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  • Day7

    Disney at night day 2

    December 20, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    After lunch, climbed into our jammies as our clothes were still wet from splash mountain. We watched a bit of tv, I had a few nanna naps through the afternoon. About 6.30pm we headed back to Disney for tea and watch Fantasmic again. Had chicken, green beans and mash potato which had garlic butter and bacon through it. Really not enjoying the food here at and around Disney. Even the milk has corn syrup in it. No wonder it tastes different. Even the bread is sweet. Will be checking labels at Steamboat Springs, hopefully we have better access to grocery stores.
    After tea we went on a few more rides, which are even better at night time. We had a better view of the fireworks, where we were waiting to go in for Fantasmic. Enjoyed Fantasmic once again, got a little damp this time from the water spray, but it was worth it having front view.
    We decided to go on splash mountain again as we were damp and there was no line. I had to sit in the front as it was my turn to get wet. Went around twice as it wasn't busy. I didn't get too badly wet just my hair. A bit lighter in the boat with only 3 of us. Turned out to be another late night, but we had lots of fun.
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  • Day1

    Off we go!

    December 26, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    First things first is the christmas outfit! Went all out!
    Second thing is I'm never flying on Boxing Day again - too hectic trying to get everything organised for a long trip combined with christmas. And everything takes longer than you think.
    Even a simple thing like advising the banks of the travel plans took ages. ANZ have a very detailed procedure where you list dates in and out of each country and because my plans involve several countries and abit of back and forth I kept on getting timed out - so thats one hour of my life that I will never get back!

    Next was the packing. Naturally this wasn't started until I got home on christmas night. You can see the chaos in the photo!
    And so of course last minute isn't complete unless you soak your clothes in mosquito repellant thus ensuring they are not dry for the flight. You can see some of them drying laid out on plastic in the background of the photo!
    Then as you are stressing out with the packing there is the lovely scent of permethrin in the air from the mosie soaked clothes as you wonder if the ventilation is enough so that it doesn't become toxic.

    Anyway no sleep for me as I head off to the airport!
    Tried to buy my way into the business class lounge to no avail so I left mum (aka margy) and headed for the floor - literally! So exhausted I joined a few people who were lying on the floor in one of the gate areas. A new low.

    Flew american airlines which I haven't done for a while - good food in terms of airline food - much better than united and delta. Killer chocolate mouse.
    And as a bonus a very good looking crew!

    Arrived in the US before we left for our 2nd boxing day. Weirdly customs didn't open until 6am so we had to sit on the tarmac. Checked into our budget hotel - booked the night before so we could check straight in.

    So as mum went to bed I headed off to an Amazon pick up centre where I had some purchases directed. Such a great idea and saves postage to Australia if you happen to be going to the States. And they accept returns saving postage which is good because I returned two items. You will see my happy face picking up my goods in a later post!

    Then to REI in San Monica for sturdy walking shoes and ugly waterproof sandals. Mission achieved - see photo of super ugly walking sandals

    Then it all went to shit! Tried to withdraw US dollars for the trip and discovered I had mistakenly bought my expired citibank card. I have a truly terrible track record with card mishaps on my travels. So after discussions with Citibank in the US and calls to Australia I can get my money but then discover the transfer of funds is still pending.

    More calls to Australia and I transfer my money out of Citibank back to ANZ but won't be able to access the funds until Ecuador. Also my emails and text messages on my mobile are not sending/receiving so I have to change my mobile number in my Citibank profile to mum's mobile which is working - another call to Australia. However I can go online for sending/receiving emails but in Cuba wi fi is going to be few and far between.

    Thankfully I am not travelling solo at this stage so we have the money from margy's Citibank transfer but her card is not working. Another call to Australia to fix that up. Then we also take the maximum each day from margy's savings account but we still haven't got as much money as we wanted to take.

    Anyway I take margy to another REI store to get her ugly waterproof sandals for the Galapagos and after alot of trying on the perfect model are not in in her size! Bummer. We try other places but nothing.

    We have dinner in my favourite burgar place In n Out and while margy goes back to the hotel I go to Target and CVS - another two of my favorite stores - to stock up on a few things for the trip.

