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  • Mar24


    March 24 in Belgium ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    First let me mention my means of travel to Brussels from London. I opted for a FlixBus because, although long, cheaper than the last minute train ticket. It was packed, and hard to find (I had to flag it down myself, nearly missing it, but this is a normal occurrence for me), but it was a very cool experience. Geographically-challenged-me didn't even think about how a bus would get to the other side of the English Channel. Answer? They put the bus INSIDE of a bus-sized train car. Claustrophobia-enducing for some I would think, but very cool to me! You're under the water for a while, being propelled through water inside of a bus, inside of a train car. A friend of mine noted "it's like the turducken" of travel. Blew my mind.

    My stay in Brussels was lovely. My actual "stay" was in a town called Landen, about 40 minutes east of Brussels. My hosts here were a friend of my sister's from college (who I haven't seen in 10+ years, but responded and welcomed me without hesitation when I reached out about visiting), and her husband. They both work for Médecins Sans Frontières out of Brussels (true heroes). They picked me up from the train station after a long day of unexpected work (on a Sunday) and took me immediately to "Manneken Pis." It's an incredibly small fountain, of an incredibly small naked boy, with an incredibly small penis. That's the whole thing, and I think it's generally understood as a joke. But they sure are proud of it! Very funny. I later found the sister fountain, "Janneke-Pis" (across from the popular Delirium bar - overrated, you can get both the beer and experience in America). And I actually found this version so ADORABLE and picture worthy. Maybe I could relate to her more?

    We got beers at a bar called Poechenellekelder, across from the fountain. It was a little kitschy but in just the right way for me! And they had an extensive beer selection that was almost entirely foreign to me, so my host Lily pointed me in the direction of some special German beers. One favorite was Orval, pictured here.

    The next two days I spent exploring the city by foot, as you do. I went to the Magritte museum (worth it), and the comic book museum (also worth it, to learn about the rich comic history in Belgium, but a very short trip). Mostly got a taste for some beautiful city views. The main plaza, Grand-Place was a nice landmark and spot to stop and relax. As far as food goes - the pommes frites were average to me, having enjoyed many pommes frites at home in NYC or in Germany that I thought topped the ones I had here. The waffles though, rocked. I learned that there are two kinds - gaufre de Bruxelles and gaufre de Liege. The Liege style is great! I preferred it. It's got pieces of sugar inside of the waffle itself and is less perfectly square than the Brussels style. So delicious.

    One of my favorite moments was stumbling upon an elevator on the street. I saw a couple of people head into it, and it seemed so arbitrarily placed in the middle of this quiet street, I assumed it had to be there for some good reason. I took it up to the top, where it opened to a small, short bridge to the plaza outside of an enormous beautiful old courthouse, with a monument in the center that I don't actually remember anything about because the view was so wonderful. There were people taking pictures all over, understandably so. Beautiful view I didn't know about ahead of time, which is the best kind!

    There is certainly. a lot to be done and seen in Brussels. I would have loved to take more advantage of the arts scene there, with a little more time and money at my disposal. But walking around and catching sight of the great comic street art scattered around the city is very cool. Nice juxtaposition of history, beauty, and modern art.
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  • Day474

    Brussels with Beth & Richard!

    October 13, 2017 in Belgium ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    We were so excited! Not because we were about to spend 2 days in Brussels, the European capital city, but because we were going to see Will's daughter Beth and our son in law Richard!

    Not having seen them for more than 15 months, we wanted to spend as much time with them as possible and so we went to pick them up at Brussels airport- something easier said than done in a large camper van. After studying the guidance, we knew there was no pick up point and all of the short stay car parks had height restrictions. We headed for the open air car park P4 but found that bollards at its entrance were placed too close together for us to get through. We couldn't stop anywhere else so drove around while Beth and Rich, unable to see any sign of the supposed shuttle bus, made their way to the car park on foot.

    We were all a little flustered when we finally met, but it was nonetheless wonderful to see them again. After navigating a complicated set of motorways we stopped for lunch in a car park surrounded by autumn trees. After proper hugs it wasn't long before we relaxed into each other's company as if we'd not spent the last 15 months away.

    It was Friday afternoon and Brussels city centre lived up to its reputation as one of the most congested in Europe. At least the gridlocked roads gave us an opportunity for some sight seeing as we passed a modern glass fronted European Commission building and a huge ornate stone arch with fountains as we drove in to drop Beth & Richard off at their hotel.

    It was finding our overnight parking when the fun really began! There was no official van parking within easy reach of the centre and the Youth Hostel that allowed vans to stay in their car park had big event on. We'd found a garage that rented out parking spots for camper vans through ShareMyPark website and exchanged several emails to reserve our spot. On approaching the residential area we saw there were massive roadworks whose diversions took us the wrong way along one way streets. After driving around in circles (for the second time that day) and becoming increasingly stressed we turned down a blocked off road where we saw the large green and blue garage door that we were due to park behind... on the other side of the blockade, in the middle of the road works, with an unsurfaced road outside it. We got the feeling this wasn't going to work out and the friendly loc residents confirmed there was no way in, before 'helping' Vicky do a 3 point turn, arms waving everywhere with good natured thumbs up.

