A 9-day adventure by Lars
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  • Day 1

    From Zürich to the Faroe Islands

    May 13 in Faroe Islands ⋅ 🌬 10 °C

    It was an early morning start for me as I made my way to the airport in Zurich to begin my journey to the Faroe Islands for a long-awaited photography workshop. I was filled with excitement and anticipation, ready to learn new skills and capture stunning images of this breathtaking destination.

    As I arrived at the airport, I was greeted by my photography companion Michael, who had also been eagerly awaiting this trip. We checked in our bags and boarded our first flight to Amsterdam, where we had a brief stopover before continuing on to Billund.

    The journey was fairly complicated, with multiple flights and stopovers, but the stunning views from the airplane windows made it all worth it. As we flew over the rugged landscapes of Denmark and the Faroe Islands, I couldn't wait to step foot on the islands and begin exploring.

    As soon as we landed on the Faroe Islands, Michael and I were greeted with a thick fog that enveloped everything around us. It was a bit disappointing, but we were determined to make the most of our trip and explore this fascinating place
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  • Day 1

    From the airport to Tórshavn

    May 13 in Faroe Islands ⋅ 🌬 10 °C

    Our first stop was the village of Gásadalur, which is famous for its picturesque waterfall, Múlafossur. We had seen pictures of the waterfall online, but nothing could have prepared us for the breathtaking beauty of the real thing. The waterfall tumbled down a sheer cliff and dropped into the sea below, surrounded by mist and fog.

    As we headed back to our hotel, I felt grateful for the opportunity to explore this beautiful place. Despite the challenging weather conditions, we had already taken some incredible photos, and we knew that there was so much more to see and capture during the rest of our trip. I fell asleep that night, excited for what the next day would bring.
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  • Day 2

    Lake Toftavatn

    May 14 in Faroe Islands ⋅ 🌬 8 °C

    On our second day in the Faroe Islands, we woke up early and headed out to explore more of the stunning landscape. Our destination was Toftavatn, a small lake nestled in the hills just outside of Tórshavn.

    The drive to the lake was stunning, with breathtaking views of the rugged coastline and rolling green hills. When we arrived, we were greeted by a herd of curious sheep, who seemed just as interested in us as we were in them.

    We spent the morning exploring the area around the lake, taking photos of the stunning views and the various shades of green that surrounded us. The weather was typically unpredictable, with sun, wind, and rain all making appearances throughout the morning.

    As we were taking photos, one of the sheep suddenly charged towards us, bleating loudly. We quickly realized that it was best to give the sheep some space and moved away to a safe distance.

    After a few hours at Toftavatn, we headed back towards Tórshavn. We decided to take the undersea tunnel back to the hotel, which was a unique experience in and of itself. The tunnel connects the island of Streymoy with the island of Eysturoy and is the second-longest underwater tunnel in the world.

    We arrived back at the hotel in the early afternoon, feeling tired but exhilarated from our morning adventure.
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  • Day 2

    Múlafossur Waterfall

    May 14 in Faroe Islands ⋅ 🌬 7 °C

    In the afternoon, we met up with our photography tour group and the guides gave us a briefing about the upcoming days. We were excited to learn that we would be shooting sunsets at 22:30 and sunrises at 4:00, which meant that we would be getting very little sleep during our time in the Faroe Islands. But as photographers, we knew that this was all part of the job.

    After dinner, we headed back out to the Múlafossur Waterfall, hoping to capture the stunning scenery in the perfect light. We were not disappointed - the light was incredible, and we were able to capture some truly breathtaking shots of the waterfall.

    As we were shooting, we also had the opportunity to see and photograph some puffins, which are known for their cute and quirky appearance. It was a real highlight of our trip so far to see these beautiful birds up close.

    Eventually, close to midnight, we reluctantly headed back to the hotel for a short night's sleep. We knew that we would need to be up early the next morning to capture the sunrise, but we were all still buzzing with excitement from the incredible sunset shoot we had just experienced.
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  • Day 3

    Mount Hvíthamar

    May 15 in Faroe Islands ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

    Despite the short night's sleep, we woke up at 3 am, filled with anticipation for the beautiful morning light. We quickly got ready, packed our camera gear, and set off on our next photography adventure.

    Our destination was Hvíthamar, a small mountain near Funningur that promised stunning views of the surrounding landscape. We hiked up the mountain, guided by the soft glow of the rising sun.

    As we reached the summit, we were rewarded with an awe-inspiring sight. The landscape unfolded before us in all its majesty, bathed in the warm hues of the morning light. The rolling hills, the dramatic cliffs, and the shimmering sea created a breathtaking scene that was worth every minute of lost sleep.

    We spent a couple of hours capturing the beauty of the sunrise, experimenting with different angles and compositions. The tranquility of the moment and the sheer natural beauty surrounding us made it an unforgettable experience.

    Afterward, we made our way back to the hotel, ready to refuel with a well-deserved breakfast at 8 am and a enjoyed a little nap afterwards.
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  • Day 3

    Exploring Tórshavn

    May 15 in Faroe Islands ⋅ 🌬 9 °C

    After our lunch at local restaurant, we set out to explore the capital city of Tórshavn in the afternoon. We strolled through the charming old town, where narrow alleys lined with colorful houses led us on a journey through history. The traditional turf-roofed buildings and cobblestone streets added to the quaint atmosphere of the area.

    As we wandered, we stumbled upon hidden parks and green spaces tucked away between the buildings. The city had a peaceful ambiance, and we took our time to appreciate the serenity and natural beauty surrounding us.

    Feeling the need for a little break, we decided to stop at a cute coffee shop we discovered along the way. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air as we entered. The cozy interior and friendly baristas made it the perfect spot to relax and recharge.

