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  • Day5


    December 18, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    Up early, down for breakfast by 6.30am. Full of families with young kids, don't they sleep in?! At Disneyland by 8am. We were able to walk onto most rides without waiting. I did every ride with the kids so far, had lots of fun. Disney's attention to detail is unbelievable and the vivid colours are beautiful. We had good day. We planned to come home early afternoon for a rest but we ended up watching the parade. While waiting for the parade, it was fun people watching. We tried a few Disney snacks- Mickey Mouse Beignets and Dole Whip. The Beignets were yummy, Kellie thought they tasted like Krispy Kreme donuts without the glaze. The dole whip was a pineapple flavoured soft serve, we shared this one. It was ok but probably wouldn't get it again. It ended up being after 4pm when we left. We wanted some salad veggies and looking on the map some groceries stores not too far. Well their blocks are a lot bigger than ours it ended up a couple of k's walk. A few groceries & a couple of ugly sweaters later we called an Uber. We are heading back later for fireworks and a laser light show.Read more

  • Day9


    December 22, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Another early start to catch the train down to Legoland.
    Interesting trip, it felt like we were home as there were gum trees along the way.
    We checked into our hotel then caught a shuttle to Legoland.
    Legoland was a bit under whelming, not because we just come from Disneyland, but compared to the Germany one we visited. Not a lot of Lego and what there was, it was faded, which I understand it is mostly sunny here. Photos don't show how faded it really was. A bit disappointed for Brodie as the displays in Germany were great. Best thing at Legoland was the apple fries, minus the whipped cream. Apple chips tossed in cinnamon and sugar.
    We were back at our hotel by 2pm and rested for most of the afternoon. About 5pm we wondered over to the Outlet Shopping Mall, which was pointless as we don't have room for clothes or shoes. Early night was in order.
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  • Day7

    Disney day 2

    December 20, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Even though we had over 9hrs sleep still hard to drag ourselves out of bed. Brodie made it to breakfast today after Kellie talking about the amazing waffles. We had an early pass to today, not sure if it was worth getting out of bed for as some of the rides were temporarily closed and only 2 lands open for early morning. Once you get there you forget that it was a struggle to get out of bed. We did Fantasyland on our early pass as this is more small kid orientated. Realise how dark fairytales are and scary. Not sure how small kids go on these rides. I skipped Space mountain as I didn't like it in Paris, kids a bit disappointed, Paris a lot better. Did a few rides, a lot busier today and a lot more ride breakdowns. We left about 1.30pm to go home for lunch and rest, before going back tonight.
    I would give anything for a decent cup of coffee. I wished I had bought some instant coffee with me because that is better than what they drink here.
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  • Day1

    Travel Day & Medieval Times!

    February 19 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 8 °C

    Our travel day started bright and early. We set our alarm clocks for 4:15am so we could be leaving the house by 5:00am. I stayed up a little too late making some pretty amazing bandanas as a last minute project, so I was running on MAYBE 4.5 hours of sleep. Anyhow, we got up and got everything ready to go. As we pulled up to the airport, I realized my purse was at home (with my epipen, credit cards, and drivers license 😑) So, what should have been a $10 cab ride, turned into a $30 cab ride. Oh well, I suppose. The flights were good. I couldn't sleep though. We both rested, but I don't think either of us slept in either flight. We had a long layover in Edmonton, an amazing breakfast burrito, the easiest trip through customs and flew WestJet Plus all the way to LA, which was great! We got meals and snacks and more than a few alcoholic beverages to make the ticket price worth it. 😂 We took a shuttle to our hotel, and had a little bit of a rest before heading out for supper. We took our first Uber (where I feel I embarrassed myself by tipping cash, noob). We walked the wrong way into Medieval Times and got SO CONFUSED. We got ourselves set back on the right path and got some Red Knight swag and had a Medieval Feast! It was a lot of fun. (Although it makes me pine for the Arizona Renaissance Festival.) It was a special birthday treat for Wallace so we got cake, VIP Royalty lanyards, and a specialized announcement during the show. Our knight died. But the show was still fun to watch and the food was tasty!

