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  • Day12

    A drive to Sedona, Arizona

    April 15, 2018 in the United States

    We had 4 nights in Flagstaff at hotel Highland Country Inn and 3 full days to be tourists. Today we were going to hop in the car and head down to Sedona and take a scenic drive. We didn't really have any specific plans while in Flagstaff other then seeing the Grand Canyon.

    The windy roads and gorgeous red cliffs made for a lovely drive. We drove past Slide Rock State park which Elisa really wanted to see, but with the kids it would have been hard. We stopped at Crescent Moon picnic ground at the upper Red Rocks loop rd. It was a cute area and we did a short hike which had terrific landscaping in the background, that led to a creek which the kids played in.

    On the way back we stopped in the town of Sedona where it was super busy with tourists, but it's understandable as its so beautiful.

    That night we had dinner in the hotel and just hung out with grandma in the hotel as we knew the next day would be super busy.
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  • Day17

    Wandern in Sedona

    June 7, 2017 in the United States

    Wie gestern vereinbart treffen wir uns mit Finja und Familie zur Vormittagswanderung... Umgebung erkunden... Unmittelbar beim Campingplatz startet ein Rundtrail. Die Felsformationen und Farbenspiele sind grandios... bei der Kulisse vergeht natürlich die Zeit sehr schnell und schon laufen wir in der Mittagshitze am Berg herum... die kids sind dann dementsprechend froh als wir wieder am Campingplatz angekommen sind. Dafür gehts dann am Nachmittag mal ab zum Baden im Fluss... der ist eine echte Erfrischung!
    Zur Belohnung des Tages dann ab in die Stadt und richtig gut essen... mit Bisonspieß, pulled-pork, Elchsteak, ribs... und jede Menge guter Saucen dazu... da bekomme ich beim schreiben schon wieder hunger...😋
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  • Day16

    next stop... Sedona

    June 6, 2017 in the United States

    Der Tag beginnt mit einer ausgiebigen Runde spielen am Schul-Spielplatz von Seligman... und dann erst mal Frühstück. Bis zu unserem nächsten Stopp ist es doch noch ein Stückchen zu fahren also los geht's... Das Örtchen Seligman ist der authentischte Bereich der Route 66 und echt sehenswert. Leider aber auch bald wieder vorbei.
    Die nächsten 2h waren gut zu fahren, Tabea hat geschlafen... in Flagstaff war dann aber doch Schluss mit schlafen, also beim nächsten Einkaufszentrum raus und und die Füße vertreten.
    Am späten Nachmittag sind wir dann am Campingplatz angekommen... wow, das ist ein richtig schönes Tal. Ähnlich wie im Monument Valley nur viel grüner und ein Fluss fließ auch durch. Optimalerweise direkt am Campingplatz vorbei, also gleich mal Steine schmeißen mit Finnja... gut dass wir 3 Nächte hier mal gebucht haben.
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  • Day10


    January 8, 2015 in the United States

    Another clear, sunny, warm day.....perfect for a day trip to Sedona, 185 km and about 2+ hours north of our condo. I will never tire of the beauty of this location. First we stopped at The Chapel of the Holy Cross, which is built into the red rock cliffs. We only had time for one good hike so I chose Devils Bridge, a favourite hike from our last trip to Sedona in 2013. Although the trail was "officially" closed, we spoke to several hikers who said it was doable if we were careful. From a trailhead elevation of 4,600 feet, there is a mere 400 foot climb in altitude during this moderately difficult 3 km trek. The first part is used by jeep tours and because of the recent 12" snowfall the road was muddy in areas with pools of water to avoid.Read more

