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  • Day24

    Yanchep NP

    January 29, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Vor unserer Reise in die einsame Wildnis des Nordens, hatten wir noch einiges zu erledigen. Dazu gehörte natürlich der obligatorische Besuch der Koalas im Yanchep Nationalpark, gefolgt von einem Mittagessen an der Strandpromenade in den Neubauvierteln nördlich von Perth. Sowie ein Grosseinkauf und einige kleinere Reparaturen am Surfboard.Read more

    Barbara Meier

    ein Kommentar zu Allem: superfantastisch, genial, einfachtoll eure fotos und eure ferien 😘 omi

    Guido Rota

    Gefällt mir, dieses Board! 🙂

  • Day141

    Australian wildlife again

    March 26, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    The morning was once again filled with administrative work. We are also part of a WhatsApp group with other 'stranded' Dutch people in Australia. Just keeping up with that group chat already takes some time. We also needed to fix accommodation for the next week. The first AirBnB we booked this morning suddenly said it was only available a day later due to maintenance. The second one we booked eventually worked after our first 2 credit cards had not enough credit anymore thanks to flights and 2 cancelled but not yet refunded AirBnBs. Luckily we have 3 cards and the third worked. If there had been a cricket match in our front garden this morning we wouldn't have noticed.

    Around noon we were finally done and left the campsite with the destination being Yanchep National Park. Our aim was to spend our last vanlife day there and also camp in the park. We saw a lama farm on the way. From the campsite we could easily walk around in the rather small national park. There were lots of loud cockatoos as per usual. This time a different species though. There was also a protected area in the park for koalas, who wouldn't know the difference between that and the real wild anyway. But it's been a while since we saw them on the Great Ocean Road and therefore worth it. We spotted several of them and two were actually pretty close. While they don't do much more than sleep and, if you are lucky, move an arm or leg, they are still very cute to look at. Lots of grey kangaroos hopping around as well. We hadn't seen many 'roos lately in the outback. So it seemed like the perfect last day with the van.

    For dinner we made a basic pasta dish for probably (hopefully) awhile. While eating it in the van (we had to escape from the mosquitos outside once again), we had a new first time experience. A not so small spider was walking next to the table behaving as if it was at home here. Luckily it was brown and with that, according to our knowledge, not dangerous. In a heroic move we caught it in one of our cups and released it in the wild.
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  • Day62

    Hyperaktive Koalas

    March 7, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Zum Glück beschlossen wir dem Yanchep NP nochmals einen Besuch abzustatten, denn diesmal erwischten wir die Koalas viel aktiver. Wahrscheinlich weil es viel kühler war als letztes Mal. Ein Koala kratzte sich sogar am flauschigen Bauch.Read more

  • Day340

    Hello Perth

    September 25, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    ▪️Heute hat Vica Geburtstag, haben sie mit einem Kuchen und den Happy Birthday Song geweckt
    ▪️Im Yanchep National Park konnten wir viele Kolas beobachten - so süß :D
    ▪️Das war die letzte gemeinsame Aktivität als Convoy - Abschied nehmen hieß es nun
    ▪️Anschließend sind wir endlich in Perth angekommen und direkt zu unserem Airbnb nach Cloverdale in die 2 (Chuck) Norris Street gefahren
    ▪️Nach genau 6 Wochen Roadtrip endlich im richtig Bett schlafen und warm duschen zu können - ist das beste auf Erden :D
    ▪️Sind zu 7. (Leo, Alisa, Vica, Béla, Elodie, Nik, Vivi) für eine Woche in einen Haus ganz für uns alleine gezogen :D
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  • Day84

    Yanchep National Park

    February 22, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

    Calm morning for us, we were up around 8 am.
    It was raining a little bit during the night and still this morning, but really just a little bit. You can not call it rain to be honest.

    We had our breakfast and got the tip to visit the Yanchep National Park as you can see Koalas here.
    Koalas are not living on the west coast of Australia so this National Park has some of them in an extra area for them. As Kara is not going to travel the east coast and it will probably be her only chance to see them, we went there after breakfast, with a short stop in town.
    We arrived there after 11 am and first we fixed our 14 days pass for the National Parks here. You need to pay entry to the Parks, it’s only 15$ per car but a 14 days pass costs only 40$ and we can go to as many National Parks as we want during these 14 days.

    After that, we walked to the Koalas and saw a few of them relaxing in the trees 🥰
    Not so much going on here as they are nocturnal animals and mostly sleeping during the day.
    We then went for a walk around the park, we saw a lot of cockatoos and parrots but all pretty far away and hard to catch on a picture.
    And we saw a few kangaroos right beside us!
    We probably have missed them if two of them weren’t standing up while we were passing them! So it was a really nice wk for us here!
    Still super cloudy but at least not raining anymore.
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  • Day235

    Life on the open road

    April 29, 2017 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    Today we picked up our new hire car (a Toyota Corolla sedan) and left Perth. After having spent the past 2 weeks in cities, it was nice to be out on the open road, with our own 4 wheels, again. We visited Laura's friends Claire and Josh and their 2 children Lewis & Charlie, who live in Kinross, half an hour North of Perth. We had a nice lunch with them and Solana enjoyed playing with the boys for a couple of hours too.

