Finishing off my work contract and starting my vacation by doing a cruise to celebrate Jackson and my one year anniversary.
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  • Day14

    London, England

    May 19, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Made it to Heathrow and through security. Decided to try something new with my late lunch of going to Wondertree Café & Restaurant. Now I have over 3 hours to wait for my flight. Luckily the internet is working well to keep me busy.Read more


    A thumbs up for the lunch! :D What's it called?

    Ashley Kennedy

    It’s a BBQ chicken flatbread from Wondertree

  • Day14

    Southampton, UK

    May 19, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    My first and probably only time being a passenger on a cruise ship has come to an end. We had to wake up early this morning to get everything out of my passenger cabin and into Jackson’s cabin. We found out late last night that he had to work this morning. Friends however saved the day and got him covered so we had the morning together before I left. Leaving one suitcase in Jackson’s cabin with stuff I don’t need to take home for only 20 days I’ve headed to the Southampton Coach station. Where I now wait on the coach to head to Heathrow. After over eight and a half months I’m finally headed home.Read more

  • Day11

    Lisbon, Portugal

    May 16, 2018 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Jackson was suppose to have the day off but once again it got cancelled. The ship has a scenic sail away today which is something passengers pay to attend well the ship is setting sail from a particular port each cruise, there are officers there plus free drinks and canapés. So Jackson had to go and help that set up before we could go out. He did get to sleep in a bit and then we went out at our usual time, just after 12pm. We went to Doner Kebab House for some lunch which you can walk to from the ship without having to take the shuttle. I had a shawarma which was good but Jackson had to finish it for me like usual. After that we just headed back to the ship for some relaxing in the cabin before he had to head back to work. I’m now sitting outside at the bar Jackson works at waiting for the Great British sail away to start. A special sail away which is usually the last one when we are headed back to Southampton. Where they give out flags and everyone from the UK gets very patriotic and jumps in front of your camera waving their flags and everyone else waves the flag and has fun until you show up with a camera and then they get grumpy and refuse photos saying they’re not from there. It’s going to be nice to be able to just sit and watch. Not having to work the sail away this time.

    I’ll post some pictures of the sail away in a bit.
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  • Day8

    Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

    May 13, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    After a terrible day yesterday for the whole photography team we said goodbye to Marie this morning. Leaving the team without a lab tech to print the photos. At least tomorrow she should be on her way home to her family, the medical attention and rest that she needs.

    Now Jackson and I are out having some lunch before he has to work for a few hours. Then after a long time he finally has managed to get deck privileges so we will be headed to Sindhu for dinner and then a show. Followed by a party for the bar staff.
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  • Day7

    Tenerife, Spain

    May 12, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    A terrible day for the whole photography team. Jackson was IPM so I made plans with one of the shore excursion people to go to Loro Parque a zoo that is suppose to be amazing. This morning he called me and he had to cancel because he had to cover a tour instead when we were suppose to be meeting his family there. Then I heard about another photographer’s girlfriend’s grandma dying. Then I heard a photographer, Marie is going home. That for medical reasons she can no longer stay on the ship and will possibly be leaving the ship tomorrow. Then i visit the Photo office and even the keyboard for Manas’ computer stopped working which lead to him locking the account and the technician is not working again until 6pm tomorrow to fix both things so he can’t make schedules or anything. Needless to say it’s been a long day. We were all suppose to pile into my passenger cabin for a movie night but that ended up having to be cancelled. I just went to bed early after going to see Murder On the Orient Express in the Playhouse theatre on the ship.Read more

  • Day1

    Southampton, UK

    May 6, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Survived my first day as a passenger. Picked up my cruise card and dropped off my crew laminex in the morning. Then did the traditional brunch in Southampton with Jackson one last time before I go home after this cruise. Going straight from working all day every day to have nothing to do on the ship is very weird. I went up to the top deck for the sail away party as we were sailing away from Southampton and then later one when it was quieter took my laptop up there and did some work in the fresh air until Jackson went on break. Finishing the night by having dinner with Manas (Photo manager) in Beach House, one of the restaurants on the ship where you always end up eating way too much food. We both ended up having nachos, steak on a stone and then chocolate fudge cake for dessert.
    Our first stop in 3 days will be Madeira where Manas wants to try and get the whole team (including me) to have steak on a stone together out in port.
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