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  • Day34

    Lake Titicaca homestay

    June 14, 2017 in Peru ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    Today was a full on day. First we were up early to hop on a tricycle (very similar to a tuk tuk) to take us to the marina. This was fun but as we have come to expect with the chaos of Peruvian traffic we were very nearly hit by at least one vehicle.
    Once safely at the Maria is was straight on board a private boat to head out to one of the floating islands on the lake. These islands are made of reeds and held in place with ropes tired to some sticks stuck in the lake floor about 3m down.
    After a visit there we headed off to one of the lakes peninsulas to meet our homestay "Mumas" for some lunch and get put to work for the afternoon.
    Each home was different but Allan and I ended up with what sounded like the most physical work, which included digging up potatoes with some quite ancient and dangerous looking tools. After some worthwhile digging it was off down the road to walk the sheep on leashes back home.
    After a bit of a rest we headed down to the lakeside for some volleyball before being dressed in the local attire for dinner. We were very grateful for this as it was freezing an have us a few extra layers!
    Then it was off to bed with plastic water bottles filled with hot water to keep us warm.
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