    We then continued North and visited Yanchep National Park. There was some great bird life there - including water birds, parrots and galahs (rose-breasted cockatoo). We finally got to see some cute koala bears here too. Although koalas are native to Eastern Australia, they have been trying to introduce them here in the West and these ones are part of a breeding programme. It was in Yanchep that we saw our first kangaroos in the wild too - a small group of them feeding on the grass as we were walking back to our car - we were all very happy to finally see kangaroos, especially Solana. We saw a couple more kangaroos by the side of the road as we drove later in the afternoon too - they tend to be more visible around dawn and dusk, when it gets cooler. However, it became apparent that we were enjoying the wide, relatively straight, open roads a bit too much when we were stopped by the police this afternoon for speeding... A hefty $200 (approx. £120) fine meant that we had to settle for take-away fish & chips for dinner, rather than sampling the lobster that this area is famed for... This evening, we visited the Pinnacles Desert, an area with hundreds of limestone rock formations. We arrived just before sunset (delayed by our brush with the law!) - so the light was good but unfortunately didn't last very long. We're spending the night in the small town of Cervantes (population about 500 people), in a B+B recommended by Laura's Uncle Bob & Aunt Angela (thanks Bob & Angela - it is lovely).
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    Sandra Buckley

    Ooooops!!!!! Police record then like me lol!

    Sue Jones

    How fast were you going????


    106kph in a 90 zone (short 90 zone sandwiched between 2 long 110 zones)...

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  • Day244

    Kangaroos, kookaburras & koalas

    May 8, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    We had a very enjoyable morning still in Yanchep National Park. We really loved it there - would highly recommend it if anyone is visiting Western Australia. We went for walks both before and after breakfast. The eucalyptus was even more fragrant in the still and quiet early morning and the light was lovely. We saw lots of kangaroos again and Solana took her "joey" (aka doll) out in her "pouch" too (see 2nd photo)! We also saw 2 kookaburras, more galahs and parrots, plus "bottlebrush" trees (it is easy to see why they're so-named - see 5th photo). Before we left, we went to see the koalas in the breeding programme again - including one very hungry one who was munching away on the eucalyptus leaves right in front of us. We left Yanchep late morning and drove South to Mandurah, back on the coast. This afternoon was less fun and a lot more expensive... My tooth broke at the weekend and I had to make an emergency dental appointment for today. I now have a temporary filling and our account is $280 lighter (and I will still need more work doing when we get home....). On the plus side, this makes Laura and I more or less even after her speeding fine!Read more

    Sue Jones

    Wow 🐨 x also Solana is so cute with her doll xxx

    Sandra Buckley

    What fantastic photos! Hope you're ok now and tooth holding out.

    Sarah Khan

    Aww love the pictures Julie. Lots of love to you all, From Sarah and V-Lin x

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  • Day41


    November 3, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Southward bound back towards Perth we decide to stop by Yanchep National Park. The afternoon is drawing on so it should be a great time to see kangaroos. It is! There's are loads of them. We see koalas, too, but as they aren't native to Western Australia they don't have quite the same thrill as the wild ones back on the Great Ocean Road. They even have to import the right sort of eucalyptus from back east for them.

    Dinner for John and myself is a curry at Shalimar just a couple of minutes walk from where we are staying. I order chicken madras and John a fish curry. What with a parata bread, an aloo naan and rice it is far too much. The older couple at the next table have it sussed : one meat dish, one bread and a small rice. Anyway, it's all very good.
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  • Day243

    Pinnacles & Yanchep National Parks

    May 7, 2017 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

    Before leaving Jurien Bay, Laura snorkelled on the snorkel trail there; the current was too strong for me so Solana and I made another shell picture on the beach instead. On our drive South we were passing the Pinnacles National Park, so we decided to pay a visit again to see it in the sunlight (it was almost sunset when we arrived on the way North) - it was great to see it in sunny splendour and to have time to walk around a bit more. We took the next section of the drive carefully as it was where we were done for speeding on the way up! We passed plenty of roadsigns for wildlife but we didn't see much (alive) along the roads today.

    We enjoyed Yanchep National Park so much on the way up that we decided to pay a visit again on the way back down; this time we are staying overnight in Yanchep Inn, inside the national park. We arrived in time for a picnic lunch, then we did some walking in the park to see what wildlife we could spot this time, including a wetlands walk around the lake called "Loch McNess"! The smell of the eucalyptus as we walked was lovely. We saw plenty of birdlife, including galahs, black cockatoos (see photo), colourful ring-necked parrots, ducks and spoonbills; we also saw a long-necked turtle swimming in the lake. From about 4pm, the kangaroos started to come out - by sunset there were dozens of them feeding on the grass in front of our hotel; we enjoyed watching them with a sundowner beer (Castlemaine XXXX, of course!). After treating ourselves to a meal in the hotel restaurant, we went for a walk in the dark and saw even more kangaroos feeding all around - we had to carefully weave our way through them to get past! It was amazing to see so many of them all in one place.... We leave Yanchep in the morning to continue our journey South. We have also arranged to meet up with our friends James and Lou again in a few days, so we are really looking forward to that.
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    Sue Jones

    These are lovely pictures. Like the geology and that road sign takes some beating!!!

    Peter Thurston

    Love Solana's joey in her pouch!

    Nicola Booth

    Great pic x

  • Day71

    Koala Boardwalk

    January 23, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Im Yanchep National Park lebt die einzige Koala Kolonie Westaustraliens. Koalas sind eigentlich nur nur an der Ostküste verbreitet. Hier sehen wir mehrere Koalas wie sie in den Bäumen schlafen, entspannen und chillen.Read more

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