    After receiving some valuable photography lessons on composition from our guide David, we were eager to put our newfound knowledge into practice. Excitement filled the air as we ventured out with our cameras, ready to capture stunning images of the Faroe Islands' landscapes.

    However, nature had other plans for us that evening. The rain began to pour, making it impossible to take the sunset shots we had envisioned. Undeterred by the weather, we decided to embrace the circumstances and focus on capturing the beauty of the rainy, windy, and cold conditions.

    We braced ourselves against the elements, adjusting our camera settings to capture the essence of the rainy atmosphere. The wind whipped around us, challenging our ability to keep the camera steady. Water droplets clung to our lenses, adding a dreamy effect to the images we were able to capture.

    While it wasn't the most comfortable or ideal shooting experience, we found solace in knowing that capturing the raw and untamed elements of the Faroe Islands would result in unique and memorable photographs.
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  • Day 4

    Fossá Waterfall

    May 16 in Faroe Islands ⋅ 🌬 2 °C

    Despite the disappointing weather forecast, we woke up to a pleasant surprise - sunshine and hints of blue sky. It seemed that the weather had defied expectations, and we couldn't help but feel a tinge of regret for missing the sunrise. It was a reminder that nature's beauty often unfolds in unexpected ways.

    Undeterred, we quickly prepared ourselves and set off for our first destination of the day - Fossá waterfall. The excitement of being able to capture the majestic cascade of water with our cameras and drone outweighed any lingering disappointment.

    Arriving at Fossá waterfall, we marveled at its sheer grandeur. The water thundered down from a great height, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. It was a sight to behold, and we couldn't wait to capture it from different angles and perspectives.

    As the drone took flight, I was able to capture breathtaking aerial footage, revealing the full scale and beauty of Fossá waterfall. The cascading water, surrounded by lush greenery, looked even more magnificent from above. The drone allowed me to capture the raw power and natural wonder of Fossá waterfall in ways that traditional photography couldn't.
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  • Day 4

    Tjørnuvík beach

    May 16 in Faroe Islands ⋅ 🌬 3 °C

    Our next destination took us to the stunning Tjørnuvík beach, a place of natural beauty and raw power. As we arrived, we were immediately captivated by the sight of waves crashing against the rocky shore, sending sprays of water into the air.

    We made our way along the sandy beach, feeling the cool sea breeze on our faces. The sound of the waves was both soothing and invigorating, as they relentlessly pounded against the rugged cliffs that framed the beach.

    In the distance, we could spot the iconic Risin og Kellingin sea stacks rising majestically from the sea. These towering rock formations, shrouded in myth and legend, added an air of mystery and enchantment to the already breathtaking scene.

    With our cameras in hand, we focused on capturing the dynamic energy of the crashing waves and the imposing presence of the sea stacks.
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  • Day 4


    May 16 in Faroe Islands ⋅ ☁️ 3 °C

    Our morning expedition led us to the charming village of Saksun, a place brimming with natural beauty and rural tranquility. As we arrived, we were greeted by the sight of a picturesque waterfall cascading down the mountainside, adding an ethereal touch to the already idyllic landscape.

    We explored the village, admiring the traditional turf-roofed houses and the small chapel that stood as a testament to the village's history and heritage. The surrounding hills and meadows were dotted with sheep, peacefully grazing and adding a touch of serenity to the scene.

    Despite the stunning surroundings, the wind and cold temperatures began to take their toll on us. The exposed location of Saksun made it particularly susceptible to the chilly weather. Nevertheless, we braved the elements, determined to capture the essence of this unique village.

    With cameras in hand, we focused on documenting the captivating sights of Saksun. The waterfall, the quaint chapel, and the rugged shoreline offered us a myriad of photographic opportunities. Each click of the shutter immortalized the beauty of this remote corner of the Faroe Islands.

    As the chill grew more biting, we made the decision to retreat from the wind-swept village and head back to Tórshavn, the warm and welcoming capital. The thought of a hot meal waiting for us brought a sense of comfort and anticipation.
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  • Day 4

    Drangarnir and Tindholmur.

    May 16 in Faroe Islands ⋅ ☁️ 5 °C

    In the evening, our sense of adventure led us to the quaint village of Sørvágur, where an exciting boat trip awaited us. Our destination? The awe-inspiring sea stacks of Drangarnir and Tindholmur. The anticipation grew as we boarded the boat, ready for an unforgettable experience.

    The boat journey took us closer to the towering sea stacks, providing us with a unique perspective of their grandeur. We marveled at the sheer magnitude of these natural formations, rising majestically from the depths of the sea. The jagged cliffs, weathered by the elements, stood as silent witnesses to the passage of time.
    Upon reaching our destination, we disembarked from the boat and embarked on a roughly one-hour walk to get even closer to these magnificent sea stacks. The path led us through stunning landscapes, with panoramic views of the surrounding cliffs, ocean, and distant islands. Each step we took filled us with anticipation, as we knew we were approaching something truly special.

    And then, we arrived. Standing at the top of the towering cliffs, we were struck with awe. The vastness of the ocean stretched before us, while the rugged cliffs provided a dramatic backdrop. The sheer beauty and power of nature enveloped us, leaving us humbled by its presence.

    As the sun began to descend towards the horizon, painting the sky in vibrant hues of orange, we knew we were witnessing a truly magical moment. The cliffs were illuminated by the golden light, casting a spellbinding glow over the landscape. It was a scene that could only be described as breathtaking.

    As the sun bid its farewell, the day came to a close, leaving us with memories etched in our hearts. With a sense of gratitude and wonder, we made our way back to Sørvágur, our hearts and minds overflowing with the beauty we had witnessed. The day had been a testament to the untamed allure of the Faroe Islands and a reminder of the power of nature to leave us speechless.
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