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    • Day75

      Good bye to the Hibbs

      August 29, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

      Slow start to the morning as we had to redistribute our "stuff" to the appropriate vehicles so that we could part company. Boo. It was hard to say good bye because we had all shared some great sights, adventures, laughter, and chats. We are all blessed to have been given this time together!

      After hugs, we drove into Revelstoke, which is a cute little railroad town. We spent sometime at the Visitor Center discussing alternative routes home through BC. The gal we spoke to gave us some great input and so we have a plan in place for the next couple of nights. Also did a little catch up with Quicken....

      Walked the town a bit, found a local artist gallery, and then had a nice lunch at the Village Idiot (restaurant name!) which had an outdoor patio. Perfect day to sit outside! I just can't believe how great the weather has been....beautiful clear blue skies!

      We were going to stay at Williamson Lake where we had camped last night, but decided to move to a provincial park out of town, so headed south for the park. Blanket Creek Park is located on Upper Arrow Lake, which is actually a reservoir lake on the Columbia River. The headwaters of the Columbia river are located east of us....if you look at the course of the river, from the headwaters, it travels north a significant amount, does a "u-turn" around Canadas Glacier Natl Park, and then heads south into Washington through the Grand Coulee Dam, down to the Oregon border and out to the Pacific. It was surprising to us to know this is the Columbia!

      With all parks, they typically have a "first come, first served" number of sites so we were able to get a beautiful site on the resorvoir, which really is a very long, narrow lake, or a wide river, depending how you look at it. And this park had some recently installed shower facilities! Pretty good, but they are the sort of shower that requires you to hold a button for water. Can be challenging to wash your hair and shower using just one hand....and no temperature adjustment. Fortunately mine seemed to access most of the hot water, Tom seemed to have "less" and had a fairly cold shower. He does NOT like cold showers!

      Did some more route planning and enjoyed a glass of wine outside, until the mosquitoes drove me into the RV. I just seem to be a magnet for these guys, and I even had some repellent on. They don't bother Tom as much, so he stayed outside and BBQ'd hamburgers! Delicious!
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      Are we looking at a tuna sculpture? Michael


      Big ole Sturgeon with salmon jumping around him!


      Nice Railroad picture. Michael

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    • Day76

      Working South, via Nakusp, BC

      August 30, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ☀️ 59 °F

      Really happy we moved to this park from Williamson lake. Loved our site, view of the lake through the trees! Morning sun, there was a lakeside trail right of our site. Everything you want in a site!

      Packed up and on the way out of the park, stopped and walked up to Sutherland waterfall. Just a nice good size waterfall view to start the day with.

      Headed south on 23 to Nakusp. But to get there we had to cross the Upper Arrow lake using the Shelter Bay ferry. The ferry leaves once every hour from 5 am to midnight. It takes a pretty large number of cars and RVs. I think there were at least 4 lanes of vehicles, maybe 5. And it is a free service. Was about a 30 minute crossing, very smooth, very efficient!

      Stopped in at their Visitor Center since I really have done no planning for this leg. We don't have any reservations and are trying to figure best opportunities for campsites over this three day weekend. Not totally clear that this is a Canadian holiday, but apparently they help us Americans celebrate it!

      Had lunch "lakeside" at the old Leland Hotel. Very nice, outdoor patio, with a big, long, lake view! Walked around a bit and then headed south to try and find a campsite. The Visitor Center thought maybe a park about an hour or so south, Rosebery.

      Got to the park about 2:30 and they only had 2 sites left so we grabbed one. All the rest were full or reserved. Only 30 plus sites, but not a lot of options. The drive has been beautiful, following these long lakes, but this is not a main tourist corridor so less overnight options.

      Since we were in early we both actually did sit and read for an hour or so. I have to very my book club book read, Column of Fire, and I still have about 300 pages to go!

      Walked Auggie, fixed some dinner, and went back to my book!
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      That looks like a great route south....I wondered about that ferry service?

    • Day11

      Williamson Lake / Revelstoke

      June 5, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      Die zweite Fähre von Kootenay Bay nach Balfour soll unsere werden. Wir sind zeitig genug dort und treffen auf unsere Campnachbarn, die auf die erste Fähre nicht mehr passten, nur Ihre Mitreisenden hatten es noch geschafft.
      Wir fahren nach Nelson, ein pittoreskes Städtchen, laut Reiseführer. Naja...Der nächste Besuchspunkt ist Sandon, eine Geisterstadt. Nationales Kulturerbe. Hat sich auch als Flop herausgestellt.
      Durch zauberhafte Landschaft, immer am fjordähnlichen Arrowlake (etwa 200 km lang!) entlang, fahren wir zur nächsten Fähre (die Binnenfähren sind kostenfrei!). Von Galena geht's nach Shelter Bay und wir schauen nach einem Campground. Fündig werden wir in Revelstoke am Williamson Lake. Eine kurze Runde um den See mit tausend Mücken lässt den Entschluss reifen, doch noch in die City zu fahren. Alle Geschäfte schließen um fünf, sodass nur der Besuch einer Bar bleibt. Dort ist Livemusik ....und Bier nebst Burger, sowie Chicken Wings schmecken vorzüglich.
      Tagsüber war das Wetter mostly sunny, am Nachmittag leider Wolken, aber wenigstens kein Regen.
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      Sorry die Bilder fehlen.😏


