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  • Day27

    The day is finally here. The day a single 31 year old Disney fan enters the Magic Kingdom ON HER OWN!

    To help justify my solo attendance I opted to undertake the exclusive 'Walking in Walt's Disneyland Footsteps' Tour which was a special 3.5 hour tour including lunch with which we would be taken around the park and told stories about its construction, the imagineering and ultimately it's creator- the man himself Walt Disney.

    I've done a lot of research on Disney over the years especially during my degree. Many people have referred to media degrees as Mickey Mouse degrees so during mine I steered into the curve and wrote essays on Disneyland, Baudrillard, Hyper-realism and Mary Poppins. I think I thought I was proving a point. Regardless, I already knew a fair amount about Disneyland's construction and how much the park had meant to Walt in his later years. Due to the crowds, we wore ear pieces to ensure we could hear our tour guide but this also meant he could play us significant audio clips from Disney history. I can't lie, I got chills when he played us his opening speech from July 17th 1955. It's short but sweet so I thought I'd include it below:

    "To all who come to this happy place - welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created America with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world."

    I believe this speech still epitomises Disneyland today.

    The true highlight of the tour was spending half an hour in Walt's very own apartment above the Fire Station in Main Street USA. This really did give me tingles. Walt spent a lot of time here in his later years especially during the park's construction and early days. There is a lamp in the window which was always left on during his times of residence. As a mark of respect the lamp has remained lit since his death in 1966.

    As the park was so busy I opted to go on very few rides and simply soak up the Disney atmosphere and indulge in my photography. Doing this I made several inreresting observations. The first was the realisation that kids were still carrying around autograph books and they were on sale in all the gift shops. This was a nice surprise as I'd assumed the autograph had been subsumed by the selfie. Second was the 'Bibbidy Bobbdy Boo Boutique' just inside the Castle. On entering you struggle to focus at first through the mist of hairspray and glitter but once the fog clears you are greeted with a frenzy of little girls sat in parlour chairs having their hair done by Fairy Godmothers and being dressed as Princesses. It was magical and a little creepy all at the same time! I confess I was tempted to ask whether big girls could play too! My 3rd interesting observation was that there is no signal on the Haunted Mansion. Spooky huh? I was also chuffed to find the entrance to 'Club 33' which was Disney's exclusive club set upstairs in the New Orleans houses of Frontierland.

    The day ended with 'Fantasmic' - Disney's infamous night time show on the water in Frontierland. I first saw this in 1994 and thought it was the most magical thing I'd ever seen. I still do.
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  • Day18

    After over 10 hours driving, we arrived at our new Air BnB in Newport Beach. Needless to say I'm a little tired. However, the pad was well worth the drive. It's like a luxury hotel room with its own separate entrance, private bathroom and spitting distance from the beach! Well at least we think it is due to the sheer volume of the ocean. I'll confirm tomorrow.

    Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. Unfortunately a large stretch of the PCH is closed due to landslides earlier this year (see pic downloaded from google) and there is no detour. Sadly none of our research told us the 'no detour bit' so we travelled about 90 minutes south to Big Sur only to have to come all way the back up again and join the interstate. Oops. That being said, it was worth it as the section we did is easily one of the most famous and spectacular. It did however mean a lot more driving and interstate which I'm not particularly fond of! Kate was very good at supplying me with regular doses of haribo and oreos as well as doing an excellent job of navigating. She can be my wingman anytime.

    We stopped briefly at Pismo Beach but sadly due to time we didn't really stop anywhere else other than Big Sur but the main thing is we are here and have a full day of 'nothing' planned for tomorrow which I cannot wait for.
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  • Day19

    After the long day yesterday we enjoyed a lazy start and ventured out in search of supplies for our upcoming trek. After a fruitful raid on Target we went looking for the The Cheesecake Factory made famous by 'The Big Bang Theory'. Boy were we not disappointed. My only shame was having to take a doggy bag for my main and the cheesecake to go as I was so full. After an oreo cookie shake (never line your stomach with one of these - your Mum is right - it will ruin your dinner!) I had something called Chicken Parmesan (Pizza Style). Essentially this was a breaded chicken in the shape of a pizza base coated in marinara sauce, cheese and angels hair spaghetti. Needless to say I slipped into a bit of a food coma this afternoon. Let's say it was yesterday's drive but we all know The Cheesecake Factory holds most of the blame.

    We took advantage of the beach chairs and towels provided with our Air BnB and camped out on the beach opposite the house for the afternoon. After having a brief snooze to the crashing of the waves and listening to Zero 7, I retreated to the room for a proper nap.