    Go to bed exhausted and stressed about the expired card and the money situation!
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  • Day27

    It All Started With a Mouse

    July 25, 2017 in the United States

    The day is finally here. The day a single 31 year old Disney fan enters the Magic Kingdom ON HER OWN!

    To help justify my solo attendance I opted to undertake the exclusive 'Walking in Walt's Disneyland Footsteps' Tour which was a special 3.5 hour tour including lunch with which we would be taken around the park and told stories about its construction, the imagineering and ultimately it's creator- the man himself Walt Disney.

    I've done a lot of research on Disney over the years especially during my degree. Many people have referred to media degrees as Mickey Mouse degrees so during mine I steered into the curve and wrote essays on Disneyland, Baudrillard, Hyper-realism and Mary Poppins. I think I thought I was proving a point. Regardless, I already knew a fair amount about Disneyland's construction and how much the park had meant to Walt in his later years. Due to the crowds, we wore ear pieces to ensure we could hear our tour guide but this also meant he could play us significant audio clips from Disney history. I can't lie, I got chills when he played us his opening speech from July 17th 1955. It's short but sweet so I thought I'd include it below:

    "To all who come to this happy place - welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created America with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world."

    I believe this speech still epitomises Disneyland today.

    The true highlight of the tour was spending half an hour in Walt's very own apartment above the Fire Station in Main Street USA. This really did give me tingles. Walt spent a lot of time here in his later years especially during the park's construction and early days. There is a lamp in the window which was always left on during his times of residence. As a mark of respect the lamp has remained lit since his death in 1966.

    As the park was so busy I opted to go on very few rides and simply soak up the Disney atmosphere and indulge in my photography. Doing this I made several inreresting observations. The first was the realisation that kids were still carrying around autograph books and they were on sale in all the gift shops. This was a nice surprise as I'd assumed the autograph had been subsumed by the selfie. Second was the 'Bibbidy Bobbdy Boo Boutique' just inside the Castle. On entering you struggle to focus at first through the mist of hairspray and glitter but once the fog clears you are greeted with a frenzy of little girls sat in parlour chairs having their hair done by Fairy Godmothers and being dressed as Princesses. It was magical and a little creepy all at the same time! I confess I was tempted to ask whether big girls could play too! My 3rd interesting observation was that there is no signal on the Haunted Mansion. Spooky huh? I was also chuffed to find the entrance to 'Club 33' which was Disney's exclusive club set upstairs in the New Orleans houses of Frontierland.

    The day ended with 'Fantasmic' - Disney's infamous night time show on the water in Frontierland. I first saw this in 1994 and thought it was the most magical thing I'd ever seen. I still do.
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  • Day6

    Good Morning Mickey!

    July 5, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    On day 2 of our park fun we visited Disneyland Park. Another early start to take advantage of Magic Hour (it switches parks each day). This time our first destination was Tomorrowland and Fastpasses for Star Tours. Fastpasses in hand we found some breakfast. Once our bellies were full we rode Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, a semi-submersible sub ride themed after the famous Disney clownfish. We also rode Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Autotopia, the Jungle Cruise, Tarzan’s Treehouse and Pirates of the Caribbean before stopping for some lunch. After lunch we rode the Disney Railroad all around the park and visited the Pirates Liar on Tom Sawyer Island. Our last ride was the Haunted Mansion.
    It was so hot, we decided to head back to the hotel for a break and to visit the pool.
    We got freshened up and returned to the park in time to take the train to New Orleans Station and check in for our 8 pm dinner reservations. We enjoyed our meal and sat through the Fantasmic Show. By the time we got back to the hotel everyone was exhausted again and we called it a night.

    DYK: Disneyland Park opened in July 1955. The park was designed and built under the direct supervisor of Walt Disney. Disney California Adventure Park opened in 2001.
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  • Day3


    April 6, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    Elisa was ready to get to Disneyland when it opened at 8am but the kids had other ideas and slept in. We spent more than 12 hours (845am to 10pm) at the "Happiest place on Earth".

