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    • Day 2

      Decouverte de Bruxelles

      March 9, 2022 in Belgium ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

      Première journée complète en terre belge ! Après une petite balade matinale dans les rues de Bruxelles, nous sommes parvenus à trouver le fameux Manneken-Pis, qui s’est avéré être une petite déception car beaucoup plus petit que ce que l’on espérait (même si son costume du jour lui donnait un peu plus de style)
      Nous n’avons ensuite pas pu résister à l’odeur des frites belges, et nous avons vite compris pourquoi elles sont si célèbres ici 🤤
      Après avoir profité du soleil pendant notre pause digestion, Robin, un ami de Clara, nous a rejoint pour passer l’après-midi avec nous. Nous nous sommes alors rendus au Delirium Café, célèbre pour être le bar proposant le plus de marques de bières différentes au monde (plus de 2000 !! 🤯)
      Pour terminer la journée, nous avons rendus visite à Claire et Victor, 2 amis de prépa récemment installés près de Bruxelles ! (avec qui on a oublié de prendre une photo 🥲)
      Dernière nuit à Bruxelles (déjà !), et départ pour Bruges demain matin 🚃
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    • Day 6

      Day 6. Brussels

      February 10 in Belgium ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

      Today we headed to Brussels, we headed down to the train station and managed to miss the first train as we thought it was going in the wrong direction. We had to wait 30 mins for the next one, but this meant we only got into Brussels 5 minutes later than what the first one would of, so not all lost.

      We first headed to the Mont des Arts park which lead us to "Palace de Bruxelles". This was very pretty and the Palace was lovely. Afterwards we headed to the European Parliament, home to the European Union, this was cool to see despite now not being part of it... We headed back to the centre, stopped for a baguette and Belgium Waffle (which James managed to drop on the table...) we luckily saved most of it, they were both delicious.

      Brussels wouldn't be worth going to if you didn't taste the chocolate and Beer. So we headed to a super posh chocolatier called Neuhaus, they were madly expensive at £2.70 each for little chocolates, but the shop threw in some samples so this made it slightly more affordable. We headed to Grand-Place, we can see how this is one of the most beautiful squares in the world, every building was so stunning and lots of gold was on show. We were super impressed by the square. Our last stop was a statue called Manneken Pis, which is basically a baby going for a wee as a fountain.. who famously put out a fuse which ultimately stopped the city from burning down, quite the saviour. He was dressed in Chinese outfits and had quite the crowd.

      Last stop was a belgian beer enroute to the station, we stopped at this quirky little bar and they were loving feeding Maddy crisps. Maddy had alot of attention today and coped well and like always, trooped it all the way to the end. 2 trains to get back and quick easy pizza for tea. Ready to chill as tomorrow we are off to Antwerp.
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    • Day 1

      Die Party vor dem Start

      May 6, 2022 in Belgium ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

      Ob wir pünktlich am Start stehen, sehen wir morgen früh. Nach ausgiebiger Feierei mit der G‘senkten Sau, dem Wolptertinger Suchtrupp und all den anderen Teams gehts jetzt erstmal ins Bett. Gute Nacht!

    • Day 1

      Erste kleine Sightseeingtour

      May 24, 2022 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

      Die erste kleine Erkundungstour haben wir schon hinter uns und natürlich durfte das kleine Männchen da nicht fehlen.
      Dem Hart-Rock Café und einem typischen belgischen Waffelladen haben wir auch gleich mal einen Besuch abgestattet.Read more

    • Day 3

      Brussels with friends

      June 5, 2022 in Belgium ⋅ 🌧 19 °C

      Nach einem ausgezeichneten Avocado-Frühstück, ging es mit nassen Füßen ins Musikmuseum. In 3 Etagen wurden verschiedene Instrumente aus aller Welt, von jeder Zeit und mit Hörproben vorgestellt. Anschließen ging es durch die Stadt auf der Suche nach belgischen Waffeln. In der Drug-Opera, einem Restaurant im "Old-English" Stil sind wir fündig geworden.
      Für 2/3 der Reisegruppe ging es danach zurück ins Airbnb, die anderen beiden weiteten die Stadttour noch um 2h aus.

      Zum Abend gab es selbstgekochte Nudeln mit Tomatensoße und Käse. Jetzt geht es zum Spieleabend - möge der oder die Beste gewinnen!
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    • Day 107


      July 2, 2023 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      Daniel started the day with a run while Gab chatted with friends from home. We then headed to the Grand Place to meet up for our free walking tour! This was one of the longest and also most informative tours we had done so far on our trip with a very charismatic guide called Adrien. We learnt a lot during our 4km tour which went for almost 3.5 hours (with a short break half way through where we bought traditional frites!)

