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    • Day 2


      July 14, 2018 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      00:50 Uhr Ortszeit angekommen, haben Thao und ich uns beim Aussteigen verloren. Wir sind mit unterschiedlichen Bussen zum Terminal gefahren und ich konnte Thao einfach nicht finden. 🙁
      Dann musste ich mich selbst darum kümmern wohin ich musste. Leider fand ich den Flug nicht auf der Anzeigetafel. Mir konnte aber ein freundlicher Flughafenmitarbeiter weiterhelfen. Ich musste also eine Etage höher. Und dort angekommen, fand ich Thao, die vor der Abflugtafel, die auch Probleme hatte diese zu verstehen 😅
      Sie war sehr froh mich wiederzusehen. Sie hatte schon Angst, dass die später ohne mich im Flugzeug sitzt. Und ich hatte Angst, dass ich allein in Vietnam ankomme und nicht weis, wo ich hin muss - zum Glück war dem nicht so. Wir gingen zusammen zum Boarding. Vor uns lagen 11 Stunden Flug 😯
      Glücklicherweise konnten wir im Flugzeug die Plätze tauschen und nebeneinandersitzen.
      By the way - der Service der Turkish Airline ist hervorragend. Es lagen Kissen, Decke und Kopfhörer bereit. Zusätzlich bekamen wir noch ein Beauty-Case mit Socken, Hausschuhen, Zahnbürste, Zahnpasta, Lippenpflege, Ohrenstöpsel und Schlafbrille. Klasse!
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    • Day 1


      June 28, 2015 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      Ephesus is a port city in Greece before and after ships from the goods
      here with the caravans are moved to Italy and later throughout Europe. Ephesus even Mercantile Exchange that are bought and sold the goods of the city. Ephesus is known as the capital of the Asian continent. The ancient city of Ephesus, which is located very close to Mary's House. Accepted by the Pope in 1970 as the House of Mary and Mary House is very sacred place of pilgrimage very küçğk place. Mary's House which is cruciform stay here if it is a çeşmebulun mary period. The entrance door had a love heart sign with house and this has occurred in many of the rooms and a natural ventilation system. There is also an outdoor toilet which is used here as a combination of people tol.

      During our trip to Ephesus which is 600 meters long, made of marble has a king way. King of the road is long, wide and extends far up the beach. The road is located on King celebration and fun that people do. King statue on the way and is decorated with marble The columns. King of the road on the first As both sides of the right and the left side is decorated with a statue of the king Trojan fountain convenience. Ephesus temple architecture is a very nice single storey It had. Located on the beach and had a very nice architecture, an artwork which Celcus Libray. Celcus Libray has two floors at the front of this building is made of marble 4 There are statues. Celcus Libary ancient Ephesus was used as an arena here, the city symbol of an era. Which had a very large theater and performance hall.
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    • Day 3

      Istanbul Island

      June 30, 2015 in Turkey ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

      After a nice ferry ride to the island, we have the Big Island Istanbul.

      First we approached the pier and the historic island not very large island history walk here We have reached the square. The island has occurred in particular bakeries selling chocolate and strawberry ice cream. It is very wooded and forested islands are special picnic areas. Very güzl beach around the island is very clean beach and the sea. There were so many people here to swim. Sun sea and the beach was really nice. The fish restaurants around the island which had very tasty. first and then ate and drank tomato soup is very tasty appetizer with olive oil and grilled fish with salad and turkish cuisine. Finally, the ice cream is very delicious cakes and desserts we ate. The island is really a very nice place.

