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  • Day13

    Brugge: Beer, waffles and chocolate!

    September 15, 2016 in Belgium

    What more could anyone want from a city that has the best beer, waffles and chocolate?! This was our second visit to Brugge and it was just as great as we remembered. We love this city not only for its food and drink but also because of its quaint feel and charming character. We'd highly recommend a visit or next time we plan to go back we'll let you know!

  • Day14

    So I just happened to arrive to Bruges on Asencion Day. Bleachers in Markt Square and a bazillion peeps. I couldn't cross the street to find my hotel so I surrendered and looked upon this minor inconvenience as a bonus. Floats, animals, 1700 locals, body tan makeup, wigs, even proper period footwear! Pretty impressive.

  • Day14

    In Bruges, literally

    May 10 in Belgium

    This morning, I took the RER C train from Versailles to St. Michel.
    Transferred to RER B train to Paris Nord.
    Took the Thaylis High Speed train to Brussels.
    Connected to the Intercity train to Bruges.
    City bus into town and Voila, here!
    Nobody said independent travel is easy!
    Actually, it all went super smoothly.
    When I got on the train to Bruges, the woman across the aisle leaned over and said "This is 1st Class". I acknowledged that I was aware of that.
    Yes, I did look a little travel weary but lordy, attitude from this Euro
    Louis Vuitton wanna-be was uncalled for!

    Travel tip to live by: read and follow the very clearly posted signage
    in stations first, then if you're still unsure, don't hesitate to ask anyone who will listen:)
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  • Day14


    May 10 in Belgium

    I do believe that Bruges IS "the cutest city in Europe".
    Just adorable with lots and lots of sights to see in a relatively small area, all walk-able. Of course I had to go to 't Zwart Huis (The Black House), where they filmed
    the bar scene in 'In Bruges' and I might have sat at or very near the location.
    I wanted to take a photo but this just wasn't that type of place and I didn't want to be rude. It was a COOL, hip vibe. Took the brewery tour at De Halve Maan ending with a lovely pint of my fav Brugse Zot. The guide mentioned that we would be drinking the unfiltered, fresh as fresh can be version since we were drinking it on-site. It was extra tasty and I could tell it was more flavorful than at the bars.Read more

  • Day59

    Day 57

    July 26, 2017 in Belgium

    Bus trip from Paris to Bruges today!! Got in at about 1pm so had a nap then went for some sightseeing and it's a very charming city. Really pretty old buildings very touristy but

    Then I had one of the best burgers that I've had over here top 2 and homemade ice tea which was lovely

    Trying to have an early night but my room is right above the bar!! So noisy, getting to that stage of been over hostels but only 1 month more in them hahaRead more

  • Day239

    Bruges, Belgium

    January 7 in Belgium

    We drove to Bruges from Luxembourg with Monica and Rory. Judith, our old flatmate from New Zealand, met us here from Holland. We spent the evening sampling Bruges' greatest export, beer! We visited several local pubs, each with a sizable beer variety, and stayed out until the early hours of the morning dancing to live music. We left Bruges with a few bottles of Westvleteren 12; 10.2%, brewed since 1940, and considered one of the best beers in the world. Sante!Read more

  • Day40

    Belgien, ich komme

    May 18 in Belgium

    Heute musste ich wieder eine Fähre nehmen, um meine weg fort zu setzen. Die Fähre fuhr von Vliessingen nach Breskens und war nur für Fahrräder vorgesehen.
    Nachdem ich lange an der Nordsee durch Dünen gefahren bin, kürzte ich ab und kam ich in der grenznahen Stadt Sluis an. Dort entschied ich mich über Brügge zu fahren.
    Leider gab es auf dem Radweg, auf dem ich fuhr, keine Grenzmarkierung, so dass ich kein Bild machen konnte.
    Wie ich in Brügge feststellte war das eine sehr gute Idee gewesen. Brügge hat eine wunderbare Altstadt mit vielen Kirchen und Kathedralen.
    Danach fuhr ich noch zehn Kilometer bis zum nächsten Zeltplatz.

