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  • Day25

    Kuta Day 1

    January 17, 2020 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Decided to go to the beach with Vitoria, Hilde and Lotte today, so we met at 9.30. They all wanted to surf but I decided not to but the beach was also really great to just chill on- swim, sunbathe and read.

    We went back to the same beach as yesterday, Selong Belanak but I had a small issue on the way there. My moped was feeling a bit shaky so I stopped and I realised I had a flat front tyre 😬😬. Luckily a Spanish women called Monica stopped and knew a place just 5 minutes back to get it repaired so she can with me really slowly to do that. It was just in a local place but they guy fixed it super quick and it only cost me like £3.

    Back on the road and I met them at the beach. Stayed there until about 4 and then we headed back but stopped at a deserted beach on the way back. Was a little worrying as the police decided to come and talk to us when we were there and we were worried they were going to check our licenses (is a common scam in Bali where they ask for money) but they were actually just friendly and so we chatted and then they left.

    Headed back to the hostel and I spent some time with the people there playing cards. We had dinner and then went to the ‘surfers bar’ which was cool - had an Indonesian band playing questionable versions of songs but we had fun and a bit of a late one!
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    Philip Davies

    Another nice beach

    Claire Davies

    There so many!!