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  • Day4

    Rome to Naples

    November 5 in Italy

    Checked out after early breakfast and on our way to Naples we stopped at the Pope's summer place Castelgandolfo. Another rainy morning forced us into a cafe cutting our tour short... rain stopped so we tried again only to get 1/2 block and the skies opened again. Quick trip through a few shops and back on our van, continue the journey south. Lunch today is at Marco Carpeneti winery and vineyard. Through the clouds we took in their view. Then onto the tour. Roberta was very informative and explained the history of this family run winery.
    Next the tasting:
    Small plates (so they said) were lining the table: fresh bread with their own olive oil, vegetable soup, olives, cheese, bacon and prosciutto, baked pumpkin with rosemary and most important the wines. Wonderful! Only bought 1 bottle of their brut, 14 Euros. May not make it home.
    Back on the road heading for our hotel in Naples for the next couple of nights.
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  • Day3

    Where do I start. After a busy walking day, 30 minutes of rest and off again, this time to Tiberina Island for our pasta cooking class and dinner with wine of course! When in Rome!
    We had a tour, then got put to work... cutting vegetables, drinking wine, making pasta, drinking wine, sampling our ravioli stuffing of zucchini more wine then time to eat.
    Sleep now for tomorrow morning we head south to Naples. But first I want to add some pictures but took so many where do I start...
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  • Day2

    Ciao da Roma!

    November 3 in Italy

    No time at the Heathrow airport to see or do much. We arrived in at Terminal 2 then took the shuttle to Terminal 5. Good bit of walking, but it felt good after a 7+ hours. Nope, didn't sleep much.
    Flights were great, all on time. On our 2 hour flight to Rome, I dozed a little but then we hit turbulence passing the Swiss Alps , beautiful view (I'll post those pictures later).
    On our approach into Rome I think I saw Vineyards, the the cruiseport which has a Princess and if you look really close, upper left is Disney.
    After clearing customs which took 5 minutes tops... scouted around for my driver from Avanti- there were at least 25 people with signs, wish I had my phone/camera out for that. Drive into Rome and Vatican city was wild but here at Hotel del Mellini for a few nights.
    Showered, unpacked and resting with my feet up until happy hour when I meet the rest of the group.
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  • Day3

    Rome in the passing showers

    November 4 in Italy

    Start out with nice breakfast and great cafe' with steamed milk. 9a we were off. Mirko our driver is joined by Franca our guide for the morning. Visited Parthenon, Trevi fountain, Colesium. Spanish steps and 2 hotel inspections, with lunch. Tonight is cooking class and dinner!

  • Day15


    October 13 in Italy

    Cividavechia die zweite, letzte Woche war ich doch schon mal hier und hab genau im dem selben Restaurant Pizza gegessen 😄

    Ein kleines gemütliches Örtchen vor Rom. Das Wetter war wunderbar und super zum Spazierengehen 😊

    Wir sind gestern Nacht um 23 Uhr ankommen und es sind zwei von der Crew, nach Rom gefahren. Total cool, mitten in der Nacht und die Stadt war leer 🌠Read more

  • Day66

    Drei zerschlagene Nächte

    December 16 in Italy

    Entgegen unserer Idee -wir schlafen schön auf der Fähre und gehen dann einigermaßen ausgeruht herunter- haben beide Fähren riesige Verspätung, so dass wir jeweils mitten in der Nacht auf die Fähre und in Barcelona auch wieder mitten in der Nacht runterfahren. Wenn man sich dann mit dem Kinderwagen und einem Kleinkind zwischen eng stehenden LKWs durchschlängeln muss, während die Einweiser laut rumbrüllen wird sogar Erna wach, die sonst nicht viel wecken kann. Resi wird beim Gang an und von Board beide Male wach und ist quietschfidel um 3 Uhr nachts, findet es anscheinend spannend...
    Auf der ersten Fähre, als wir dann endlich alle in den Kojen lagen, ist Kaki später nachts noch einmal wach geworden, weil Erna an den oberen Bettstangen geturnt hat, und hängend zu ihm sagte "Guck mal was ich kann, Papa!" 🙈 Um halb 6 morgens sitze ich dann mit beiden Kindern im leeren Boardrestaurant. Klasse! Ich hole einen Kakao für Erna und mich, wobei erstere dann auch umkippt und Kuh und Manni (Erna s Weggefährten neben Löwe) ein Kakobad nehmen und von nun an halb braun durch die Gegend getragen werden. Immerhin sind beide Male andere Kinder in der mäßig bestückten "Kids Corner ", und Kaki und ich können uns mit "nachschlafen" abwechseln. Zwischendurch muss auch mal das Tablett eine Weile herhalten und es werden Bücherei eBooks geschaut. Bei der Querung Italiens gab es auch für uns nochmal Weihnachtsfeeling -Italien zugeschneit! In Barcelona sind die Temperaturen nun wieder angenehm. Nur die Nächte sind frisch.
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  • Day19