    We started with "It's a small world after all" and finished with the "Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room" before the fantastic fireworks display. Elisa's favourite ride was the buzz light year ride ride (Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters) , Josh enjoyed the Tea Cups in Fantasyland and was surprised at the sheer size of "Its a Small world" and "Pirates of the Caribbean". Inara seemed to enjoy the "rockets" but entered every ride with excitement. We think Brandon enjoyed "Star Tours - the adventure continues" the most but he is asleep at the moment to ask him.

    As a family we were able to go on most rides together which was great. When Inara slept we took turns taking Brandon. We waited an average of about 30 min for a ride which really wasn't that bad. The kids were pretty good and only had minor frustrations when they were tired and hungry at dinner. Brandon decided walking was too boring and had to skip holding hands. Inara was told to hold hands or go in pram so she decided to hold her own hands together. Cheeky girl.

    The adults were ready to leave about 8pm but Brandon really wanted to see the fireworks. Of course he fell asleep before the fireworks and Inara slept through all the fireworks.

    All in all it was a fun day and we really hope Inara remembers it, as we are sure Brandon will.
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  • Day4

    Down Day

    April 7, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Today was a down day between visiting the two theme parks. Leah came over to the hotel to meet us and Elisa and Leah went out to Vodafone to get a local phone number. It was great to hang out with Leah and catch up. Brandon and Josh played in the pool but it was pretty cold. Later on that day, Ger and Luke drove over with her nephews and dropped off the car which will be our home for the next 3 months.
    The kids were still on Melbourne time and we had to take them down to the hotel foyer area for them to run off their energy.
    At least the small convenient store was open in the hotel so were able to get some drinks.
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  • Day42


    July 27, 2017 in the United States

    We woke up early to go to disneyland! Woo Hoo! There was an extra magic hour which meant you can go to the parks one hour earlier than usual. We rode on splash mountain, big thunder mountain railroad, haunted mansion, Buzz lightyear astro blasters, Winnie the pooh and more. Before we rode the haunted mansion ride, I was really scared but it wasn’t that bad after all. My favourite was Splash Mountain. The line for Splash mountain was normally like 1 hour but when we went the line was just 15 minutes! Splash mountain is a water slide that feels like a roller coaster. First it is really slow and relaxing but at the end there is a huge fall and you get splashed!Read more

  • Day15


    June 29, 1992 in the United States

    Today we go to Disneyland. After last night's big shift, we hadn't gone to bed until after 11, so we weren't expecting the kids to be bouncing around early. However, we were catching the shuttle bus and wanted to make the most of the day, so we decided to make for the 9:15 one. With a great flurry of activity we made it, but Nicole had left her hat behind and Joel, his camera.

    Once in through the gates we put our stuff in a locker and made for Tomorrowland, where Nicole wanted to go on the Space Mountain ride, one which had large queues the last time she had been here. We got on fairly quickly. We were taken through rooms which were like the inside of a space station, and we were still in the queue. The ride itself was tremendous, whizzing past stars and galaxies and so on. Totally exhilarating. I'd never been on a roller coaster like it.

    The next one was "Mission to Mars". There were two steps. First we were briefed and the second, we were in a circular room which was supposed to simulate a flight through a space warp and so on. The chairs vibrated but it was as exciting as the first. It's difficult to remember the order of events but at some time we went on Star Tours - probably even better than Space Mountain. Again, there was entertainment all the way along the queue including C3PO, R2-D2, Ewoks, robots and so on. Then the ride was not a roller coaster, but in a room which moved, titled and vibrated with a large screen in front. The sense were very easily fooled into thinking you were really flying along through space. We breakfasted on hamburgers and hot dogs, then went on a monorail ride - we thought around the park, but it only went to the hotel and back. Other rides we went on during the day included the Sky Way, Autopia (small cars), all the fast rides in the park including the bobsleds on the Matterhorn, the Splash Mountain ride in Critter Country, the Big Thunder Ranch ride. All of them basically "turbulent roller coaster rides" according to the warning signs, each with a slightly different flavour.