      While around the island there are many beautiful hiking and biking trails. The island is composed of classic built during the Ottoman Empire and Ottoman architecture made the pavilion. Chalets are very nice two-storey bay windows and gardens decorated with flowers and trees. Very nice and very pleasant to walk in the streets of the island. There are 4 islands and these islands are Kinali order Bugaz Heybeli island and had great island. In the entire island transportation is done by just biking and horse-drawn carriage horse-drawn carriages. In all of the island it is forbidden to use motor vehicles and cars. Horse-drawn carriage trip takes 20 minutes by coach after the island has its highest peak. Here were the very beautiful island scenery. They served tea while watching the spectacular island views and turkish coffee. After about 1.5 hours we went OldCity Istanbul's ferry ride.
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    • Day 1

      Antalya Tours

      February 21, 2016 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

      In some part of istanbul asia https://www.trturkeytours.com/tours/bursa-tours…
      is a magnificent city on the continent of Europe . In 2010 the world has been the nascent culture . In 1453, Sultan Mehmet Istanbul and Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul conquest has been translated into . Sultan Mehmet ist made ​​the reconstruction and refurbishment . Justinyen in Hagia Sophia is adorned with pictures of Jesus and Mary . Istanbul is a beautiful city and the most beautiful buildings in Istanbul and the magnificent architecture, the Hagia Sophia . made on behalf of the sultan ahmet mosque istanbul most beautiful . 6 very large dome and minaret are very thin and long . blue mosque is very nice on the inside is decorated with blue Iznik tiles .

      istanbul Sultan Mehmet made ​​on time and in the middle of the old city are full . Ranging from beginners to the beach next to Hagia Sophia wide variety of flowers and trees There is adorned with unique garden . A combination of very intelligent children and the sultan had received training school children to school enderun . Has 12 rooms with queen, along with the Ottoman Empire Sultan is managed . treasure too precious stones, ruby diamond stones are the treasures that are very valuable . You're part of the family and lived sultans harem of women from many rooms have occurred . There is a very nice pool harem . Topkapi palace has a very nice view of the sea and the Bosphorus .
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    • Day 1

      Petrol Sitesi

      November 5, 2017 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

      The oldest and most beautiful place in istanbul is called Sultanahmet region, which I think is istanbul oldcity. I believe that it was very nice to get up early in the morning and visit the streets of istanbul before people wake up. Believe it was very nice to stay alone with Istanbul's fabulous history and culture. Especially in Sultanahmet which is called istanbul oldcity, it is nice to be in the streets of cobblestone pavement which is known among the people of the cut stone in the very pleasant places to walk on the streets after the houses are renovated. It was a pleasure to drink teas and especially filter coffee here, which is the front garden of the house. There was Arasta Bazaar, which was right behind us on foot from this beautiful place. Just above the Arasta Bazaar is the Blue mosque. Especially the staff working for Blue mosque, who have been working from now to the present day, have been made with the rent incomes obtained from yada istanbul Blue mosque. Another example of this is the Gran Bazaar at Beyazıt Square, where all the revenue comes from 1453
      Istanbul mehmet was firstly converted by Hagia Mosque, the largest church in Istanbul, and Istanbul Hagia Sophia was covered by the Grand Bazaar, the largest shopping center in the Ottoman Empire during the entire cost of the need and personnel expenses.

      istanbul has the most effective Blue mosque and TRANway which is right in front of the Sultanahmet horse ranch. This tranway came from the Sirkeci Emişnönü square at the Kabatas station. On this road there is a bridge called Gatala which is located between Karaköy and Eminönü. Although this was first made during the time of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit II, it was destroyed 2 times because it could not meet the traffic of istanbul. Galata Bridge, which we have already walked through on the tranway, has been built in the last 10 years. People who hold amateur fishing every hour of the GAlata bridge are easily seen. It is very interesting that even one of the 5 fish catches at the same time. Yes, at Kabatas station, there are ferry services to Uskudar, which is just across the road, as it is the ferry service to Adalara. We arrived at the Dolmabahce Palace boundaries after walking about 10 minutes. The thing that stands out is the presence of the Clock Tower which is just in front of Dolmabahce PAlace. Dolmabahce palace mosque also open to the public. The mosque is much smaller than the full-scale PAlace. All of these structures are bordering the sea. We watched Bosphorus from here. Apart from Dolmabahce Palace, there is also a Topkapi palace located in OldCity.
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    • Day 4

