• Aug9

    Back to Broome

    August 9, 2018 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    The last day of our tour started early in Fitzroy Crossing. We headed west down the Great Northern Highway again following the Napier Range. First stop was Tunnel Creek.

    The Napier Range is an old reef system that was pushed up and is now a high and dry limestone range. As the name suggests Tunnel Creek carved a tunnel under the Napier Range that runs for about 800m. The climb down is a little rough through pink limestone (caused by fossilised algae) after that it was a pretty easy walk through a sandy stream.

    Half way through the ceiling had collapsed allowing light down into the tunnel. There were loads of stalactites and mites through the cave as well as a few fish swimming in the water. We did have to wade through some sections but it was only a bit over knee deep.

    We went through and back again in about an hour or so. When we were coming out a local snake had made itself comfortable on a rock at the entrance. Everyone said it was a python and so not venomous but whether that was correct or just wishful thinking I am not sure, either way I wasn’t getting close.

    Next stop was Windjana Gorge where the Lennard River has cut a deep gorge through the limestone with lots of fresh water crocs in residence. The gorge was really impressive and very wide.

    After that we hit the road back to Broome for another night at the Oaks Sanctuary Resort.

    Tomorrow we bid farewell to the Kimberleys.
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