• Day2

    Our Delightful Day at Disney!

    February 20, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    Oh man, where to start? Today started off slow, a trip to get some groceries because our hotel doesn't have continental breakfast. I am always surprised to see liquor in a grocery store, but we bought some wine and beer. The beer is Shock Top (so good) and the wine was $3. We haven't tried it yet, but I felt like we just had to for that price. We ended getting to Disneyland around 3pm. (We walked and went through Downtown Disney. We signed up for the Disney Vacation Club presentation tomorrow because they will drive us to the park and give us money. 😂 Will update if we buy a timeshare. 😉 (I'm kidding.)

    Disney is amazing. Not only is it the happiest place on Earth, I feel like it is the safest. You go through a security check to get in, and walk though a metal detector. Some people may see this as a burden, but I really appreciate it, because I know that going in it's going to be so safe. There's security and police everywhere, and everyone is super nice. I get it now. I've heard that Disney is an intense place to work, and studying more about Arts and Cultural Management, I can't believe how much must go into this business. They have gone through so many lengths to make sure people are having the optimal experience. Lots of people sweeping up trash, lots of light and signage, and the app is a must have. It gives you everything! Ride wait times, ordering food, making reservations, booking rides, storing pictures! We didn't get any character autographs today because it was a short day, we spent it looking around and doing things we deemed more important. Being the low season, there were some things closed for refurbishment. The most depressing of which being Sleeping Beauty's Castle. (Guess I'll have to come back!)

    My very first ride at Disney was Star Tours, which is the Star Wars ride. :) We then saw that Space Mountain only had a 20 minute wait so we jumped on that opportunity. I had so much fun on Space Mountain, I actually kind of felt like I was going to cry because it was so magical. We then tried to figure out how to use the Fast Passes... Which we did! We got some food, watched the Soundsational Parade. (It focuses a lot on music.) And during the parade it started to rain! We walked through New Orleans Square and looked at the shops, and We ended up going back to the room to gear up a little better for the amount of rain, and made it back to the park in time for our ride on Indiana Jones. We then rushed to see the laser music show, (Mickey's Mix Magic?) and since there was still time we ran over to the carousel, and Snow White's Scary Adventure. We were running around pretty hard and the park closed. So we thought we'd go to Downtown Disney to get a beer and rest our feet. Well, everything there closes at 10 or 10:30 too. Soooo, we did a long and painful walk back to the hotel. We're both parked back in the hotel, have cracked a beer and I am curled up in bed, and Wallace just took a shower while I wrote this. So, bedtime beckons. (It's almost 2am back home!) 😴😴😴
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