• Day69

    Townsville, Australia

    March 11, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 77 °F

    The day started with Boris going to the doctor. His leg is better, but not completely cured. He finished all antibiotics. The doctor agreed he needs help, so she put IV in his arm and he had to stay in the medical center for an hour to get stronger antibiotics thru IV. Tomorrow he has to get another dose. We really hope that will do the job.
    By 9:00 AM he was done and we went to see the place. Townsville is a major gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. The weather forecast promised 100 percent rain and feel of 98 degrees. We packed our rain gears and umbrella. It was raining outside.
    We took shuttle and it brought us to the city.
    Townsville has the largest reef Aquarium and since it was raining it was logical place to go. The Aquarium has 2.5 million litre Coral Reef Exhibit. Very impressive.
    After spending close to 2 hours in Aquarium, we went outside. The rain stopped.
    Boris had IV in his arm, so it was difficult for him to walk, the IV was on the way of the crutch, so he was on the wheelchair. But it was also very uncomfortable for him to operate a wheelchair. Because of these I needed to push him.
    We walked about 1.5 miles along the water. It is a beautiful walk, but it was hot and extremely humid. There were beautiful beaches along the walk on one side and park with piknic tables and playgrouns on the other side. At the end of out walk we reached statue of the woman in the ocean. It changes the color depending on the air temperature. Some beaches had swimming areas. In Australia you can only swim in netted area because of jelly fish and crocodiles. When we reached almost the end of the waterwalk, we walked inland for a few blocks and stopped in take-away fish store. They cooked fish and chips with some additional shrimp for us and we ate it at the small table outside the store. The fish and shrimp were grilled and were so fresh and delicious.
    After a little rest and food we walked back to the shuttle.
    In addition to walking all-day and the heat, I had to push the wheelchair. So, I got my exercise of the day.
    We got back on the ship, took shower and went for a dinner. I ordered a seafood platter, but it did not tasted good after fish lunch.
    Tomorrow is Cairns and second IV for Boris.
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    Luba Beylkin

    We hope Boris will feel better after second IV

    Larisa Gelman

    Feel better and don’t over exert yourself.


    You guys are amazing! Persevering through all kinds of challenges. I admire both of you very much.

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