A 84-day adventure by Claire
  • Day84

    Yangon -> Bangkok -> London

    March 16, 2020 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    Woke up this morning and decided I needed to book that flight home, so did that after breakfast. The flight is at 19.50 so still had most of the day free.

    Checked out and the Faustine and I went to go and try to take the circular train which is supposed to be quite an experience. Unfortunately we missed one and had to wait over an hour (we thought but it was quite confusing) so we decided to leave and not take it! As it’s my last day we decided to for a really nice lunch and I’d read good things about Rangoon Tea House. Was a lovely lovely lunch in a very cute cafe. Even had a chocolate dessert!

    Headed back to the hostel and showered and chilled for a couple of hours. Spoke to a few other people and everyone’s booking flights home so I feel glad I have mine. Took a Grab to the airport where there was a long check in but got all checked in and had a beer before take off, it had been a stressful day so needed it! Sad to be leaving after only 2 days but had a really nice vibe from Myanmar so I will definitely be back to see the rest of the country.

    All flights on time, quick 2 hours at Bangkok with no issues (not even temperature checked!) and then on the flight to London. Both flights were full, think a lot of people had changed travel plans to come home. All went smoothly and managed to sleep. Arrived in London at 6.20 and was picked up by mum and dad- very pleased to see them! Airport very quiet, and home soon. All in all gutted to end my trip early but relieved to be home before the global situation gets worse.

    ❤️ 🌎
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  • Day83


    March 15, 2020 in Myanmar ⋅ ⛅ 36 °C

    Full day in Yangon today. Decided to go out to have a look around with Faustine, the french girl who I was chatting to last night. We had breakfast in the hostel which was actually very nice and then went for a walk about. Walked to the Sule pagoda which is a small pagoda in the middle of Chinatown. Very cute. Then we had a look around the main market, and then down to the old colonial centre from when the British were in charge.

    We also stumbled across some street art areas which were very cool. Got back to the hostel about 1.30 and were very hot! Enjoyed the air con and then went for lunch down the road- lovely katsu curry.

    Had a rest and then headed to the Shwedagon Pagoda, which is the really big famous pagoda. We’d been advised to go in time for sunset as it’s cooler and also it looks really nice at night. We got there about 5 and immediately got stopped by some very friendly Burmese who explained they were teachers and would we mind spending a little bit of time with their students to help them practice their English. We said yes so we sat down and about 15 20-30 year olds all came and sat around us. They asked us questions like ‘what is your name?’ and ‘how old are you?’. Very sweet.

    We left after about 10 mins and had a look around-it’s a huge gold pagoda with so many gold Buddhas all around it and is a very sacred place for the local people. It was mainly locals there all praying and hanging out. It was very pretty at night all lit up. Left about 7 and headed back to go out for dinner with a couple of other girls from the hostel- went down to the night market and got some bbq which was amazing.

    Lots of chat today about coronavirus - people with differing opinions on whether to keep travelling. I’d signed up to government alerts for travel in Myanmar and while at dinner I got an email saying the advice has changed and now they were advising against all but essential travel. Called mum and dad and Kate after dinner and discussed whether it was time to come home, and came to the decision that it probably was. Really don’t want to but with countries closing borders it was getting more and more risky to stay and have trouble getting home. I said I’d sleep on it- there is a thai airways flight at 19.50 tomorrow via Bangkok which was the best option.
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  • Day82

    Bangkok -> Yangon

    March 14, 2020 in Myanmar ⋅ ☀️ 36 °C

    Said bye to Fran this morning- their flight was at 11 so they were out by 8. I had a bit of a lie in after that and checked out about 10. I took the hotel shuttle down to the Siam centre which is a massive mall as I wanted to stock up on some toiletries before Myanmar and also get my nails sorted out.

    It was pretty quiet around town- it is a Sunday but i found it a bit eerie actually, and the nail lady said I was the first customer they had had in 2 days so she was pleased to see me! Went back to the hotel and then took a taxi to the airport about 1.30. Was there quite early but that was ok- had a macdonalds 🙈

    Flight was easy so landed in Yangon about 5pm here (time difference in 30 minutes from Thailand which is confusing)! Got money, a SIM card and took a taxi so arrived at the hostel about 6.30.

    FaceTimed Kate after check in as we were going to start planning for Sri Lanka but with all the uncertainty we didn’t end up doing much planning but just talking about everything that is going on. Had some food at the hostel after and got chatting to a french girl- she’d just come from Vietnam where it’s become very difficult to travel now for lots of Europeans.
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  • Day81


    March 13, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 35 °C

    Full day in Bangkok today so we headed to the royal palace, the main tourist attraction. Fran and I took and expedition to get there involving 2 metro lines and a boat so we really felt like we’d seen the city! I bought some dumplings in a bag for breakfast- going local! Holly and George got there via a restaurant they put their names down for a table on later in the day so we all met there about 11. I’d been here before in 2012 but to be honest my only memory was being very hot. Can confirm it was still very hot...

    Anyway it’s a really impressive palace with a very good temple in the grounds. Took lots of pictures and then had to stop for an ice cream in an air conditioned cafe before walking down to the reclining Buddha which is also very impressive - a gigantic gold Buddha!