    We also went on a couple of classics: the Mad Hatter's Teacups, It's a Small World, Storybook Village. We stayed until quite late as we wanted to see Fantasmic. We also saw another parade with large Goofy displays. The Fantasmic show was really wonderful. Sean was worried about being able to see as there was quite a crowd. However the fireworks and projected animation into fountains of water and smoke rose quite high into the air. It was quite spectacular and as good as anything like that in the world. Theme was something like "Mickey Mouse saves the world". THere was a lot of fireworks also as we tried to make our way out of the place and found we were going the wrong way. I made sure to hang onto the kids pretty tightly as there were heaps of people and it was dark.

    We were worried about delaying too long as we wanted to make sure to catch the shuttle bus at 10pm back to the hotel. We had to make our way to the Jiminy Cricket section. We made it and returned to the hotel very tired.
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  • Day3

    Disneyland, Anaheim, LA

    June 29, 2017 in the United States

    This definitely needs a post all of it's own! I know everyone says Disneyland is the "happiest place on earth", but my day at Disneyland really was hands down one of the best days of my life that I can recall so far <3 Emma and I were both SUPER excited to go, and I'm pleased that I've had to wait until my adult years to go as I think things like this you really do appreciate even more when you've had to wait and work hard for them. Discovering Disneyland for the first time with Emma-Kate was awesome as we were both keen to take things in as much as possible, and shared each other's excitement in the finer details of everything and the pure magic of the place. We were both very impressed at what a well oiled machine all of Disneyland is. Normally I can pick fault/think of better ways of running lots of things better, but Disneyland really had thought of everything to make everyone's days run as smoothly and magically as possible; right from the car parking system, to the way the cues worked, to the crowd control at the main street parade. Speaking of the Main Street Parade, I absolutely loved it! Was a definite highlight. And we almost missed it! Oh how I'd love to be able to perform in it. I enjoyed the "It's a Small World" ride much more than what I thought I would considering how old fashioned it is now. I had to do it though because I knew it was one of my Grandma's favourites. It really was still magic and very clever though! One of Mum's favourites I knew was the Peter Pan ride, so that was cool doing that for her too and it was actually really fun! Lots of the rides were quite basic, but they were made in such magical way that just made you feel so HAPPY! The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was INCREDIBLE. That ended up being Emma's favourite I think. We had to line up for it for ages but it was definitely worth it. Really did make you feel like you were in the movie/living in that creepy time. I really really loved Tarzan's treehouse too. Always have a soft spot for that movie/story, and again it just made me believe that I was Jane! Wish my brother Mike had been there to experience it with me though as he and I use to watch Tarzan together. There's so much that I could keep writing about! I really hope I remember this day forever. What Walt Disney believed in and achieved truly was amazing, and I'm so pleased that he did it! When I got to London I watched a documentary on Walt Disney to add to my knowledge on him, and having now experienced Disneyland myself it was awesome to hear and see all about how he managed to bring that magical world to life! I've tried to recall everything we did in roughly the order we did it.......
    - Sleeping Beauty Castle
    - Peter Pan ride
    - Dumbo ride
    - Mikey Mouse toon town
    - It's A Small World ride
    - Watched a little bit of the Beauty and the Beast play
    - Meet the Princesses (Snow White, Ariel and Sleeping Beauty)
    - Had lunch at Mary Poppins' Jolly Holiday cafe
    - Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter's Tea Party spinning teacups ride
    - Finding Nemo ride
    - Main Street Parade
    - Magic Mountain ride (might have that name wrong???)
    - Indiana Jones Jungle Cruise
    - Tarzan's Treehouse
    - Pirates of the Caribbean ride
    - Winnie the Pooh ride
    - Documentary about Abraham Lincoln
    - Dinner at the New Orleans restaurant with live band
    - Main Streep Lights show
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  • Day32

    Last day at Disney

    January 18, 2018 in the United States

    Today we went on the Radiator Springs ride and a new ride, the Guardians of the Galaxy, it was great. We finished our holiday with the Indiana Jones ride and lunch at Blue Bayou restaurant at Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Wow what a great holiday.

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