• Day12

    Sedona pink Jeep tours

    April 23 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    There were bright pink jeeps for 8; so 5 of us and 3 others. No one really knew what to expect. There had to be 10 jeeps that took off at once in different directions for different types of tours. We were on the broken arrow. We were all guaranteed a great time as everyone who gets done says they loved it. Ok, lets go. It ain’t cheap (unless I’m talking to Paul- wink). It better be worth it.

    We hopped in the Jeep and headed south of town toward the towering red rocks framing the city. Our guide, Daniel, was great.Very knowledgeable of the area, seasoned in hiking, biking and off-roading expert and a funny guy. He was super friendly. He turned off of the main road toward the rocks. To the left, a parking lot. To the right, an uneven road that he informed us was to remind any drivers that were going the wrong way and would have some explaining to do to the car rental places. We bumped and bobbled over the ground as he informed us that this was nothing. We all half-heartedly laughed with a little worry in our chuckle.

    Let me tell you, we had so much fun. It was some true off-roading. He drove us to the top of the red rock for some views you won’t get just walking around. You can hike it but the jeeps are fun. You bounce around everywhere. He got us on some angles that caused to get real close to our neighbors. We got out a few times to climb higher up for better views. He even said the jeeps used to drive to the tops of some of these rocks. Aww, hella no. I was already scared. The red rocks are not mountains but caused by erosion. They are continuously eroding. One end of the canyon where we were was actually connected to the other end a million years ago.
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