      Nom nom nom 🍔


      Oh Mann sieht das gut aus...ich krieg Hunger

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    • Day44

      Shuswap Lake and Williamson Lake

      October 7, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 7 °C

      Heute morgen frisch, aber nicht gefroren. Um achte auf und nach kleinem Breakfast zurück über BC 5 nach Kamloops. Dann wieder über TCH nach Osten
      entlang Shuswap Lake , ewig lang und verzweigt.
      Im Gegensatz zu den lakes im Norden jedoch besiedelte Ufer, Städtchen und Gewerbe. Unterwegs Kaffeepause mit Schneckenudeln ( Cinnamon Rolls).

      Dann ins Tal nach Revelstoke in Richtung Rocky Mountains. Rechts und links werden die Berge höher, schneebedeckte Gipfel.
      Unser CG Williamson Lake, Nebensee vom ArrowLake, liegt idyllisch im Tal, von Wäldern und Bergen umgeben.
      Nach Auffüllen Fresh Water und anschliessen Powerline Handwäsche verschiedener Kleidungsstücke durch Angelika. In Trockner und dann auf Trail rund um See. Zu gleicher Zeit nehmen 2 deutsche Damen, Typ pensionierte Lehrerinnen , den Kampf mit dem Trail auf.
      Wir setzten uns ab und verlaufen uns etwas, finden aber Dank MAPS den Weg zurück ins Camp.
      7,5 km in 2h incl. herumirren.
      Dann Bierchen, News erkunden.
      Als Sonntagabendessen gibt es: 1/2 Avocado ,
      gebratenes Lachsfilet mit grünem Spargel und gebratenen Tomätchen, dazu Bagel mit Butter danach
      kanadischer Brie. Sauvignon Blanc als Begleitung.
      Später evtl. noch süsses Betthupferl.
      Das genügt. War ein schöner Sonntag.
      Morgen soll's nach Lake Louise gehen ( Banff).
      Road conditions sollen gut sein, aber kaaaalt soll's werden.
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    • Day280

      Revelstoke, Canada

      July 24, 2017 in Canada ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

      Impeccable roads through indescribable views.

      We got a Golf. It's dark grey and reminds me nothing more than a St Cuths senior, except that it's stuffed full of camping gear which - as a far as stereotypes go - it's very un-st-cuthbert-like. Sorry Yitty but you know there's at least a bit of truth there!

      Turns out St Cuths girls have reasonable taste and the Golf is a decent enough vehicle for two. It took us east out of Vancouver, via the nearest-but-not-actually-so-near Tim Hortons for bagels and coffee and onward towards Revelstoke. Of course, an obligatory Walmart visit was made where we stocked up on all things American (and the missing camping/cooking gear).

      It didn't take an engineer to notice how smooth the roads were. Even Cat passed a remark or two, much to my astonishment. She was spot on. We didn't see a pothole for our first four days on the road. The lanes were wide, well marked and almost over sign-posted. There were slip-out lanes for every turn and lowered speed limits through every intersection. Even the road works and construction had minimal impact and maintenance had seemless transitions with existing surfaces. A pleasure to drive, and the complete opposite to how we've been travelling the last six months.

      We didn't get to Revelstoke until the early evening but the views on the way were amazing. The sun was out, the grass was green and the mountains just kept on growing. We got a lucky score on the campsite at Williamson Lake; nabbing the last available spot which was actually not really a spot and made us look like creepos camping in the children's playground. Fortunately the next night we upgraded to the lakeside spot which was a little less embarrasing. Our first dinner was a hot chicken stir fry which we impressed ourselves with and then spent the remainder of the evening scrubbing ourselves and the dishes before removing our food-smelling clothes in paranoia of the dreaded bear.

      Mount Revelstoke National Park was our playground for the following day. We've nabbed a park permit from Tristan which, as part of Parks Canada's 150th anniversary, means we get free entry to every national park in Canada. Now we're talking! We drove to practically the summit where we embarked on a four or five hour hike.

      It was amazing! We started in fields of wildflowers and meandered through lush forest, over rocky slopes, raging rivers and made our way up to the snow line where we found two lakes; Eva and Miller lakes. They were equally as impressive as each other and our cream cheese and ham bagels completed the sensory overload. We were also graced with the presence of plenty of cheeky squirrels and several much larger marmotts. What a hike!