      Private Cappadocia tours

      November 8, 2017 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

      Turkey What do you think about traveling? We are staying at a 5 star hotel in Pamukkale. The hotel is located amongst forests. Pamukkale is located within the borders of Denizli province. Lakin had us extremely enjoyable days at the thermal hotel in PAmukkale before. Of course, this is included in the dinner we ate by the pool. There are many pools in the hotel and they vary according to the temperature. There was a thermal pool in the temperature range of 20-30 degrees and this is accepted as a health center. I liked it very much and there was a jacuzzi pool that I used throughout the day. Anyway, we went to Cappadocia from Pamukkale which is an amazing holiday place. The roads are an extremely pleasant highway road and the buses are extremely comfortable Luxury buses. We arrived at the bus station on the border of Newsehir province. We got all our gear here and we went to the Cave hotel which is in our Urgup area taking our suitcases and private cars here. If you do not prefer cave hotel, there is only cave hotel in cappadocia region. The old historic cave is so beautiful we went back to the boutique cave hotel after renovation. Even in summer we believe that our room at the cave hotel was extremely air-conditioned, we never used it. Early in the morning I ate breakfast at the cave hotel resturant at 8:00 am and I was nice to believe that the last turkish coffee was.

      Although we did not go through the day with Mercedesd vehicles, we walked about 10 km during the day. I will not describe the formation of CAPPADOCIA for a long time, but it is known that CAPPADOCIA is all accepted as a protected area by Unesco. Earlier we watched the Pigeon bird flight at the earliest time and Devrent valley and right here CAPPADOCIA The cape is already the highest place and I admire the incredible cappadocia view here. I give a very short sentence to Sun. Cappadocia is the place with the general steppe area. Because of this, people in Cappadocia and surrounding towns and villages are earning their living with large and small cattle breeding. The skin, obtained from sheep and lambs, is very soft but very little wear on the skin. A wide variety of clothes are made from the skin of the animals obtained here. All leather here
      The paint is used for root coloring. After mixing the plants around CAPPADOCIA, natural organic paint is handled. These organic paintings, which are obtained as separate information, are hand-woven beliefs here. These carpets are sold full silk, woolen carpets, hand-woven carpets and kilims. The Ihlara valley is in the middle of the river and there are many caves around. For those who have churches, it is called hidden cave church.
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    • Day 2


      February 22, 2016 in Turkey ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

      We met our tour guide https://www.trturkeytours.com/tours/trabzon-tou…
      Private Cappadocia Tours and we attended and participated in private cappadocia tours. Our tour guide told us lots of information about cappadocia. Hasan Mountain cool the lava formation of cappadocia evaporation and rain and winds are caused by the impact. In particular, we went to the town of Avanos and Turkish hand made works of art here in the land of mud and souvenir shops are located here. Model a wide variety of color patterns made of leather jacket coat men and women clothes are sold here. Ipekt made of pure men and women clothing and accessories. Finally, the gold of very valuable stones made of emerald and ruby gold and silver. Then we went to the middle of town and fortress here consists of two-storey houses built with Ottoman architecture. Cappadocia is Blinman green cappadocia is very wooded and forested. Cappadocia pigeon valley and we went where we watched the flight of birds, including many pigeon here first.

      Cappadocia end we went to the fortress and this is the highest peak in cappadocia cappadocia and had a very nice view from here. Here they served us tea and coffee. After spreading Christianity spread all over Europe here. Reserved went to the cave where the church and decorated with pictures and Mozika of Jesus and Mary. people here have made their religious worship. We went to the Goreme open air museum and the place had numerous and fairy chimneys and cave people lived here. Then we went to the Pole and deep-underground city and the people here are used to hide from Roman soldiers to take refuge in the winter and bad weather. Finally they survive with only bread and wine in the underground city water. Yerlat of cities is 5-7 floors. Finally we went Ihlav valley and river flows in the cave in the middle of the river there were many people on both sides and have lived here.
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