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  • Day170

    Limoges and off to Lyon tomorrow

    February 20, 2017 in France ⋅ 🌫 8 °C

    Misty morning do a great day to head to the Museum of Resistance. I don't know much about French history except for Normandy so it was a great way to learn their role in WW2. France like Slovakia was inundated with lots of propaganda but France had more of a resistance movement against the government who was siding with the Nazis and a big underground movement. The resistance broke down telecommunications, smuggled and sheltered Jews and bombed nazi establishments. There were a lot of women involved in the movement acting as spies. After liberation the government became communist. The streets names here in France are dedicated to the people of the resistance. I went to visit the gothic seven story St. Etienne church after and it was bitter cold in there. I could actually see my breath. No going to sleep in mass at that church. Booked another blablacar ride for tomorrow with a young student named Louise. She speaks a bit of English so it should be alright. Heading to Lyon and it will be nice to see the countryside.Read more