      On our way back to the campsite that evening we picked up some much needed beer and an inflatable lilo ($3 each) which would prove the most valuable investment of the entire trip.

      The gas cooker that night delivered us a meal reminiscent of Torres del Paine; instant mash and chorizo. We had hot showers, flush toilets and wifi which was all just ridiculous for what you would imagine to be 'camping'. I'm not complaining and to be honest, at $32 per night I wouldn't expect any less.
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    • Day22

      Tag 22 - Golden -> Revelstoke

      August 30, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

      Heute sind wir weitergefahren durch den "Glacier Nationalpark" zum Campingplatz "Illecillewaet". Von dort sind wir zu einer circa dreistündigen Wanderung aufgebrochen. Eigentlich hatten wir gehofft, dass der Nebel, der schon den ganzen Morgen in der Luft hing, sich noch verziehen würde, den Gefallen hat er uns aber nur zum Teil getan. An den hohen Berggipfeln hingen die Wolken durchgehend (s. Erstes/Zweites Bild). Am höchsten Punkt des Weges angekommen haben wir Mittagspause gemacht, die allerdings wegen des immer wieder einsetzenden Tröpfelns etwas kürzer ausgefallen ist. Natürlich gibt es auch dort auf über 1700 Metern Eichhörnchen (s. Drittes Bild). Als wir gerade den Rückweg antreten wollten erschien doch noch die Zunge des "Illecillewaet Glacier" (s. Viertes Bild) zwischen den Wolken und gewährte uns einen kurzen Blick und ein Foto, bevor sie wieder verschwand. Die Gegend dort war vor allem durch die Eisenbahn entdeckt worden, für die man neue Wege durch die Berge gesucht hat. Deshalb traf man am Anfang und Ende des Weges auf die Ruinen des "Glacier House" (s. Fünftes Bild), das mit neunzig Zimmern eine für die Zeit große Herberge war. Am Womo angekommen hat es angefangen wie verrückt zu regnen, zum Glück waren wir noch halbwegs trocken hineingekommen. Dann sind wir noch ein Stück weitergefahren nach "Revelstoke", dem nächsten Touristenort auf unserer Route. Dass wir noch einen Platz auf dem Campingplatz "Williamson Lake", und das für zwei Nächte, war schon eher ein Wunder, da morgen ja das lange Wochenende hier anfängt.Read more

    • Day23

      Tag 23 - Revelstoke

      August 31, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

      Heute ging es mit dem Womo in die "Stadt" Revelstoke (s. Erstes Bild). Dort sind wir durch die Hauptstraße gelaufen und haben versucht, die umliegenden Berge in den Wolken auszumachen, was uns hin und wieder auch gelungen ist. Um halb Zwölf sind wir zum "Revelstoke Dam Visitor Centre" gefahren um das Wasserkraftwerk der "BC Hydro" zu besichtigen. Die Führung begann im Museum, in dem uns der Guide anhand der Schautafeln etwas über den Bau und die Funktionsweise des Kraftwerks erklärte (s. Zweites Bild). Dort war ebenfalls ein Modell einer Turbine (s. Drittes Bild) ausgestellt, da man diese nicht in echt sehen kann. Dann ging es in den Staudamm (s. Viertes Bild) hinein und mit einem Aufzug bis ganz nach oben zur Aussichtsplattform, von der aus man eine tolle Sicht über das "Columbia River Valley" hatte (s. Fünftes/ Sechstes Bild). Nachdem wir uns dann in einer Pizzeria im Ort gestärkt hatten ging es weiter zum "Mountain Coaster". Mit der Gondel hoch bis zur Mittelstation und von dort mit dem Coaster wieder hinunter. Juhuuuuu!!
      Dann war bei allen die Luft raus und wir sind wieder zum Campingplatz zurückgefahren, dem gleichen wie gestern. Außerdem müssen wir noch weiter die Route planen und uns für die restlichen Tage des langen Wochenendes einen Platz reservieren.
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    • Day5

      Revelstoke Day 2

      March 2, 2020 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 37 °F

      Another great day at Revelstoke. We had 2" of fresh snow.

      We all walked up Lemming Trail to Drop In Bowl. Very scary entry. We all enjoyed the powdered glades.

      Vertical: 18,400 ft

    • Day6

      Revelstoke Day 3

      March 3, 2020 in Canada ⋅ 🌧 39 °F

      Beautiful bluebird day today.

      We found fresh powder all day on the Tally Ho Glades as well as the Tasty Glades.

      Brent and Bud skied Parachute most of the day.

      Vertical: 18,500 ft. We are all beat.

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