    But alas, we are in our 19th hour of being awake on 4.5 hours of sleep and I think we're going to hit the hay.
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  • Day2

    Our Delightful Day at Disney!

    February 20 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    Oh man, where to start? Today started off slow, a trip to get some groceries because our hotel doesn't have continental breakfast. I am always surprised to see liquor in a grocery store, but we bought some wine and beer. The beer is Shock Top (so good) and the wine was $3. We haven't tried it yet, but I felt like we just had to for that price. We ended getting to Disneyland around 3pm. (We walked and went through Downtown Disney. We signed up for the Disney Vacation Club presentation tomorrow because they will drive us to the park and give us money. 😂 Will update if we buy a timeshare. 😉 (I'm kidding.)

    Disney is amazing. Not only is it the happiest place on Earth, I feel like it is the safest. You go through a security check to get in, and walk though a metal detector. Some people may see this as a burden, but I really appreciate it, because I know that going in it's going to be so safe. There's security and police everywhere, and everyone is super nice. I get it now. I've heard that Disney is an intense place to work, and studying more about Arts and Cultural Management, I can't believe how much must go into this business. They have gone through so many lengths to make sure people are having the optimal experience. Lots of people sweeping up trash, lots of light and signage, and the app is a must have. It gives you everything! Ride wait times, ordering food, making reservations, booking rides, storing pictures! We didn't get any character autographs today because it was a short day, we spent it looking around and doing things we deemed more important. Being the low season, there were some things closed for refurbishment. The most depressing of which being Sleeping Beauty's Castle. (Guess I'll have to come back!)

    My very first ride at Disney was Star Tours, which is the Star Wars ride. :) We then saw that Space Mountain only had a 20 minute wait so we jumped on that opportunity. I had so much fun on Space Mountain, I actually kind of felt like I was going to cry because it was so magical. We then tried to figure out how to use the Fast Passes... Which we did! We got some food, watched the Soundsational Parade. (It focuses a lot on music.) And during the parade it started to rain! We walked through New Orleans Square and looked at the shops, and We ended up going back to the room to gear up a little better for the amount of rain, and made it back to the park in time for our ride on Indiana Jones. We then rushed to see the laser music show, (Mickey's Mix Magic?) and since there was still time we ran over to the carousel, and Snow White's Scary Adventure. We were running around pretty hard and the park closed. So we thought we'd go to Downtown Disney to get a beer and rest our feet. Well, everything there closes at 10 or 10:30 too. Soooo, we did a long and painful walk back to the hotel. We're both parked back in the hotel, have cracked a beer and I am curled up in bed, and Wallace just took a shower while I wrote this. So, bedtime beckons. (It's almost 2am back home!) 😴😴😴
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  • Day3

    California Adventure!

    February 21 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 6 °C

    Our second full day was spent in Disney California Adventure. We spent the morning getting wined and dined. (Okay, coffee'd and cookie'd) by the Disney Vacation Club. The presentation wasn't very high pressure, and we got 50 dollars each, and two Fast Passes out of it, so I'd say it was totally worth it.

    We got some lunch in Downtown Disney (Jambalaya, a Shrimp Po Boy and a mint julep) and headed into California Adventure. We had no idea where to go and what to do, so we walked around for a while, and decided to head to the Incredicoaster to put in our Fast Pass selection. Pixar Pier was fantastic! It's like a big Carnival there was a lot of great live music happening in California Adventure. We made our first ride the ferris wheel. We opted for a non-swinging gondola because the swinging ones are way too spooky. They slide along a track and will really swing when it gets going. We learned on our way to the DVC presentation that there are only 3 wheels like this in the world. (The others are non-Disney, in New York and Tokyo.) When we got off of the wheel it started to rain, but we had a good view of that from the wheel. We prepared for the rain better this time. We ended up doing a lot of walking around the park a little aimlessly, just taking it all in. We tried to use our next Fast Pass to get onto Guardians of the Galaxy but they were sold out by the time we got there. We ran back to the Incredicoaster and I loved it! There was virtually no line because they had just reopened it after the rain/lightning. I learned something new about myself. Apparently I like roller coasters! I loved it! We dashed back over to Guardians because the wait time was under an hour. One thing I wasn't crazy about in California Adventure was that it didn't feel as easy to navigate. We did a lot of running back and forth, and it pretty much wrecked both of us.