    I ended up having a thoroughly productive evening booking all my Canadian travel which is a big weight off my mind. Just a couple of nights accomodation left. With that, I must bid you all a good Tuesday and see you on the flipside.
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  • Day40

    Another fun day is starting! We are in the Paradise Pier hotel, and the Disneyland parks are close by so we can walk to the theme parks. One is the Disney California adventure and another one is Disneyland. We went to the Disney California adventure park today. Firstly, we rode the “Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT!”ride. I was really scared before we went on the ride but it was really fun! It was a lift ride with seat belts and the lift goes up and down. When it is going down you can feel gravity lifting your legs up to your waist!
    After that we went to the Grizzly river run ride, the the Cars radiator springs racer ride, the Toy story midway mania ride, the Goofy sky school (this ride was really jerky) and the Cars coffee cups. Maya was not feeling well so she went back to the hotel with daddy after the Toy story ride.
    It was a really fun day and tomorrow we are going to Disneyland.
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  • Day42

    We woke up early to go to disneyland! Woo Hoo! There was an extra magic hour which meant you can go to the parks one hour earlier than usual. We rode on splash mountain, big thunder mountain railroad, haunted mansion, Buzz lightyear astro blasters, Winnie the pooh and more. Before we rode the haunted mansion ride, I was really scared but it wasn’t that bad after all. My favourite was Splash Mountain. The line for Splash mountain was normally like 1 hour but when we went the line was just 15 minutes! Splash mountain is a water slide that feels like a roller coaster. First it is really slow and relaxing but at the end there is a huge fall and you get splashed!Read more

  • Day25

    Jetzt neigt sich die Reise bedenklich weit dem Ende zu. Morgen schon müssen wir uns von unserem treuen Heim verabschieden und übermorgen sitzen wir bereits im Flieger.
    Das ging so schnell!
    Allerdings freue ich mich auch wirklich auf rohes, knackiges Gemüse und festes Brot. Und auf ein geräumiges Haus mit einem eigenen Zimmer und viel Platz. Und auf eine richtige, unchlorige Dusche. Und natürlich auf alle Nachbarn und Freunde und Verwandte, die unser Haus gehütet haben.

    Aber jetzt hab ich genug vom Abschied geredet. Wir sind am Pazifik, beziehungsweise an einer pazifischen Bucht, ganz in der Nähe von Los Angeles.
    Deshalb der Titel, wer das nicht verstanden hat. Los Angeles ist Spanisch und heißt „die Engel“.
    Leider werden wir von der Stadt nicht so viel sehen, da wir dann kein Fahrzeug und wenig Zeit haben. Aber ein bisschen was wird schon gehen.
    Heute sind wir von San Diego hierher gekurvt. Auf dem Weg haben wir an einem Aussichtspunkt gehalten und den Nebel über dem Pazifik betrachtet. Naja, egal. Dann haben wir noch den Strand von San Clemente besucht und Mama hat einen Vollwaschgang in einer Welle gekriegt. Die Wellen waren für meinen Geschmack schon echt hoch, ein paar Surfer hatten ihren Spaß. Schwimmen war da schwierig und so haben wir uns hauptsächlich auf „durchs Wasser waten“ beschränkt, wobei man aber auch bis zur Hüfte nass wurde, wenn eine große Welle brach. Die Erwachsenen haben sich teilweise am Schwimmen versucht, aber irgendwann aufgegeben. Tim und ich wurden von einer echt starken Welle umgeschmissen und so waren wir am Ende alle ziemlich sandig und nass.
    Hier auf dem Campground haben wir es an der Bucht dann nochmal probiert, Tim und Mama sind auch eine Runde geschwommen, haben dann aber erfahren, dass es dort einige Stachelrochen gibt, die im Sommer sehr nah am Ufer unterwegs sind und dann beschlossen, dass der große Pool die bessere Alternative wäre. Dann gab es ein gemütliches Abendessen und jetzt sind wir schon am Packen.
    Ich freue mich auf das berühmte L.A. , mal sehen was da so los ist.
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  • Day1

    I know you want to see the two blue babies next to each other. When they are next to each other you notice the slight bit of green in the Subaru. Bonnie's Chevy is definitely more of a true blue. Normally when the Subaru isn't right next to another blue car you don't notice the slight bit of green in it though, or at least I don't.

You might also know this place by the following names:

Orange County, مقاطعة أورانج، كاليفورنيا, Ориндж, ওরেঞ্জ কাউন্টি, Comtat d'Orange, Condado de Orange, Orange'i maakond, شهرستان اورنج، کالیفرنیا, Orangen piirikunta, Comté d'Orange, מחוז אורנג', Contea di Orange, オレンジ郡, 오렌지 군, Orange Comitatus, Hrabstwo Orange, اورنج کاؤنٹی، کیلیفورنیا, Kondado ng Orange, Orange İli, Орандж, Quận Cam, Condado han Orange, 橙縣

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