    Although still stressful, the drive to the residential street Will had found on Park4Night got easier the further we drove from the centre. We parked at the top of a narrow cobbled U shaped road between a park and a communal food and medicinal plant garden. It was on a slant but away from traffic flow and wonderful for Poppy. Downloading a Brussels Transport app, we found the nearest bus stop and discovered there were very frequent buses to the city centre, just a few hundred metres from the hotel. It wasn't what we'd planned but at just €9 for a full day's parking we'd found a workable solution 2.5 hours after setting off from lunch!

    It was Beth's birthday weekend and they had booked a nice hotel. We met Richard downstairs and after climbing the polished stone spiral staircase with hardwood banister, rang the doorbell to their suite. We were all blown away by its grandeur, the old wooden beams and furniture, original paintings, ornate blue pottery urns and plates. We enjoyed lounging on the sofa and armchairs with a drink before heading out in search of the traditional Belgian moules-frites. By this time it was dark and gravitating towards a narrow cobbled alley (Rue de Bouchers) lined with eateries selling our desired dish we were literally, grabbed from left and right by people trying to persuade us (in English) to eat with them. We extricated ourselves and found a slightly quieter corner restaurant called Au Coin Gourmand where the staff didn't seem quite so desperate and Richard assured us the Trip Advisor rating was higher than 2/5! Choosing from the set menu, we ate our moules-frites along with starters and a desert of crepe at an outdoor table accompanied by a charismatic cat with a stump of a tail. The atmosphere was light hearted and fun and to chocolatier Beth's delight we were seated opposite Elisabeth's chocolate shop!

    After Beth and Richard had bought waffles from Elisabeth's, we wandered along the lively streets until Beth spotted an interesting and brightly lit building at the end of a side street. Rounding the corner, we discovered it was part of Grand Place, reputedly the most beautiful square in Europe. We just stopped and stared, we were so taken aback. All around us were grand old buildings, tastefully lit, some with gilt detail shining out from their facades. It was one of the most complete squares we can remeber seeing, the imposing Hotel de Ville drawing our eye as a focal point.

    Rounding the night off with a glass of wine in the hotel suite, we caught the bus back to the van, which we were relieved to find undisturbed, despite the number of cars parked nearby emitting loud 'boom boom' music and the giggles and shrieks of late night revellers in the park.

    Although we'd faced difficulties taking the van into Brussels, we'd had the best evening in a long while and were looking forward to a full day in the city with Beth and Richard tomorrow!
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  • Day2

    Bruxelles - Départ

    March 30 in Belgium ⋅ 🌙 8 °C

    Après moultes aventures et plusieurs faux-départs (on aime bien faire des feintes), nous nous lançons enfin dans notre tour du monde. Une dernière soirée avec la fine équipe de Bruxelles (merci de nous avoir supporté et hébergé pendant ces 3 semaines), un départ en speed et c'est parti ! A 1h10 du matin samedi 30 mars, premier départ de notre périple, direction Lüneburg en Allemagne.

    À bientôt les amis, vous allez nous manquer <3 <3
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  • Day1

    In the capital of chocolate...

    June 24, 2018 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    So wie Croissants und Baguettes zu Paris gehören, ist Brüssel untrennbar mit Pralinen und Schokolade verbunden. In der Capitale Belgiens verführen unzählige Schokolaterien, vor allem rund um den historischen "Grote Markt" und in der "Galeries Royales St.-Hubert", zu einem süßen Einkaufserlebnis der ganz besonderen Art! Schokolade in jeglicher Form, wird in Brüssel zum Kunstobjekt - hochwertig bis extravagant von den "Maitres du Chocolate" in den Schaufenstern und Verkaufsräumen ihrer Fachgeschäfte präsentiert. Dabei überraschen die unterschiedlichsten Konzepte! Wie direkt aus einem Harry Potter Film entnommen, verzaubert ein fantasievoll gestaltetes Schaufenster mit seinen Leckereien. Direkt daneben ziehen der spektakuläre Schokoladenbrunnen und Skulpturen aus der süßen Versuchung die Blicke besonders langsam gehender Passanten auf sich, während die Verkaufsräume einer Schokolaterie gegenüber, mit wertig präsentierten Köstlichkeiten, eher an einen teuren Juwelier erinnern ( ) - wahrlich, bei weitem nicht nur ein Fest für den verwöhnten Gaumen! Das die kleinen, kalorienhaltigen Kunstobjekte einen ganz "besonderen" Preis haben, erklärt sich von selbst. Aber diesen sind sie definitiv wert, zaubern sie doch nahezu jedem ein Lächeln ins Gesicht!Read more

