• Day125

    How to get to Colombia??

    February 1, 2018 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    The adventure at Iguazu falls wasn't over yet 😁 At the Estacion Cataratas we saw an ambulance and decided to check with them if they have any balm or something for Maria's burnt hand. The nurse told us that we would need to go to the entrance for that and offered to drop us off there. The train was going packed by now, so we readily accepted the offer. So, the 3 of us packed up at the back of the ambulance were dropped off at the park entrance. Here, Maria got her hand bandaged.
    One thing we all agreed after the beautiful day at the Iguazu falls was that we all were fully satisfied with the tour on the Argentina side and no one wanted to spend another day seeing the falls from the Brazilian side. We decided to fly to Colombia the next day instead.
    Now the big question was, what route to take. All the tickets we checked were extremely expensive. There were 3 airports in the area, one in each country Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay right next to the common border. Now, in South America, the flights within the country are always cheaper than international flights to any other country. So, we tried 20-30 different combinations via the different airport and the different countries. Eventually, after about 2 hours of exercise, we figured that the cheapest route was from the Iguassu Airport in Brazil to Lima in Peru and from there to Cartagena via Bogota in Colombia. We booked our tickets for the next day. The flight was at 9 pm.

    Having enough time the next day, we decided to go to the bus terminal the next day and figure out how to get to the airport in Brazil. So, next morning, we checked out and went to the bus terminal. After walking around going from kiosk to kiosk, we figured that from Puerto Iguazu in Argentina, there were buses only to either Foz du Iguassu town or the Iguassu National Park entrance in Brazil. From Foz du Iguassu, it was possible to take taxis to the airport. But, we realized that the bus to Iguassu National Park goes from quite near the airport. If they could just drop us off on the main road opposite the airport, we would need to walk only 2 km to the airport. We decided to try this option.
    By now, it was 1:30 pm and the last bus that goes to the Iguassu National Park was at 2 pm. As soon as we went back to the counter of the bus company, the person working there went away. We didn't want to lose our place in the que, so I stayed there, while Hristo and Maria went back to the hostel to get their bags. The plan was that I would have run and got my bag once they were back. Instead, Hristo managed to get both his, my bag and his hand bag a total of near 35 kgs 😨😨😨
    Just then the person working at the counter came back and we managed to get the tickets for the 2 pm bus, just 10 min before the departure time. The bus left at 2 pm with just the 3 of us in it. On the way out of the Puerto Iguazu town, we picked up a few more people going across the border but the total was still less than 10 people.
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