• Day104

    Day 4 at Anton Golino Stable

    March 13, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

    Today was a calm day in the stable. We had online horses to high, swim or go on the treadmill.
    So all was going pretty easy and smooth in the morning.

    After all horses, we're done training, Marika and I started to fix the one-year-old so Antin could drive them today as well.

    We were basically done with all the rest but there were still 2 babies left so we all were doing some extra cleaning and organized a shelf new until the last baby was outside and we could have lunch. Even though we hadn't so much to do today we got ready at 2 pm, quite late.

    Marika and I had lunch and then went for a nap.
    I am really not used to this anymore 🙈😂

    The rest of the evening was calm, we all watched a movie together but anyway went to bed pretty early, tomorrow gonna be a massive day, we have like 20 horses going fast tomorrow 😳😅
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