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  • Day378

    Eine weitere bekannte Ruinen Stadt auf meinem Plan ist Chichen Itza. Langsam könnte man meinen ich sollte genug von Ruinen haben oder inzwischen ein Experte auf dem Gebiet der Maya sein. So ein bisschen stimmt beides.
    Chichen Itza unterscheidet sich von anderen Städten darin, dass es seine Blüte in der Postklassik also zwischen 900-1200 hatte. Als Tikal langsam verlassen wurde, ging es hier erst los. Dazu kommt, dass die Architektur toltekischen Einfluss hat, dessen Ursprung immer noch nicht ganz geklärt ist. Faszinierend ist auch der Maya Kalender. Der im Grunde aus drei Kalendern bestand. Einem rituellen Kalender mit 260 Tagen, einem zivilen mit 365 Tagen und der Langschreibweise. Der rituelle Kalender ergibt sich aus der Kombination von 13 Schutzgöttern á 20 Tagen, der zivile aus 18 "Monaten" á 20 Tagen plus einem verkürzten Monat von 5 Tagen und die Langschreibweise erscheint uns heute kompliziert, ist aber logisch. Heute (nach christlicher Schreibweise der 15.09.2017) wäre bei den Maya Die Zählung geht von groß nach klein, wobei es rechts mit 20 Tagen beginnt, anschließend die 18 Monate folgen und danach in 20 Jahres-Blöcken addiert wird. Man nimmt an, dass der Beginn des Kalenders nach christlicher Zeitrechnung am 13.8.3114 v. Chr. lag. Die Hysterie des Weltuntergangs 2012 war vor allem auf esoterische Kreise zurück zuführen und hatte keinerlei wissenschaftlichen/archäologischen Hintergrund. Das nur grob, Details hält Wikipedia bereit.
    Kalender der Maya gab es im Chichen Itza auch überall zu kaufen. Den neben den Massen an Touristen waren auch Massen von fliegenden Händlern entlang der Wege. Nur wer früh genug dort war, hatte die Chance ein wenig Ruhe zu genießen.
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  • Day10

    Mit dem Mietwagen ging es heute nach Chichén Itzta in das wunderschöne Hotel Mayaland. Es liegt direkt an den Pyramiden von Chichén Itzta und wurde von National Geographic als eines der besten Hotels der Welt ausgezeichnet. Diverse Royals und bekannte Persönlichkeiten waren bereits hier.

  • Day11

    Heute sind wir früh gestartet und haben uns die Pyramiden von Chichén Itzta angeschaut. Es war ganz schön, dass wir noch vor dem größten Trubel dort sein konnten. Allerdings war es mal wieder mega heiß! ☀️☀️☀️ Dschungel-Klima eben...😇

  • Day21

    Some call it the most impressive ruin of all, with its massive perfectly shaped and positioned main pyramid in the centre.

    The first stop with our guide was the ball field with its fascinating and mysterious accustics, which due to its architecture and high walls allows to hear someone talking at the other end of the 96m long field where the upper class Mayans used to play their rubber ball game. With 7 players in each team it quite reminds of a mixture of basketball and soccer...

    Afterwards carrying on to the platforms where rituals and offerings (also human offerings of decapitated enemies was held, to the main pyramid. We were lucky enough to arrive early in the morning, before the crowds in all the largest tourist busses, so we almost never had people in our way and could try out the echoing sound of our hands clapping being reflected from the pyramids stairs (sounding exactly like the singing of the Quetzal, sacred bird of the Mayas).

    We discussed the positioning of the pyramid right in the centre of 4 Cenotes to the north, south, east and west. And he told us that only last year during a new screening of the pyramid archeologists had found another (dried out) Cenotes/cave system under the pyramid, this coming October excavations will start as they're expecting interesting offerings and maybe more hidden treasures inside, that could teach us about their surprisingly advanced knowledge of the stars, the astrology and maybe provide more information on how and why these giant structures were built in such a perfect position.

    Btw for those of you who didn't know, only twice a year during sunrise (21st March and 21st September), the shortest and longest days of the year, start of spring and automn the sun lights over the corner of the pyramid and draws little triangles on the side of the staircase so that step by step the light is 'crawling' down from the top of the pyramid down the side to finally light the head of a massive snake...coincidence???

    You may believe what you want, but after visiting the great pyramids in Egypt, the Inka ruins in South America, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Nasca lines in Peru and the Mayan sites here in central, even the most sceptical person starts to question about what we're tought in science and history...

    -Seb & Stef-
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  • Day9

    Big day today. I hired a car the night before so I was ready to set off early in the morning. First stop was the 7 eleven atm then off I went.

    The plan was to go to various cenotes as I am abit obsessed with them and I wanted to see as many as possible.

    First one was the Grand Cenote just out of Tulum. Not so grand after all. Photo 1.
    Next was the Car Wash Photo 2 - yes thats the name. That one was like a minature lake and you could walk around it through the bush which was nice.

    Next I was headed for a cenote near the town of Coba. Well I missed the turnoff by a long shot and decided to keep on driving to Chichen Itza a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Mexico's major tourist destinations. Its even been named one of the new seven wonders of the world although there has been abit of controversy around the process of selection.

    Long drive but it was fate as I had thought about going the night before.

    So of coursework I got there at the worst possible time and had to queue for about 40 minutes. But the ruins were impressive. The experience is spoilt by the street vendors who are all over the site and constantly blowing into these wooden whistles which make very realistic tiger and jaguar sounds. And you get the usual hawking and offers of goods 'so cheap its practically free'.

    On the way back I ended up driving through a lovely colonial town called Valladolid (I was driving without a map and relying on signs!). Anyway it had lots of lovely buildings and pastel colours.

    Some of the highway stalls make for great photos as you can see.

    On returning the hire car - disaster! My credit card is gone and its the one that doesn't charge for currency conversion. Retracing my steps I might have left it in the atm or dropped it in the 7 eleven.

    When I ask at the 7 eleven they pull out about 15 credit cards! Sadly mine is not there so email to my mother to get the card cancelled was next on the agenda.

    A bad end to a great day but I can't let it ruin (ha ha) things.
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  • Day80

    Chichén Itzá was one of the biggest Maya cities and is now one of the most visited archaeological sites in México. Close to Chichén Itzá is the Cenote Ik kil.Ik kil was sacred to the Mayans and used for relaxation and ritual services.
    Chichén Itzá war eine der groessten Maya Staedte und ist jetzt eine der meist besuchten Ruinenstaetten in México. In der Naehe von Chichén Itzá ist die Cenote Ik kil. Ik kil war heilig fuer die Mayas und wurde von ihnen zur Entspannung und fuer Rituale benutzt.Read more

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