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  • Day1

    Settling into La Jolla

    August 23, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Thank you people for answering my email link and sending messages! I wasn’t sure that I would write again just yet, but am inspired to communicate, even though feeling quite jet lagged for once. The problem was that the flight left early morning Sydney time, so we flew all day and landed at LAX at 11.30 pm Sydney time, but 6.30 am California we really didn’t get a proper sleep on the plane, but are a bit wiped out now...we’ll cope. Also, I have to put in one funny (now) thing...I think it’s funny, but it was frustrating then, and Amr probably doesn’t think it’s funny at all...but when we checked into the flight yesterday Amr had a problem (he’d had the problem trying to checkin online too)...but it turned out that his ESTA visa waiver had expired...he hadn’t checked, and was SURE it was still it can be done at the airport thank goodness, and all was well...just a hassle! Just so glad it wasn’t me that was the flake!

    Anyway, here we are. We got the bus from airport to Union Station, and got an Amtrak train down to Solana Beach where Lisi picks us up, but poor thing she was delayed by an accident on the I-5 ....caused total stoppage of the first we thought it was a Panamanian time situation, but no....a real situation! Happy that Nico their sweet but fiercely noisy and protective dog has again remembered us, sniffed and was totally docile on our arrival, and is now sitting beside me on a chair just like the old days.

    So we have unpacked a bit, Lisi had to rush to the school for some event, and will reappear with James at about 3.30, Cami will be at tennis till later, Michael is in Carlsbad till tomorrow for a sales meeting week, and Amr has gone for a walk down to the town to have a haircut at his favourite Vietnamese barber here, and to have a swim!! I think that is very heroic...I am happy just keeping awake and sitting writing this with Nico.

    This is a very mundane entry, and may not write every day while here, but you never know....but just recording our arrival. While at the station we bought the return tickets back to LA for next Thursday when we fly out to Madrid!! Will take a photo of Nico as he looks very cute and clean and groomed (Wednesday is his day!), but no one else here to take photos of. This will come.
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