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  • Day3

    A day of firsts!

    January 1 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    We arrived in Cancun about 5pm local on the 31st which meant 10pm 'our' time after a 10 hour flight. Needless to say we were pretty spaced out by about 8pm so didn't make it to midnight! Wandered around from the hotel to a small park with lots of food stalls that we would have loved to sample if we hadn't been well fed on the plane so some churros was all we managed! We did wash it done with beer and wine mind you! Later we went to a bar and had a few more drinks and a small plate of spicy wings. Packed it in at 10ish and slept soundly till morning.
    After a good breakfast we headed to the Zona Hotels to find the archeological museum. An eclectic mix of Mayan artefacts and our first 'site' complete with small pyramid. After finding a much needed ATM we set off for Chitchen Itza. The drive was a bit boring as the road is very straight, flat and between high trees the whole way! It was fast though! On arrival at our hotel we set off for our first Cenote. A small quiet one in a village just West of C. I. Settling down now in the hotels garden with a beer and a glass of wine. Can't be bad!
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