  • Day0

    Sedona, Arizona

    April 24, 2017 in the United States

    Arizona, a breath of fresh dry air. From the airplane looking down on the geographical land of Arizona is it looks prehistoric. The rough red rocks look flat from above and as if dinosaurs are present. We landed in Phoenix, the land of tall cactus's and busy streets. Having Tennessee be the farthest west I've ever been, it was certainly different. The dry air was new to me and the heat felt warm and relaxing. Cactus's grew everywhere! Obviously! Time was spent with family and friends the first couple of days in Phoenix and then we were headed on our way to Sedona! I gained my passion for Sedona during my Reiki training. When learning about the energy that Sedona hosts, it became very apparent that I desired to visit. When driving from Phoenix to Arizona, the land changes slowly but drastically. The tall cactus's disappear and smaller cactus’s appear. Water is more abundant in Sedona. Wide open fields become mountainous terrain. And the energy becomes palpable. The minute we entered into Sedona, I could feel it, but not in the way that I had initially expected. As an Empath, picking up on the energy around me is constant. I expected Sedona's energy to be beautiful, sweet and serene. Instead, I was filled with panic, anxiety and confusion. (I will come back to this) She was beautiful. The Red Rocks of Sedona are amazing! Sedona has a quaint little town with a downtown full of shops, locals, food and views in every direction. Beauty is everywhere. We started our adventure at Airport Mesa Vortex, The wind, she was a blowing and it added a bit more adrenaline surrendering your hands in the air or sitting on the edge. I tried my absolute hardest to sit in this Vortex in solitude and grow from this experience but my anxiety was stirring quietly. Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park is where our footsteps trailed next. Speechless. Even now, I have a lack of words for how it felt to be surrounded by this sacred land. To be in a place where we can coexist. I walked past a man sitting quietly beneath a tree and my gut called to him. I made sure I was not interrupting him. He assured me I was not and asked me to join him. He then handed me a cross made out of copper wire intertwined around crystals, shells, music notes and pure positive energy. Here it was. This was my time. He told me to talk..so I did. I told him how I had always pictured my time in Sedona and how I've only been ridden with anxiety since the moment, literally the moment, I crossed the Sedona line. I was sad that this was my experience and my expectations had been let down. He provided me with everything I was needing at that moment. He taught me more about Sedona than meets the eye. He explained to me that the energy here in Sedona is so strong that it literally brings everything you're feeling to the forefront. It was only perception creating a fine line between what I perceived as anxiety and what was actually all of my thoughts, goals, failures, truths, worries, beliefs, everything that our bodies are consumed of. He lit some sage and I watched it burn while I inhaled its beauty and my fingers stayed wrapped about this wand held close to my heart. Here, it was my time to rid this anxiety, rid what doesn't benefit me and allow what does to manifest. I thanked him for his gracious time and took a few steps towards my next path, turned to thank him again, and he had disappeared. Part of me wondered if even existed in this realm. Part of me didn't care. He helped me understand so much about myself and this beautiful place. The beauty of Sedona suddenly looked different. The beauty inside of my suddenly felt different. I look forward to stepping foot in this park again. This special place that held more energy and understanding than I could have expected. The following day, Alyssa and I woke early and ventured downtown for our jeep tour. Now, I know for some a jeep tour sounds touristy, it did to me as well but I felt it was a must see. And it truly is. Put the touristy factor aside. Our tour with Safari Jeep was incredible. Incredibly bumpy as well!! We traveled up to Merry Go Round Rock and learned of the ocean side property that Sedona once was. The geographical history is very interesting! After our Jeep Tour, I stopped by the International Center for Reiki Healing and bought myself my first singing bowl. A beautiful H, Throat Chakra singing bowl. Oh, how I love her. I am so looking forward to when I can step foot in Sedona again. She's lovely.
    Hippie Tips:
    Eat Cactus fries and enjoy Prickly Pear Mojitos!
    Star Gaze, Sedona is the only city in America to not allow Light Pollution
    Take a Jeep Tour in Sedona
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  • Day17

    Travel to Sedona and more rain

    October 13, 2018 in the United States

    Traveled on 89A to Sedona and along the way stopped at the Oak Creek Canyon Vista, which is just before the switchback in the road drops into the canyon. The views of the canyon were wonderful.
    By the time we got to Sedona, the rain had started, so we dropped off the trailer and went out for lunch. We then went to a fun local brewery to watch the Oregon Ducks win in overtime.Read more

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