      We learnt some interesting things such as:
      - Belgium has 3 official languages being French, Dutch and German. 60% of the country is Dutch speaking and 40% of the country is French speaking (and less than 1% are German speaking). Brussels is the only multi-lingual city in Belgium and everything is supposed to be displayed in French and Dutch, however, 90% of people living in Brussels speak French and 10% speak Dutch.
      - The site of the Grand Place was originally a market back in 11th century and it was later destroyed during conflict and rebuilt. The Grand Place is very impressive and contained the city hall (which is still used as a city hall today) and houses that were for different guilds (such as for writers, painters and bakers).
      - In Belgium, people have to get married in their local city hall so people in Brussels have to get married on Saturday mornings in a small hall in the city hall (with a 20 minute time slot).
      - The city hall with the large spire is the only original building standing in The Grand Place as all others had burnt down and been reconstructed. The spire is actually not in middle of building and as such the building is not symmetrical (the original design was symmetrical but then they decided to add to one side of the building but there wasn't enough room to make it symmetrical).
      - There is a massive comic book industry in Belgium, including their most famous character - Tin Tin! There are over 70 comic book murals scattered on walls around the city of Brussels. Reading comic books is very popular for people of all ages and the French speaking comic book industry sells 10million copies every year (unlike the English speaking industry which serves many more people but sells around 1million copies a year).
      - We stopped at the Manneken Pis - a statue of a little boy peeing from the 13th century. No one knows who and why it was put there (although there are many crazy legends!) So, basically the statue is famous for being famous but the people from Brussels don't mind it being their unofficial mascot - they don't take themselves seriously! There are a group of people who dress up the Mannekin Pis and he has over 1000 outfits. We saw him dressed up in a uniform of a student union.
      - There is a lot of diversity in beer which is why it is so famous in Belgium! There is said to be around 25,000 different beers in Belgium, and about 80% of beers aren’t exported, so try them while you are there (which we plan to do!!)
      - Belgium has an interesting history having been controlled by the Spanish, French and Dutch at different times. The Belgian Revolution was in 1830.
      - There is a river under Brussels (called River Senne) which was covered up to get rid of the problem of cholera which killed many people in Brussels in the last 1800s.
      - Traditional frites (fries) in Brussels are made by twice fried potatoes in beef fat oil at two different temperatures - delicious!
      - We learnt all about chocolate! The cacao bean was bought to Europe in 1600s but solid chocolate as we know it was a 19th century creation. There were a number of rules which were followed closely in Belgium including that you can’t have anything less than 45% cacao mixture otherwise can’t call it chocolate, you could only use certain ingredients and you can't use vegetable oil instead of cacao. So for example, companies such as Cadbury/Hershey had to rename their products to chocolate-flavoured candy. These rules are mostly no longer in place but most Belgian chocolatiers still follow these traditions which is what makes the chocolate so good!

      We stopped for a quick lunch break and then tried our next Belgian delicacy - waffles! We were recommended to get one from a food truck as it is the freshest and it did not disappoint, the taste was incredible!!

      We then continued to walk around the city and spot some more of the comic murals, more peeing statues (one of a girl called the Jeanneke Pis and one of a dog called Het Zinneke!) and then a very interesting looking concrete truck made out of steel!

      We finished the day with a few authentic Belgian beers in an old school pub recommended by our walking tour guide (called Les Brassiers). Gab tried an amber beer made by monks (a trappist ale) called Orval and Daniel tried a popular ale called Jupiler. We then headed back to the Airbnb.
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    • Day 3

      City tour 💫

      February 6 in Belgium ⋅ 🌬 10 °C

      Hacemos un maravilloso city tour ✨, en el que aprendemos la historia de la Grand Place (en la que había muchas casas gremiales, además del ayuntamiento y la casa del Rey). Vemos otra vez al Mannekin Pis, y nos explican que es una escultura simbólica por los niños que hacían pis para utilizarlo en el curtido de las pieles durante una crisis en la que tenían poco 😮. Descubrimos también que tiene más de 170 vestidos, e incluso un guardarropa propio. Pasamos además por el Palacio de Bruselas, el mirador de Mont des Arts y la Iglesia de Notre Dame du Sablon.Read more

    • Day 58


      October 31, 2023 in Belgium ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

      Today we left beautiful rainy Paris on a 5 hour bus trip to a beautiful and rainy Brussels.

      Once we arrived we dropped our bags off at our hostel and made our way downtown. We enjoyed some Belgium waffles, and then some hot chips - which they are apparently known for. Both foods were incredible.

      We strolled and explored some more before we came across a barber, and Phill decided to go in for a hair cut as his was getting long - little did we know he would have to wait 50 minutes (longer than any of the Disney rides!?) As the barber gave facials and liked to smoke in-between clients. All worked out, as the cut was worth it.

      We then spent the remainder of the night doing boring things in the common area like budgeting the rest of our trip as we're pretty much half way through!

      Step count;
      Bec - 18.6k
      Phill - 13.4k
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    • Day 4

      Gofre y cerveza 🍺

      February 7 in Belgium ⋅ 🌧 5 °C

      Nuestro siguiente paseo consiste en ir a probar el gofre del sitio que siempre vemos con mucha cola, porque tiene pintón!! Y resulta todo un acierto, porque es el único sitio que lo hace con mantequilla y está buenísimo 🤤. Volvemos a ver la Grand Place de noche, y a patearnos el centro de norte a sur y de este a oeste, y vamos a probar la cerveza al sitio más turístico: el delirium tremens café, donde evidentemente pedimos la cerveza con el mismo nombre. Lo que papá no tenía previsto era que yo trajera frutos secos de España 🫘😜. Tras la cervecita y el critiqueo, nos vamos a cenar una cenita humilde y de picoteo a nuestro hostel 🥖.Read more

    • Day 189

      Brussels, Belgium

      November 13, 2022 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

      Beer, Waffles and Chocolate in no particular order. Now repeat. That's been our mantra since we entered Belgium and I must say it's a delightful one. We spent a few days in the Flemish capital of the north Brussels. The city's architecture is beautiful and there is plenty to do and see in the European Unions administrative home.

      Belgium is actually a relatively new country in Europe. Belgium had a revolution and won independence from the Netherlands in 1830. Surprisingly, the catalyst of the revolution was an opera called "La muette de Portici". The opera was focused on nationalistic themes and when the opera finished on August 25th of that year, patrons immediately started to revolt on the streets! After the revolution, Belgium also started a new constitutional monarchy and elected Leopold I as their king. He apparently didn't want the job, but eventually accepted.
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