    Holly and George left for their reservation so Fran and I found a cafe for some food- a mango only cafe which was interesting! Then we walked down to the flower market which was pretty and the got a cab back to the hotel. We were pretty exhausted by then as it’s so hot!

    Spent a couple of hours by the pool as the sun went down which was a nice way to end the day. FaceTimed mum and dad as getting a bit nervous about travel bans and visa cancellations for countries - India has already cancelled all tourist visas until April 15 (I’m supposed to be going on May 2) and Vietnam is getting strict too. Decided im still going to Myanmar tomorrow as flight already booked and will keep a close eye- if it’s getting more dodgy or UK travel advice changes then it’s likely I’ll come home early.

    We decided to go to Chinatown for some street food for dinner, had some delicious noodles in a slightly questionable place, and then went fancy and went to a rooftop (63rd floor) bar called Moon bar for a very expensive drink, but amazing view!

    Called it a night about 10.30 as were all flying tomorrow. Time to say goodbye to Holly, George and Fran and get back to travelling alone!
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  • Day80

    Koh Samui -> Bangkok

    March 12, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 36 °C

    Early flight today to Bangkok- 8.45 so we landed in Bangkok about 10. Took the train to the station near our hotel and a quick (well not so quick due to heavy traffic) taxi and we arrived about 11.30. Got our rooms and then decided we needed lunch so headed to restaurant that had been recommended- Cabbages and Condoms...! They are actually a social enterprise promoting contraception within Thailand so part of your month goes to that. The food was delicious and the decor was interesting!

    Then we took a cab down to Khoasan road- the famous backpacker area and did a bit of shopping in the market, had a beer and had a foot massage with a beer. Lovely!

    In the evening Holly and George wanted to check out the trashy side to Bangkok and visit a ping pong show but Fran and I weren’t up for that so we split and we went to the hipster area - Thonglor and had a few drinks in some quite shoreditch-esque bars!
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  • Day79

    Koh Phangan -> Koh Samui

    March 11, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Time to leave paradise! Going to back to Koh Samui as our flight is tomorrow morning to Bangkok. George and Holly has decided to do this boat trip they had recommended during the afternoon so Fran and I tagged along!

    This meant we got the 10.30 ferry to koh samui and quickly checked into our hotels before getting picked up at 1 to go to a restaurant on the east coast where the boat trip started. We had our on long tail and stopped off for snorkelling, on a very small island with a beautiful beach and went around the ‘five sister islands’. It was very pretty!

    Got back about 5.30 and showered before a sunset though sadly it was too cloudy to get a good one! Had dinner there and headed back to sort ourselves out before the flight tomorrow. Fran and I popped out for a quick dessert- banana fritters!
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  • Day78

    Koh Phangan day 2

    March 10, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Holly and George has decided to go a boat trip today so Fran and I came up with our own day of activities in and around the hotel!

    First up breakfast 👌🏻 and then a little bit of lounging. Then swimming in the waterfall pool including a small photoshoot! Then paddle-boarding which mainly consisted of kneeling as the standing up was challenging!

    Then into town and a massage, though mine wasn’t that great sadly 🙁. Quick snack and then back to the hotel for a 4pm yoga class, which was ask quite a strange yoga class. But, free so that’s fine. Spent sunset in the hilltop pool and Holly and George joined before showers and dinner again in town.
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  • Day77

    Koh Phangan day 1

    March 9, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Lazy morning today- fully enjoyed the amazing breakfast buffet!! Going to make the most of this while I can 😀

    Headed up to the hilltop pool which has these amazing boat sunloungers in the pool. Chilled here for a while, then headed down to the beach pool to get some shade and go to the local beach for lunch (cheaper than eating in the hotel!)

    The water is so clear and the sand is so soft so we spent some time on the beach and then headed back for showers.

    Went for dinner in the little town near the hotel, had another Massaman curry and a played a big of monopoly deal 😊
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  • Day76

    Koh Tao -> Koh Phangan

    March 8, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Time to travel again, to Koh Phangan. Koh Phangan is known for the full moon party, which is happening tonight. Well, should have been happening tonight but has been officially cancelled due to Coronavirus. We are staying in the north of the island (full moon is held on the beach in the south) so we were planning to get a boat taxi down to it. Need to work out whether to still go or not 🤔

    Anyway got to our hotel about 1.30 and it’s so lovely! We have a ‘grand villa’ for the 4 of us, it’s got two floors, four poster beds and outside bathrooms 😍. It’s set in the jungle and is super pretty! Had some late lunch and chilled at the pool before getting ready to go out- we decided to go to Haad Rin and check out the unofficial full moon party! Got a taxi there and had some dinner, was people around and bars open but not super busy. Got busier around 10/11 and was good fun - we stayed until about 2 and got a taxi home. All in all you wouldn’t know it had been cancelled!
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  • Day75

    Koh Tao take 2 day 3

    March 7, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Last full day on Koh Tao! Feel like I’ve been here for ages- but I love this island so that’s ok 😍. Had a chilled morning; Fran holly and I ended up doing a photoshoot in the infinity pool 😂 and then we had a little snorkel in the bay. No more sharks but lots of cute fish!

    Headed into Sairee for the afternoon to have lunch and we wanted to see the sunset. Before sunset we went for a massage which was lovely! The sunset was amazing- too many photos have been taken! Had dumplings for dinner and then headed home earlyish as we needed to pack and we were all sleepy!
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