    Florence to Rome

    September 26, 2017 in Italy

    We took the speed train to Rome this morning, arriving in early afternoon. The trains travel at a speed of over 200 mph, but it never felt like it. On the other hand, the taxi ride to our hotel was much more exciting. We only had a short opportunity to sightsee today as we picked up our tickets for tomorrow's Papal audience! Early start in the morning.Read more

  • Day20

    Rome now and in the past

    September 27, 2017 in Italy

    Yup, that's the Pope! We got up early to get to Saint Peter's Square for a papal audience today. We followed the advice of the priest who handled the tickets and got into a position for a close up photo op. Very exciting day. The man was about 6 feet from us.
    We also took a walking tour of the Colosseum and other historic sites this evening. We are tired, but content. Sistin Chapel tomorrow.Read more

  • Day278


    March 31, 2017 in Italy

    Sorry for the recent lack of updates: Vicky has had a knitting project with a deadline- nearly finished now though!

    There isn't much to say about Laghetto. Our previous night had been spent more than 80km from Rome and we hadn't wanted to spend half a day driving before arriving in the capital. Laghetto was marked as a free car park on the outskirts of Rome. From here it would be a short drive to the central stopover. It was beside a few independent shops, eateries and a very busy main road. There was no sign indicating it was a designated stopover so we parked near the road to minimise any obstruction to shoppers. The vehicle noise made it a noisy night and Poppy got scared by the dogs who barked at her from multiple locations and the strays she saw wandering when she went out for the toilet. However, it served its purpose and we set off for our adventures in Rome the following morning.Read more

  • Day31

    The Colosseum

    July 28 in Italy

    The main attraction of the ancient city of Rome would have to be the Colosseum. This really is an amazing structure. The scale of this building takes one's breath away. Even today it is a huge theatre. The incredible thing is that it was built 2000 years ago. It was built using the Jewish money and Jewish slave labour the was taken from Jerusalem in the successful Roman siege of Jerusalem in AD 70. Some cheeky New York Jews have been known to make the point that it really should be regarded as a Jewish building given that it was built using Jewish money, labour resources and expertise.

    The Colosseum was Nero's gift to the Romans to entertain them and buy their support for his rule and policy. He opened the theatre with a festival which went for 100 days during which spectacles were held every morning, midday and afternoon. It was gladiators versus animals in the morning. It was executions during lunchtime, often involving criminals being thrown to wild animals, being crucified or being killed by the Roman sword. In the afternoons it was fighting to the death between gladiators. Sometimes the gladiators numbered in their hundreds. It was reported in the displayed information that 11,000 gladiators were involved in one festival.

    The Colosseum is a testimony to the cruelty of man. It represents the kinds of conduct that even the most sophisticated ancient society was involved in. Human beings are not much better than animals when such sport is the preferred entertainment of the people.

    The arena was at times filled with water and naval battles took place using full-size naval ships. Sometimes the drama of the event told the story of famous battles the Roman emperor felt should be told to communicate their greatness.

    The Colosseum is one of the best places we visited.
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Lazio, Latium, لاتسيو, Latsio, لاتزیا, Лацыа, Лацио, Lacio, Lazi, Laziu, Λάτιο, Latio, لاتزیو, Lacion, Là-chhè-o, Lacij, לאציו, लात्सियो, Լացիո, Latíum, ラツィオ州, ლაციო, 라치오 주, Lassio, Làsio, Lacijus, Лацио муж, Lazzio, Laci, ਲਾਤਸੀਓ, Lacjum, صوبہ لیزیو, Lácio, लेजिओ, Lazziu, แคว้นลาซีโอ, Лаціо, Łasio, 拉素, 拉齐奥

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