A little roadtrip through Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
  • Day15

    What we do for love.

    May 13 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    A restless night.
    Oscar's girlfriend has her graduation today at the HKU in Utrecht, Netherlands. And we were 450km away...
    We discussed this before, and had made decisions. But on this trip, nothing was planned. So got up early, had a shower and cancelled our dates for the day and took it as a contest.
    Will Lieske, will we, be able to make it to the "party" and surprise Sara??
    You sure know the answer to this question.
    We did!! We even had time to drop Lieske at Oscar's, buy a bunch of flowers, and take the bus into the city. Had a quick ice-cream, which we naturally deserved.
    And.. go to the event!!
    A big surprise. Some tears, a few kisses. That part was a success.
    After this, we, Oscar and I took of for a short but cosy "end of journey dinner" and headed for the bus home.
    As I had to finish this trip by driving the last 160km by myself.
    As this was how this trip has started.
    Lieske was great.
    We did a wooping 3531 km drive, in 14 days along steep hills, snowy mountains, green plains and gray autobahn.
    Saw a lot of history, city's and landscapes passing. But most of all.. we were together. Father and son.
    We did it. And it was certainly too short.
    I made it home.
    On a Friday! 🤗
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    Supper mooie herinneringen 🎉


    Geweldig Loek, dat heb je toch maar mooi weer gedaan! [Anneke]

  • Day14

    Daß Reinheitsgebot.

    May 12 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    We left Denmark and crossed the German border. The plan was to go as far as we could into the direction of Bielefeld, to visit some old friends on friday, have a nice chat and a quiet evening and good food.
    But not without having a visit at Hamburg and.. ofcourse.. have a hamburger.


    We had a nice German beer, in a forest, at a typical German farm.

    Later that evening, fate has decided differently.
    Was it because it would be Friday the 13th?
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  • Day13

    Ships who go nowhere

    May 11 in Denmark ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    Naturally we had to leave the Copenhagen campsite, and hit the road.
    The daily Lieske check and of we go.
    Roskilde here we come.
    What is there to be seen ..
    A long time ago Roskilde was a famous city, who was afraid of being attacked. So they thought that building a defensive wall in their waters, with a controllable entrance.
    And in this entry there has been the find of the century.
    As an attack was eminent, the old chaps, sank a few old viking ships into this entry, so enemy ships could not enter the harbour of Roskilde.
    These sunken ships has been found in the late 50th. And the excavation has been finished in 1962. Than the real puzzle starts. The reconstruction. In the end. Five different vikingships. That leaded to the creation of the Vikingeskips Museet. And not only that. It leaded to building replicas to test and proof the fact that the vikingships really were of essence for the vikings to "conquer the world"..
    We had to conquer some more miles, so we set of to cross Denmark. And we took a rest, near the German border, to have a last snif of the fjords and cook our own diner.
    It started to rain.
    The God's new we were on the end of our journey.
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  • Day12

    The little mermaid...

    May 10 in Denmark ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

    As our campsite is outside of Copenhagen, we took the train to the city center. Always an adventure.
    We got of at the østerport station to visit ...
    .. drums.... The little mermaid.
    I know. Its as cheesy as it can get, but it was a must see.
    After that we walked back to the National Museum of Denmark. And i must admit it really has a fantastic collection. From bronze age to modern times and specifically Viking art, and Danish history. Too much for one day, and certainly for a few hours. So we raced through the exhibitions and started the walk to the "Freetown Christiania". An Anarchistic community. Nice to see, but for these Dutch, not very impressive.. ;)
    So we walked back into town. Had a.... sorry McD. And sadly had to choose meat, as the veggie option was sold out. And I was really in need of food!.
    Walked back to the trainstation and now... Happy and tired at a table, writing this footprint.
    Tomorrow another Viking tour. Roskilde.
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    Nou …zo klein is hij nu ook weer niet… ) aaaa je bedoelt dat kl iets achter Oscar ;) [Gertie]


    👍🏼😂 [Gertie]

  • Day11


    May 9 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    As planned we left the Hanksville Farm in the morning to visit Malmö. Parked at the beach, and walked into the city center. Enjoyed the parks we passed, and the shopping centre. Took a look at the Gamla Staden, drank coffee with a kanabulle. However it was a nice city, after 4 hours walking around we were not impressed. So... we took the jump to Copenhagen. That means ... The Bridge!!!
    Also financial.. THE BRIDGE.. 55euro!
    But hey, there is only one bridge. And a flipping truck driver who did not like my 85km/h.
    But... we made it. We are in Copenhagen, the planned campsite was closed, so we headed for another one, far out of the city. Tomorrow we take the train to the center, a 40min. drive.
    I don't want to drive Lieske into town, pay parking costs and leave her all alone 😢.
    So. That's the way it is.
    Hopefully Copenhagen will be a big surprise!
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  • Day10

    Lieske, i love you!