    We waited for a bit in the Guardians line, until we learned it was a Drop of Doom type ride, and Wallace does not enjoy those (and I'm not overly fond of them anyhow) so we ditched the line, and went to meet Spiderman, Black Panther, and then I got pulled up to dance during a little dance show with Star Lord and Gamora. This was super fun. Wallace said it was his favourite part of the day. I really wanted to see the World of Colour, and the Pier all lit up, so we wanted to stay just until it got a little dark. I realized that the World of Colour is also under refurbishment. Next time I'm coming back in a slightly busier season. There are so many iconic things that they had down! The pier was still amazing all lit up. We rode a ride called Soarin' which was a simular or type rode, with smells and everything. (We could really smell the elephants!) Then we rode the Zephyr, which is a swing, but with rockets. Then I rode the Silly Symphony Swings, we got a picture with Buzz Lightyear and we did the Incredicoaster one more time.

    We met Goofy on our way out, and retired to our room a little early with a pizza and sat to soothe our poor muscles. We're both hoping to be a little kinder to our bodies in the next few days, although our plans are for Universal (the Wonderful Wizarding World!) and another big day at Disneyland on Saturday. Wish us luck. 👍😂
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  • Day5

    All-Day Disney Extravaganza (Teaser)

    February 23 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    We did the Magic Morning and stayed until the park closed basically. Too tired to write. 😴 I'll make a post either waiting in LAX, or I'll write it on the flight and post in when we land in Vancouver tomorrow. Here's a teaser photo to tide you over. 📸

  • Day7

    Disney at night day 2

    December 20, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    After lunch, climbed into our jammies as our clothes were still wet from splash mountain. We watched a bit of tv, I had a few nanna naps through the afternoon. About 6.30pm we headed back to Disney for tea and watch Fantasmic again. Had chicken, green beans and mash potato which had garlic butter and bacon through it. Really not enjoying the food here at and around Disney. Even the milk has corn syrup in it. No wonder it tastes different. Even the bread is sweet. Will be checking labels at Steamboat Springs, hopefully we have better access to grocery stores.
    After tea we went on a few more rides, which are even better at night time. We had a better view of the fireworks, where we were waiting to go in for Fantasmic. Enjoyed Fantasmic once again, got a little damp this time from the water spray, but it was worth it having front view.
    We decided to go on splash mountain again as we were damp and there was no line. I had to sit in the front as it was my turn to get wet. Went around twice as it wasn't busy. I didn't get too badly wet just my hair. A bit lighter in the boat with only 3 of us. Turned out to be another late night, but we had lots of fun.
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  • Day8

    Disney Adventure Park day 2

    December 21, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    After 5hrs of sleep we were up again. Really wanted to do Radiator Springs racers that we missed out on last time. The walk to Disneyland is 1.2kms it is getting longer each day. We made it to rope drop today. We managed to get on the racers quickly and it was worth getting out of bed for. We got a fast pass for later, but line still reasonably short so we went straight back on. So all up we got in 3 rides and sat in the front of car all 3 rides. Kids went on the roller coaster a few times. We had morning coffee and was back at our hotel by midday. Kellie & Brodie slept a bit, I washed and dozed. We didn't go back out until 6pm for tea, we had tea at Denny's. Then back to Disney Adventure Park, we wanted to see Cars Land in complete darkness with all it's neon lights. It didn't disappoint, the mountain looked amazing all lit up. Then we decided we needed to Radiator Springs racers in the dark. A bit of a wait, but not too bad for this ride. Our finale ride for Disneyland. Loved our time here, we want to come back and see the new Star Wars area and most of all the new Stark Industries (Ironman) area. 2022 here we come.Read more

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