselves into some fat courtside seats and well... the experience is different...
    Then for the plat de resistance we had Nadal facing Anderson. The spanish player dismissed his valiant opponent in straight sets to lift his 16th grand slam trophy! What a player!! Even from our promenade seats we could admire his mad skills.

    A bulgogi burger and some beers closed up our last full day in NYC.

    Shout out to the St. George Absinth, looked like perfume's bottle you would use at work ;).
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