    Strecke: 80,31
    Fahrtzeit: 3:55
    durchschnittl.-Geschw.: 20,49
    max. Geschw.: 40,26
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  • Day29

    Brilliant Belgium.

    May 17, 2017 in Belgium

    It is said the French think they've got life worked out. Well the Belgians actually have : they are just totally cool about it. *

    Brugge is a dine out feast for the eyes and tummy. Medieval architecture is abundant. It missed most of the world war destruction. (Many villages we saw in northern France were pulverised by WW1 artillery. Though well rebuilt, they look disturbingly 'un-old', built after 1918.)
    Canals beckon you toward their waiting boat rides. Green gardens welcome resting spirits. Belgian chocolate also awaits every 13 yards. Lace weaves its elegance. And now, waffles??? Ohh...

    It was a delightful restful day after the earlier emotional challenges of war sites.

    * only a slight overstatement. Their cultural challenges continue began their Dutch and French speaking communities.
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  • Day172

    Day 173: Westwards to Bruges

    August 6, 2017 in Belgium

    Time to move on again! This time it was a relatively short hop to the western end of Belgium, and the beautiful town of Bruges. It's considered to be one of the nicest small towns in Europe, with a medieval core area that has remained mostly unchanged since that time. But we took our time checking out of Brussels, eventually leaving around 11am.

    Caught the tram back down to Brussels central where we had about 40 minutes wait for the train, which we used to grab a quick early lunch of sandwiches. It was pretty easy to tell which train was the right one, since there were loads of tourists getting on the same train!

    Only a short ride, just over an hour, before we hopped off the train in Bruges. I'd been here on my previous Belgium trip in 2005, and distinctly remember enjoying the place despite only really staying for 48 hours, so I was looking forward to seeing it again.

    Nothing seemed hugely different on the walk from the station to our AirBNB, though I guess I don't remember enough of the small details. Thankfully at this place we were able to check in fairly early, so we dropped our bags and spent a bit of time unwinding. It's a really nice apartment here - huge bed and an enormous bathroom with a big bath tub and lots of nice touches as well. Though it's one of the more expensive places we've stayed in so far, close to $200/night.

    After relaxing a bit we headed out into the town in warm sunshine. Great feeling in the air, lots of people relaxed and on holidays and a very nice backdrop of buildings, canals, towers and parks. We wandered around for a couple of hours, and decided to do one of the bits of filming we had scheduled, at the beguinage in southern Bruges.

    This was a sister site to the beguinage in Leuven we'd visited yesterday, but felt quite different. Fewer houses, all arranged around a very large central square. It's still in use, though not as a beguinage - it's been converted into a convent, so nuns wander around instead.

    Wrapped that up, then kept on exploring the city. Bought a few bits of chocolate here and there from the fancy stores, and maybe a waffle or two. Eventually we settled in at a canal-side bar and had a couple of drinks in the late afternoon sun.

    Approaching dinner time, we headed back to the main square where all the tourist restaurants are, making essentially a random choice. Decent enough food for a set menu, a grilled mussels type dish for entree and then I had Flemish stew for main while Shandos had more mussels. Then apple pie for dessert!

    Back home very full, looking forward to another day exploring.
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  • Day173

    Day 174: Exploring Bruges

    August 7, 2017 in Belgium

    Full day for exploring this beautiful city, though unfortunately the weather wasn't quite as good as yesterday - a bit overcast and cloudy, though not much rain to speak of.

    First stop was the main square, where I did some filming of the belfry since that's part of the world heritage listing. Decided to shell out the 10 euros to climb to the top, all 366 stairs! Great view from up top, though sadly Shandos couldn't climb as dogs weren't permitted to go up (unsurprisingly).

    Back down, we wandered around and filmed wherever took our fancy. Nice buildings, pretty squares, canals, the usual stuff. Grabbed some lunch at a small cafe with great baguettes for good prices, a rare find in this tourist-heavy town.

    Basically just spent the day wandering around and eventually headed back home mid-afternoon for a rest. Went out later in the evening for dinner, decided to have Italian food so I had a quattro stazioni pizza and Shandos had a salmon tagliatelle pasta. Good stuff.
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