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  • Day2

    Dot 30!

    November 10 in the United States

    Rest break well not really back on the road in a few then a fuel stop and then to drive as far as possible before going back to the sleeper like 7 more hours to go.

    On a side note it 20 degrees out and the hay bails look like frosted shredded wheat bites lol

    Lakes and ponds are slightly slushy

    And my co driver likes to stop with 4 hrs left on his time lazy f$&@!!!

    Oh well it’s almost over a few more days!!!Read more

  • Day5

    Reno to Penn... 1st trip

    November 12 in the United States

    Ok so we got to Reno.. YAY!! 1st trip. So Fletch (kanye) has been driving us from Sac to Reno (bobtail) ok quick trip get to yard pick up empty take to UPS freight told to back empty against fence then hook our trailer.. after SEVERAL tries i saw he just wasnt getting it.. so i asked if he wanted me to do it and ofcourse he did.. then i hooked up new trailer. Went in cab he had ALL KINDS of messages. Of all the Macros he hasnt sent from the previous week.. YIKES!! OK so we dont have a GPS Im ok with that (thank you Jorge) but hes never trip planned!! My question?? WHO FLIPPIN TRAINED HIM!! SERIOUSLY!! I dont get paid to train!! You were right JORDY!!! I should of listened. I dont think it is gonna work out!! On a POSITIVE NOTE!! I might get a Steph!!! YAY ME!! Ok im bunking out 4 the 1st time and im SERIOUSLY NERVOUS!! GOOD NIGHT AND GODSPEED!!Read more

  • Day92

    Manifest Apropriation [IN, MO, NE]

    June 29 in the United States

    As we worked our way west from Virginia the predominant theme at the first few stops was westward expansion. The battlefield at Vincennes, IN celebrated a victory by George Rogers Clark and his Patriots over the British in 1779. The dramatic century-old murals at the monument, however, portrayed the victory as pivotal to securing a foothold for westward expansion.

    In St Louis we visited the newest National Park-- Gateway Arch NP. This park tries to balance celebrating how the west was won with the cost to Native Americans.

    The final stop in this triptych was Homestead National Monument of America. This site celebrated the rugged individualism of pioneers who staked their future on land grants of 160 acres.
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  • Day2

    Ogallala Aquifer

    August 5, 2017 in the United States

    Grampy Carpenter sent us some homework so we are reporting back all that we learned.

    1) What is the Ogallala Aquifer and it's significance?
    - The biggest aquifer in the United States covering 8 Great Plains states and 174,000 square miles. It is part of the High Plains Aquifer.
    - It is where most of the western plains states get their water and is rapidly being depleted. Many parts of the aquifer have run dry in recent years, mostly in Kansas and Texas.
    - We read this article from National Geographic to learn about the impact of it's overuse. http://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2016/08/vanishing-midwest-ogallala-aquifer-drought/

    2) What is the meaning behind the 100th Meridian?
    - This line of longitude signifies the approximate line where to the west there is dry land and to the east there is more wet land.
    - This also signifies where elevation changes in the US. To the West most of the elevation is above 2,000ft and to the east the elevation is below 2,000 feet. Of course, as with anything there are exceptions such as the Appalachian Mountains.
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  • Day2

    Patrick's Playland

    August 5, 2017 in the United States

    Since the Pac 'n Play had to be retired (he looked like a human pretzel in it over March break), Gus created our very own bedrail for Patrick that doubles as a playpen type area. Perfect! It's 8:15am right now, but with the rain it's very dark. Pictures aren't great and the photographer is in the playpen, but you can get the general, albeit blurry, idea of the fun being had! Hot Wheels and Cars are exploring and going on adventures (under my legs!!!).Read more

  • Day77

    Der Missouri

    October 25, 2017 in the United States

    Hier gibt es tatsächlich eine Fußgänger- und Radbrücke über den Missouri. Der Fluß markiert die Grenze zwischen Nebraska und Iowa und gleichzeitig zwischen dem wilden Westen und dem zahmen Osten des Landes.

  • Day77

    Dan und Elly

    October 25, 2017 in the United States

    In Omaha habe ich eine Einladung von Dan und Elly. Wegen des Rückenwindes treffe ich so frühzeitig ein, daß beide noch auf der Arbeit sind.
    Dan gibt mir telefonisch den Code für die Tür, aber ich warte doch lieber draußen. Bald trifft er ein und wir plaudern angeregt über das Radfahren, seine Zeit als Austauschschüler in Deutschland und die amerikanischen Präsidenten der letzten 40 Jahre. Abends gibt's lecker Spaghetti und Rotwein mit der ganzen Familie.
    Ich genieße den Abend sehr, denn ich habe seit über zwei Wochen kein längeres Gespräch mehr mit irgendjemanden geführt.
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  • Day72

    Nochmals: Cowboy Trail

    October 20, 2017 in the United States

    Einen Großteil der heutigen Strecke fahre ich nicht auf der Straße, sondern auf dem parallelen Cowboy Trail. Er ist hier in ganz gutem Zustand.
    Allerdings muß man aufpassen: Amerikanische Hochleistungsmaulwürfe machen ihre Hügel oft mitten auf dem Weg.
    Die Bäume leuchten golden im Oktober. Der Wind kommt heute mit über 30 km/h von rechts, aus dem Süden. Regelmäßig studiere ich die Karte, um festzustellen, ob ich demnächst abfallen kann oder anluven muß. Ich bin froh, daß dieser Wind nicht von vorn kommt, sonst würde ich rückwärts nach Vancouver rollen.
    Nachmittags rolle ich in O'Neill ein, einer irischen Stadt mitten in Amerika.
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  • Day73


    October 21, 2017 in the United States

    Gleich morgens gehe ich vor die Tür, um die Windrichtung zu prüfen, und richtig, sie hat wieder auf Nordwest gedreht. Also ist heute wieder ein Erholungstag.
    Der Wind schiebt mich mit Stärke 5 weiter den Cowboy Trail entlang. Ich überlege, an meinem Fahrrad Handtücher oder Wäsche als Segel zu setzen, finde aber keine geeigneten Befestigungspunkte.

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Nebraska, NE, ነብራስካ, نبراسكا, ܢܝܒܪܐܣܟܐ, Nebraska suyu, نبراسکا ایالتی, Небраска, Штат Небраска, নেব্রাস্কা, نیبراسکا, Νεμπράσκα, Nebrasko, نبراسکا, Nebrasca, નેબ્રાસ્કા, Nui-pu-lâ-sṳ̂-kâ, Nepalaka, נברסקה, नेब्रास्का, Նեբրասկա, ネブラスカ州, ნებრასკა, ನೆಬ್ರಸ್ಕಾ, 네브래스카 주, نئبئراسکا, Небраске, നെബ്രാസ്ക, နီဘရားစကားပြည်နယ်, Nabeeskah Hahoodzo, Небраскæ, ਨਬਰਾਸਕਾ, नेब्रास्‍का, நெப்ராஸ்கா, నెబ్రాస్కా, รัฐเนแบรสกา, Nébraska Shitati, Небрааск, נעבראסקא, 內布拉斯加州

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