• Day3


    August 3, 2020 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 57 °F

    Not much to mention after yesterday's post. I figured out how to work the GPS to keep me off the interstate. But I wound up on gravel. 🤦 It wasn't bad, though, and only about five miles long.

    I stopped at a historical marker in Kansas to stretch my tokus and drink some water. A kid, maybe 12, rode up on a four-wheeler to chat for a minute. Nice kid AND he was wearing a helmet (state law but still). He also thought it was a great day to ride.

    I stayed in Grand Island, Nebraska, last night, arriving the hotel around 19:00 after swinging by the Harley dealership. I crashed hard after a lovely meal at the Mexican restaurant across the street.

    I was up at 06:00 and on the road by 07:00. Hit two more Harley dealerships with a photo stop at Glur's Tavern in Columbus, Nebraska, supposedly the oldest tavern in the state of not "The West" (on the sign). I swung through the Lincoln Historic Haymarket District and pulled the bike on the sidewalk across from the State Capitol to grab a quick photo.

    At 11:30, I hit 5,000 miles on the bike. I have to stop somewhere to get the service done.

    Today's noon selfie is on Church Street at the church.

    What I've learned today:
    1) Nebraska has a lot of corn; 2) Nebraska has a lot of roads that the GPS thinks are paved; and 3) Nebraska has so many butterflies that I feel like a serial killer.

    That's all for now. Don't forget to be awesome! ✌️

    Day 2 mileage: 427.9 (total 806.4)
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    Daniel Soha

    My brother Koby in Norfolk, Ne. He is a one man full service MC shop...