    May 8 in Sweden ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    On mother's day, we left Stockholm. As Sweden only consists of pinetrees and rocks, we decided to get us as far as possible into the direction of Malmö. So we might be able to catch up some time. Emergency time if something unpredictable would happen, or quality time if we fall in love with Malmö or Copenhagen. We took a lot on our shoulders to do Scandinavia in les than 14 days. But until now, it goes quite well.
    We drove more than 600km today. 400 highway, and the last 200 main roads through villages, forests and fields. It took us 9 hours to get to Svalöv, Hanksville farm. Lieske did well. And we are tucked in for the night.
    Tomorrow Malmö.
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  • Day9

    Stockholm tastes like more

    May 7 in Sweden ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

    As we discovered late night, Stockholm is much more than just Gamla Stan, the old town. To be honest, that part, how beautiful it may be, does remind us to Amsterdam or even Valkenburg a/d Geul.
    It's a tourist trap, but a trap you like to walk into.
    So we decided to certainly visit a few highlights, and some neighbourhoods of the old city.
    The Historiska Museet, is not only free of charge but a must see, if you ever go to visit.
    We also thought that we could hop into the VasaMuseet, were the only intact, 17th century sailingship of the world is being exposed. But sadly we were not the only ones. So we skiped that one.
    We enjoyed the day in the streets of Stockholm and hunted for souvenirs. ;)
    Our conclusion Stockholm is a wonderful city, were you can spent at least a week without getting bored.
    Wasn't there a guy from Austria who said... " I'll be back..."..
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  • Day8

    The graves of Viking kings

    May 6 in Sweden ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Today, I think, it's the most important day of our journey for my son. He always wanted to see the graves of the Viking Kings in Gamla Uppsala. And it turned out to be a fantastic day, also for me. The weather was great , it was a nice drive and the site was quite impressive! We enjoyed the museum, a walk along the burial hills, and the old church, were -oh surprise- mister C° had his last resting place.
    As we were at it, we took the long way home and drove to Uppsala, a city worthwhile visiting. Had a quick look around, a coffee and headed for Stockholm!
    As always, perfectly timed, so we took the metro into the city center and had a nice evening at Gamla Stan.
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    Weten jullie nog welk jaar dat gebeurde ?

  • Day7

    Only pinetrees

    May 5 in Sweden ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    As I always predicted. Sweden is pinetrees and rocks. And ... yes. I think that's the way it is.
    Pinetree forests, hills and wooden houses.
    Good for hiking. Lieske likes the roads. Fine tarmac and good maintained.
    We crossed the border. Had a coffee at Karlstad, wanted a forest sleep, but the God's decided we should go to Örebro and go glamping.
    Good we did. We otherwise would have missed out this city. And it's worthwhile a visit.
    Now sleep. And tomorrow Gamla Uppsala!
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  • Day6


    May 4 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ 7 °C

    Traveling along Scandinavia in less than 14days, and your main goal is Gamla Uppsala in Sweden, and not Oslo in Norway, you might understand that everything we encounter so far, is all a bonus.
    So visiting Oslo is one of them.
    As my travel companion is a Viking fan, we can't miss on the historic museum.
    And as I am a selective artlover, I wanted to see the "scream" in all its versions by Munch.
    Naturally in its own museum. The Munch museum.
    What I did not known, was that the three versions were not displayed continuously, due to the fragility. Once an hour, they rotate.
    As you can expect. We have seen them all. ;)
    Had a stroll around, lit a candle for the ones we dearly miss and those in need.
    And took the bus back to the parking were we left our patient Lieske.
    This afternoon we leave the city, nice struggle through rush-hour and a campsite at a farmer in Bästad.
    As a surprise for us he got his old Hillman out of the stable and took us on a moose hunt.
    Pffff how could we leave Norway without seeing a moose!!
    Now we can sleep. And tomorrow, (yeah yeah.. today.. as I am late posting) we leave for -as far as we can get- to Glam Uppsala..

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    Busje komt zo 😀