February 2016
  • Day1551

    Oldcity Local Transfer

    May 20 in Turkey ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

    Private Tours have participated in https://www.tranigo.com/en/dubai
    Edirne. 2.5 hours by private car have come to the center of the old city of Edirne. Old city built with Ottoman architecture consists of two-storey houses with bay windows. Edirne avenues of plane trees and gardens are adorned with flowers. Very nice and pleasant to walk bosphorus dinner cruise in the streets of Edirne. Which is unique to the city of the old city of Edirne Edirne Tava raw kebab restaurants are engaged. Sweet almond candy and delight are şekerel description. Bursa city near the Maritsa river and this river has had many restaurants and tea gardens, where They served us tea and coffee. Finally, there is a stone bridge over the Maritsa river.Read more

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    February 23, 2016 in Turkey ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    End fortress during our trip we went to Cappadocia and this is the highest peak in cappadocia cappadocia and had https://www.tranigo.com/en/istanbul
    a very nice view. Christianity here After spreading spread all over Europe. Cappadocia is known as the capital of the Asian continent. Cappadocia has experienced numerous civilizations. Cappadocia is a natural phenomenon is under protection of UNESCO as a protected area in this way. Cappadocia Hsu mountain formation of the lava cooling effect of wind and rain with this natural wonder has occurred. We went to Cappadocia Goreme open air museum and this is spread over a very large area. Here are made of a very large excavation and restoration work. There were many fairy chimneys and cave and people have made their religious worship and lived here. Reserved cave we went to church and the place is decorated with pictures of Jesus and Mary and Mozika are. Finally we went to the Devrent and Pasabag valley, where we watched the flight of the pigeon and other birds.Read more

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    February 22, 2016 in Turkey ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    We met our tour guide https://www.tranigo.com/en/london
    Private Cappadocia Tours and we attended and participated in private cappadocia tours. Our tour guide told us lots of information about cappadocia. Hasan Mountain cool the lava formation of cappadocia evaporation and rain and winds are caused by the impact. In particular, we went to the town of Avanos and Turkish hand made works of art here in the land of mud and souvenir shops are located here. Model a wide variety of color patterns made of leather jacket coat men and women clothes are sold here. Ipekt made of pure men and women clothing and accessories. Finally, the gold of very valuable stones made of emerald and ruby gold and silver. Then we went to the middle of town and fortress here consists of two-storey houses built with Ottoman architecture. Cappadocia is Blinman green cappadocia is very wooded and forested. Cappadocia pigeon valley and we went where we watched the flight of birds, including many pigeon here first.

    Cappadocia end we went to the fortress and this is the highest peak in cappadocia cappadocia and had a very nice view from here. Here they served us tea and coffee. After spreading Christianity spread all over Europe here. Reserved went to the cave where the church and decorated with pictures and Mozika of Jesus and Mary. people here have made their religious worship. We went to the Goreme open air museum and the place had numerous and fairy chimneys and cave people lived here. Then we went to the Pole and deep-underground city and the people here are used to hide from Roman soldiers to take refuge in the winter and bad weather. Finally they survive with only bread and wine in the underground city water. Yerlat of cities is 5-7 floors. Finally we went Ihlav valley and river flows in the cave in the middle of the river there were many people on both sides and have lived here.
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  • Day1

    Antalya Tours

    February 21, 2016 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    In some part of istanbul asia https://www.tranigo.com/en/mugla
    is a magnificent city on the continent of Europe . In 2010 the world has been the nascent culture . In 1453, Sultan Mehmet Istanbul and Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul conquest has been translated into . Sultan Mehmet ist made ​​the reconstruction and refurbishment . Justinyen in Hagia Sophia is adorned with pictures of Jesus and Mary . Istanbul is a beautiful city and the most beautiful buildings in Istanbul and the magnificent architecture, the Hagia Sophia . made on behalf of the sultan ahmet mosque istanbul most beautiful . 6 very large dome and minaret are very thin and long . blue mosque is very nice on the inside is decorated with blue Iznik tiles .

    istanbul Sultan Mehmet made ​​on time and in the middle of the old city are full . Ranging from beginners to the beach next to Hagia Sophia wide variety of flowers and trees There is adorned with unique garden . A combination of very intelligent children and the sultan had received training school children to school enderun . Has 12 rooms with queen, along with the Ottoman Empire Sultan is managed . treasure too precious stones, ruby diamond stones are the treasures that are very valuable . You're part of the family and lived sultans harem of women from many rooms have occurred . There is a very nice pool harem . Topkapi palace has a very nice view of the sea and the Bosphorus .
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