  • Day1

    Free City Tour

    February 16 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Über den Museumsberg und einen Park, in dem sehr, sehr, sehr streng darauf geachtet wurd, dass niemand den Rasen betritt (unter Verwendung sämtlicher Mittel, inkl. Trillerpfeife bis hin zu und wahrscheinlich).
    Am Justizpalast vorbei der schon seit den 80ern Gerüst hat und wahrscheinlich noch bis 2030 haben wird...
    Ende im früheren Arbeiter Viertel, in das alles geschoben wurde, was man in der Stadt nicht wollte und heute ist es natürlich cool ;)
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  • Day28

    Brussels to see the sights

    July 22, 2018 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    We headed off to see the sights of Brussels late morning. We went via Paulette’s place so that I could drop my luggage off as I will be staying with Paulette for a couple of nights before I head home early Tuesday morning. Paulette is pretty close to the airport so much easier to get a taxi from here. The centre of Brussels was very quiet and uncrowded when we got there which was pleasing for us. Once we parked the car we decided to look for a place to have lunch and settled on an Italian Restaurant called Italian Sun. We both ordered pizza and of course we also had a carafe of rosé, a very nice wine in this warm weather. The pizza was delicious one of the best I have had for some time, Brigitte was also very happy with her choice. After lunch we walked through some lovely narrow streets and we must have passed about 50 Chocolate stores they were everywhere. We then headed to the Grand Place that was as lovely as I remembered but even Better in the sunshine and it also looked like the buildings had been recently cleaned. I am so glad I had the chance to come to the centre of this lovely city.

    We then headed out to Paulette’s place where we caught up with Nathalie and her family. Brigitte had brought over the Sticky Date Pudding and we had that for afternoon tea and it was a hit with everyone except for Sohan, Nathalie’s son. Sohan and his Dad played in the pool while we sat around talking and just relaxing (but no wine).

    I had to say goodbye to Brigitte which was a bit sad as we have had a wonderful week just hanging out, having fun and laughing a lot- and drinking a fair amount of wine! Brigitte said this is fine as we are on holidays.

    Tonight Paulette is cooking a rack of lamb, roast potatoes, stuffed tomatoes and green beans followed by a salad and then strawberries for dessert. Lucky I will only be here for a couple of days because if we ate like this all the time I would have to do about 30,000 steps not to gain weight!
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  • Day27

    Belgium's National Holiday

    July 21, 2018 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Today we had a bit of a relaxing day - everything was closed and more than 2 million people went to Brussels for all the celebrations. Brigitte and I had talked about going to Ghent and also about going into Brussels but Ghent currently has a Jazz Festival and it would be too crowded and so we decided to stay home and we will go to the City tomorrow. So this afternoon we made a sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce, Brigitte had never heard of this dish and was interested to try it out so Ian sent me the recipe and we made it. I can report that everyone except for Sohan loved it.

    Brigitte then made spaghetti sauce for our dinner. Not having much to do allowed me to catch up with my blog and get it nearly up to date. We had a lovely dinner last night and made plans to go to the city centre tomorrow so that I can see the Grand Place in summer.
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  • Day14

    We didn't steal any glasses?

    July 3, 2016 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Our first full day in Brussels! Last night, after getting in and finding what seems like the only open waffle house and watching the Brussels game/orange is the new black, we got a little sleep before getting up and heading out on a walking tour at 10:30am.

    The walking tour was amazing and our guide, Adrian, made it even better. We started out at the Grand Place of Brussels - an amazing square which houses the city hall, kings house, and various old guilds now dedicated to public services. The only guild still housed in the Grand Place is the guild a brasseur: the brewers guild. Brussels is known for its beer and trust us .. There is a reason for this 🍺

    After taking in the splendor that is the gilded buildings of the Grand Place, we headed to our next stop: Mannekin Pis. This unique statue represents a little boy peeing into a well... And they honestly don't know why. The best guess they have is that back in the day, many items had to be dyed with a mix of ammonia and where can you find ammonia for cheap? In your urine. The statue is bit of a legend now, and (though small) definitely brings character to the city.

    After mannekin pis, we traveled through to see the church of St Nickolas, the church of St Michel and the opera house (all beautiful but I'm too tired to think right now) and ended up past the Sablon to the city hall overlook.

    Once the tour was over, we decided we wanted to go to the (in)famous bar "delirium" where there are hundreds of Belgian beers on tap including several of their house brewed. Honestly we just went for the pink elephant glasses... Which we may have walked out with. I'm not sure. Ok I'm sure. We have the glasses.

    After the successful raid of the pink elephant glasses we headed back to the hotel to change and shower before coming back into the city to grab food and watch the Germany vs. Italy game. Yay Deutschland!

    As usual, we were out far later than we thought we would be and headed back to the hotel to get some rest before checking out tomorrow .
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