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  • Day1

    Brisbane to Cape York

    June 14, 2017 in Australia

    Después de terminar nuestra caminata en NZ( tengo que terminar de montar algunas fotos y historias) volamos a Brisbane Australia. Desde hace Aproximadamente 2 meses hemos recorrido parte de el territorio de Queensland en una 4x4 con una tienda de acampada en el techo (Aquí en Australia casi todos tienen un 4x4). El recorrido que hemos estado haciendo ha sido largo y a la vez hermoso, es increíble lo grande que es este lugar. Stefan ha estado disfrutando mucho manejando por terrenos rocosos y empinados. Hemos vistos cascadas, canguros( En su mayoría muertos en la mitad del camino) un par de cocodrilos, vacas, caballos y hermosos pájaros de distintos colores y especies. Antes de comenzar nuestro recorrido hacia "The Tip" el punto más lejano de el territorio de Queensland en Australia decidimos para por una semana en Cairns para buscar trabajo pero fue un poco difícil para Stef conseguir algo en IT y después de a una semana decidimos seguir nuestro camino hacia Cape York. El recorrido sobre caminos rojos y no muy bien mantenidos nos ha llevado a hermosas playas y ha ver un poco más de la cultura de los aborígenes australianos, en algunas partes esta prohibido tener alcohol pues los aborígenes tienen un gran problema con este. En el camino hacia la punta de Cape York paramos en una tienda de suvenires llamada The Croc Tent, allí adoptamos un pequeño cocodrilo al cual nombramos Capey, después de esta parada seguimos nuestro recorrido y si, lo hicimos hasta la punta de Cape York! Una ves allí decidimos tratar de pescar pero lo único que conseguimos fue ver una tortuga marina. En el camino de vuelta decidimos tratar el recorrido de las 5 playas, el recorrido tenia un par de lugares un poco dudoso para pasar con nuestro carro pero aún así Stef decidió intentarlo y su cara de felicidad lo decía todo,el estaba teniendo el mejor momento de este recorrido. Para finalizar el día y prácticamente nuestro recorrido por el territorio de Queensland decidimos celebrar con pizza y cerveza.. Próxima parada Darwin! :)Read more

  • Day27

    We Made It To The Tip

    May 24, 2017 in Australia

    On Friday the boys went on a fishing charter and we went on a walk around some man made lakes to see if we see anything interesting. For tea we had the Queenfish that Henk caught. The next day on Saturday we left Weipa and headed to a campsite on the Southern Bypass Road near the Heathlands Ranger Station. On the way we stopped at Fruit Bat Falls. At Fruit Bat we jumped off the waterfall (it is only about 1.5 metres tall.) That night we stayed at a truck stop on the Southern Bypass Road near the Heathlands Ranger Station. We had chops cooked on the fire pot for tea. At Mutee Head we met 2 kids named Lincoln and Zara, we played with them for the rest of the day. We stayed at Mutee Head for 2 nights. On the day we were leaving Mutee Head we went up to see a World War II Radar Tower. The next day we drove to Seisia, we stayed five nights. On Wednesday we got up at 5:00 o'clock to drive out to The Tip for sunrise. We didn't see it be has it was cloudy. At The Tip there was lots of plaques. They were memorials of people. When got back to the car park we made breakfast and ate on the beach. After breakfast we drove a little bit down the road to the old abandoned lodge to look for an old bird watching tower that used to part of the lodge. We didn't end up finding it. After going to The Tip we went to the Croc Tent. At the Croc Tent I bought a pen with Cape York Australia written on it and a badge for my Scout camp blanket. Ben bought a cap with Cape York written on it. And we also got a Cape York ruler. After being at Croc Tent we drove to Punsand Bay. At Punsand Bay we went for a swim in the pool, Lincoln and Zara were there so we played with them. We had wood fired pizza for tea. The next day we went out in the boat for a couple hours and sorted out when we were going to do the Torres Strait Tour. On Friday we didn't do much, Ben and I did some school work and played some games. Henk and Dad had gone fishing the Jacky Jacky River.Read more

  • Day12

    The planes are back!

    September 17, 2015 in Australia

    Better pictures of the fighters this time as they came back from PNG. We also spent some time at the Detained Persons facility on Horn Island. This is where they take people without visas like Indonesian fisherman and New Guineans who arrive without appropriate visas. Here they are kept until they are deemed 'fit to fly' - mostly for medical reasons as they can have diseases like dengue fever and tuberculosis. They have one heck of a medical room here, even a chest x-ray machine.
    And tomorrow I am coming home!
    Read more

  • Day8

    Lions Lookout

    September 13, 2015 in Australia

    I am on a little bushwalk this morning along a fire trail to a lookout. The view looking out over the Strait to Wednesday and Horn island is just spectacular. We have actually had the occasional shower or two this weekend but it is still sunny and warm and definitely windy, I am loving this weather. My new ipod shuffle is getting a workout as you can see, thank you all for the wonderful fathers day gift. I took some video, but i can't upload it so I just took some normal shots, plus a selfie. Hopefully you are having a great weekend too, love you all!Read more

  • Day2

    Green Hill Fort

    September 7, 2015 in Australia

    Beautiful afternoon followed by a lovely, mild evening. Managed to get a couple of large bricks to pop up the end of the bed, so it was nice to sleep on something relatively flat again. Top picnic spot though, if just a bit windy.

  • Day3

    Horn Island

    September 8, 2015 in Australia

    After the flight Barry from the Cairns office took me for a drive around parts of Horn Island. It's a clear sunny day, probably around 30 or maybe more. Interesting bits to note; don't swim in the water (crocs, sharks and stingers); there is a large dam on Horn Island that provides water via pipe to Thursday island; and the waters around the island are spectacular. Missing you all heaps!

  • Day4

    Border Force Thursday Island

    September 9, 2015 in Australia

    Actually a quiet day in the office today - and speaking of the office, here is the ABF building on the island. It's actually quite a good setup, there is a shed and another newer building behind this structure for the armoury. It's a majestic looking thing from the outside, and there is a room on the first floor that looks out over the water.

    Yesterday was a late finish as we had to board an American yacht that arrived after 4pm. This guy had a prosthetic leg and no arm - and he was sailing on his own! Didn't finish up until 6:30pm. My flex balance is looking really healthy now 😊Read more

  • Day6

    Thursday Island Cemetary

    September 11, 2015 in Australia

    Another quiet office day so far after yesterdays marine patrol, a little bit of cleaning and a trip to the tip. But I stopped by the cemetery on the way back to the office. It was interesting because it had many Shinto graves of Japanese pearl divers, many descendents still live in the Strait. The first photo is a monument that was built to commemorate the divers, the second are some of the graves. Pearling was one of the major economic industries in the Torres Strait in the early part of the 1900s up to the seventies.Read more

  • Day7

    Around Town

    September 12, 2015 in Australia

    Lazy day today! I am on restriction for the weekend however, so no drinking and partying for me 😊 I had a job at lunchtime, another medevac at the hospital. A young woman from a tribal village in PNG was evacuated from Saibai Island (look it up kids) and gave birth to a little girl, so we had to check her bona fides and that of the person who escorted her.
    There is a picture below as well of the unit I am staying at. Plus I had dinner tonight at one of the houses of one of the staff, and they have a great view looking out over Thursday Island. Love you all heaps!Read more

  • Day9

    Another Airport day...

    September 14, 2015 in Australia

    ... and everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong. It's a really long story, but we are soldiering on. I am putting up a few more photos from yesterday, including from around TI itself. Including the 'thong tree' just down from the FIFO house. Only three more days after this one before I am flying home!

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